The Buccaneer

Lord Macfadyan (aka The Buccaneer)

As inhabiting the mind of Tony Gallichan (far too powerfully, if you ask Tony!)

The Buccaneer, or to use his Gallifreyan name, Lord Macfadyan was loomed from the House loom of Lungbarrow - an old and noble House of Gallifrey. He was the last Cousin loomed before the Doctor and as such he has just a little bit of the ( possibly ) non - Gallifreyan inheritance the Doctor appears to have in abundance. ( But that’s another story and nothing to do with us - yet ) .

Mack had a typical childhood and on leaving the Academy ended up in the temporal observation dept in the Capitol. He was eventually assigned the task of observing a large scale attack by the Rutans against the Sontarans . This task needed a closer perspective and so he was allowed to take a type 76 TARDIS and travel to the planet Postoros.

Unfortunately for Mack's first incarnation, (David Hyde Pierce), he had a rather nasty, petty and spiteful rival at the Academy who rather hated Mack and had decided to do away with our humble, little Time Lord. Due to this rival interfering with the ship’s systems, on arrival, the TARDIS landed in the wrong area, at the wrong time and Mack walked out into the middle of a barrage of photonic missiles. The TARDIS tried to shield him with her defence mechanisms but it was too little too late and Mack was injured so severely that he was forced to regenerate.

The unconscious body of his second incarnation, (Bob Hoskins), was found by another observer from another High Evolutionary society, Cre’at the Sot’m, (Adam.J Purcell). Seeing a chance to learn about the Time Lords and time technology, Cre’at transported both Mack and his ship back to Sotus and cared for him until the regeneration trauma had passed. Believing Mack to be dead, the Time Lords authorised the Looming of a new Cousin for Lungbarrow and the Doctor popped out.

Mack thought that the Time Lords had betrayed him. Somewhat bitter about this and grateful to Cre’at, Mack broke a rule of Gallifrey and allowed the Sot’m to travel with him. Seeing that the Sot’ms were keen to develop time tech of their own, ( and having no luck due to surreptitious Time Lord sabotage ) , Cre’at was permitted to leave with Mack in the hope that he could learn the secrets of the TARDIS, a job he’s finding difficult considering Mack’s almost paranoid guarding of the ship’s secrets.

After an adventure in Victorian London, Mack gained a new companion - a street urchin called Blanche, (woman of the week). All seemed to be going right for a change and the three of them had a few adventures together before tragedy struck .

The Buccaneer’s second incarnation was a rather short man. Towards the end of an adventure Mack needed to deactivate a device that had been set up to kill Blanche. All he needed to do was reach a switch on the wall. He couldn’t reach it and Blanche died.

Mack didn’t handle it at all well. He went into a period of self reflection that lasted for five centuries. At the end of this period he came to a decision and force regenerated himself into a taller body.

This incarnation of the Buccaneer, (Tony Gallichan), lived up to his title. He was tall. He was reckless. He was fun loving. He was the Buccaneer

At first.

During this time the Buccaneer also travelled with some other companions including a UNIT private, a knight of old - Sir Petite Pois De Frou Frous and a tabloid hack, Alf Roland of Her Majesty's press.

But regeneration is a tricky thing at the best of times and a forced regeneration is a very dangerous thing to do. A Time Lord has to meditate and become one with his biology. Mack, at the end of his second incarnation was anything but. Full of remorse he had even gone back to where Blanche had died and he removed some cell samples from her body. His intention was to clone her. He did. 5000 times.

As a result of the forced regeneration, Mack’s personality started, very slightly, to destabilise. He started to take unnecessary risks and he became supremely arrogant. He also started to become very casual about killing.

It was on the planet Catharcerous that Mack would begin his fall into the abyss.

So hold on to your hats. You are about journey through the dark night of Macfadyan's soul.


"Ye are the butterflies before the storm, the father of sin, grandfather to paradox, Lord of the Flies, holder of the sword sinister. The crimes of those who come after can be laid at your door because it is you they are trying to emulate. Ye are the first link in the end of days, and the last chance to stop it. Magus! Warlock! Judder Man! Ye are the path to Hell. Destiny's wish! Time's curse! Death's Champion!"

Ohica, High Priestess of the Sisterhood of Karn.