As inhabiting the mind of Adam Purcell

As is typical for Sot'ms Cre'at has the appearance of a large silver floating head (about twice the size of a human head), with retractable/removable arms where a humanoids ears would be. These otherwise completely mechanical beings gain energy through special organic 'beards' which absorb nitrogen. Cre'at's beard is jet black with long thick strands. Again, like most Sot'ms, Cre'at has a powerful cannon-like weapon built onto the top of his head, a tradition believed to date back to the early days of the Sot'm civilisation. Nowadays these weapons tend only to be used in emergencies and, at extremely low power settings, in their recreational war games.

Cre'at is a young Sot'm by Sot'm standards, being a mere twelve hundred years old. He is a twenty ninth generation Sot'm and 'his' (unlike most organic life forms they do not have genders) originating progenitor, some 1.3 million years ago, is believed to be one of the very few first generation.

Shortly after being brought into existence Cre'at decided to become a scientist and joined the 'Scientific Function', a division of what can loosely be described as their government. Early in his studies Cre'at began to take an interest in Temporal physics and, unusually, the reclusive Sot'm Leader, Professor Sot'm, took an interest in Cre'at and his work. Devoting himself so totally to science Cre'at is very literal, even compared to most Sot'ms and especially when compared to some of the older political Sot'ms.

A scientific expedition to the planet Postoros to observe a conflict between the warring Rutans and the Sontarans took on a new dimension when Cre'at and his two companions found the ailing body of a Gallifreyan Time Lord who had been caught in the middle of the battle. Both factions and the Sot'ms detected the unusual blast patterns generated by the Time Lord's craft's attempts to protect its pilot and their detailed scans quickly found the time distortion indicative of a space-time vessel. All three parties quickly converged on the area but the Sot'ms were the first on the scene and managed to hold off the much larger forces of both the Rutans and the Sontarans long enough to get the Gallifreyan, his time machine and themselves through a rift back to Sotus (the Sot'm home world).

Professor Sot'm charged Cre'at with looking after the Gallifreyan who had been so severely injured that his body regenerated and was undergoing severe regenerative trauma. With the help of organic biology scientists Cre'at was able to bring the fallen Time Lord through the illness. When the Time Lord, who identified himself as The Buccaneer, was asked if he would like Gallifrey informed of the situation he refused their request unusually strongly, believing himself to have been betrayed by his fellow Time Lords.

When the diminutive Buccaneer was well enough he thanked Professor Sot'm personally and agreed to let Cre'at travel with him to enhance the knowledge of the Sot'ms.

After numerous travels the two of them were joined by an Earth human, Blanche. Her later unfortunate death, that the Buccaneer was unable to prevent, sent the Time Lord into a self absorbed state of loss and woe. For several centuries the Buccaneer became a hermit, stuck in self reflection. Cre'at, for the most part, stayed with him, a few centuries being a very short amount of time by Sot'm standards.

Suddenly, at the end of this period, the Buccaneer announced he would forcibly regenerate, a life for a life. He refused to return to Sotus and made Cre'at promise not to take him back, no matter how bad any post regenerative trauma may be. Agreeing to this Cre'at did what little he could to help the Time Lord through the process, which was even worse this time than the previous.

The new Buccaneer was taller and more flamboyant. He was eager to court danger and desperate to right wrongs as if addressing a balance after Blanche's death. One of his first acts was to travel back immediately after Blanche's death and take material in order to clone her. He took vast tracts of his TARDIS and made them into mass cloning facilities, soon he had 5000 clones of Blanche stored in case she died again, and again...

Their travels through time and space continued and they had several travelling companions along the way but even after all this Cre'at still has little understanding of organic life forms.