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The Staggering Stories of Cre'at De Sot'm


Welcome to the heart of Staggering Stories - the Stories Section. Most of these stories are based on various roleplaying game scenarios that we have been involved with over the years but don't let that put you off! Go on, give them a try.. they won't bite (at least not in the teeth sense!)

For those of you with eBook readers (software or hardware) we now have a some of our stories available in the de facto standard ePub eBook format. You can find the complete list of those converted in our eBook Stories section.

Stories and Serials

The Secret Log of Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Translated and transcribed from the original coded French by Tim Munro.

Originally written for the Private Lives fanzine (dead tree editions) and now returned to the rightful public gaze. The truth will out - good old Captain Picard, in his own words, as you've never dared imagine before.

The Buccaneer Chronicles

Crafted by Keith Dunn and staring Tony as Lord Macfadyan (aka The Buccaneer), Andy as Captain Colin Curtis and Adam as Cre'at (a Sot'm). Relive our madcap roleplaying sessions through time and space in this easy to digest series of novelisations (well, short stories) and no longer wonder why we have a fixation on ham!

Mr Dalek

Mr. Dalek, a little toy with a big appetite for metering out death! Join him as he journeys through life, exterminates his fellow toys and brings terror to the world.

The Triangle: Eternity War

The universes have collided, pitting Klingons against the Star Wars Galactic Empire and others! Originally written for a Klingon fan group's postal 'roleplaying' system. The Something Else group wondered if Klingons smell worse than Jawas, an eternal question that has yet to be resolved.

The Buccaneer made a brief foray into the Triangle, as did a Star Wars Bounty Hunter by the name of Death Bringer. The biggest contribution comes from K'Retalra, the Klingon.

The Carrot of Doom Presents... Tales from the Outer Zone

There is nothing wrong with your browser. Do not attempt to adjust the gamma correction. We are now controlling your computer. We are taking you to the next dimension. It is a dimension beyond that which is known to humanity. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from this dimension of Staggering Stories. It is an area we call The Outer Zone.

Doctor Who

There is the slightest possibility that at least one of us is a fan of the above programme. So it was only natural that we'd have to have some Who fiction here.

Feel free to contribute.

Star Trek

Poems and stories (serious and otherwise) from the Science Fiction series with the big following.

Xena: Warrior Princess

Join the dynamic duo as they face adversity - with hilarious consequences!


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