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Adam J Purcell

Name Adam J Purcell
Age Less.
Status Single with two computers to support.
Size Athlon 1gig, 512meg ram, 70gig hardrive.
Hairline Odo. Garibaldi Rating.. season one.
Position Chief scientist.
Most likely to say "110011010011".
Least likely to say "That Bill Gates..what a guy!".
Public Crypto Key GNU Privacy Guard Public Key Fingerprint:
A6C4 392B 7750 AFE7 8B2D AA31 8D59 F137 97D4 2ECB


Adam J Purcell first came into being in the year known as 1974 and a place called Blackpool, England. Sensing many dangers up there he quickly decided to move down to Crawley, where he has now spent around a quarter of a decade.

In 1989, following a bizarre series of exposes by the newspapers, he was contacted by a group then going under the codename of The Schizoid Squad. Accepting a position amongst their ranks he first came into contact with the man known only as Keith Dunn and, later, the individual who assumes the moniker of Tony Gallichan.

From here the records become particularly sketchy but it is clear Purcell has some form of involvement in a shadowy publication known as Private Lives, some reports suggest he even co-edited at one point.

Other information suggests this individual has assumed various other personas (perhaps including, but almost certainly not limited to, Cre'at, Hacket, Death Bringer, Tonb Terak, Alf Roland, Admrawl, Mark Spencer, Buban and Doc Halum). The reasons for these numerous personas are not clear but it is believed that he, and the group he is involved with, practice role-playing scenarios - possibly some advanced form of training.

It is known that Adam Purcell has significant interest in the television series 'Babylon 5', which has been proven to contain strong political subtext and dangerous ideas. Other series such as, but again not limited to, Doctor Who, Star Wars and The Muppet Show - all regularly depicting deranged madmen and totalitarian themes - are also believed to pervade his thought processes.

It has been suggested that in the year 1999 Purcell built or acquired a headquarters lair where he and his associates gather once a week to plot their next actions. It is known that around this time the individual known as Andy Simpkins was introduced to Purcell and the group as a whole.

One thing that can be confirmed is that Purcell has built and maintains an Internet website where he and his cohorts publish their deranged ramblings. From this it can be further extrapolated that he has wormed his way into the Information Technology infrastructure, possibly posing as a Software Developer. It is, however, unknown what power such a position may give him and his associates. Caution highly recommended.