Death Bringer Contractual Concordance

AT CLIENT'S FREE REQUEST, and without inducement other than dire need of services or provisions under trading regulation clauses 3 - 9, the previously named Freelance Peacekeeping Agent (Death Bringer, henceforth known as agent) herein undertakes to perform such services pertaining to covert, tracking and related activities as said undersigned client shall indicate verbally or in writing, and undersigned client shall promptly pay the agent the agreed-upon sum (subject to trading regulation clause 10) upon performance of the service(s).

In the pursuit of said service action, agent may create, cause, invoke, prompt, induce, or accidentally perform reasonable actions which cause unreasonable damage to client's/other's home, furnishings, property, chattels, vehicles, records, papers, family, friends, and/or self, including injury, maiming, dismemberment, death, or loss of confidence or sex drive, if the client becomes unwilling, unable to pay, or revokes said agreement (verbal or otherwise) without compensation for agent's time, efforts, or expenses, for which the client agrees to hold agent blameless, harmless, irreproachable, without guilt, or intent to perform injury (subject to trading regulation clause 11), and without any liability whatsoever, now or at any future date, forever.