Death Bringer

Death Bringer's The Prestinium

As crashing in the mind of Adam J Purcell

Craft Customised Novagen 520TT Space Yacht
Length 86.8 Metres
Width 25.2 Metres
Height 20.3 Metres
Crew 1
Passengers 4 (Comfortably) - 8 (Emergency)
Cargo Capacity 35 Metric Tons; 60 Cubic Metres
Weapons One Proton Torpedo Launcher
Two Heavy Laser Cannons

Originally inherited by Death Bringer from his 'creator', Dr. Bardsion Halum, Project Director of Rebel Alliance Project BH/AEC-1. After Doc Halum's disappearance Death Bringer began an extensive refitting program on the Prestinium which included completely overhauling the drive systems, weaponry, shields and sensor arrays. Other optional extras he had added included a fuel scoop, sensor decoy pod and two sets of secret compartments. As an added bonus, in the event of a dire emergency the forward section can be severed from the ships main body and fly via its own set of small engines. This has not been put to the test as built-in explosives are used in the procedure and reattachment would be a long and costly dry dock endeavour!

All in all, from a systems point of view, very little remains of the original yacht. The basic shell is retained, though the Rebels enhanced the armour for Doc Halum, which Death Bringer has found to be useful on more than one occasion - few people are suspicious of a pleasure yacht. The interior layout is much as it was from new and is still extremely luxurious, especially considering its current owner's line of business.

Despite appearances, however, the Prestinium is an incredibly powerful vessel, as good in a firefight as it is at stalking Death Bringer's quarry through the galaxy.

  1. Prestinium External Side View
    External, Side View

  2. Prestinium External Top View
    External, Top View

  3. Prestinium Internal, Upper Level
    Internal, Upper Level

  4. Prestinium Internal, Lower Level - Aft Section
    Internal, Lower Level - Aft Section

  5. Prestinium Internal, Lower Level - Forward Section
    Internal, Lower Level - Forward Section