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Imperial High Command
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    K Ratalra vesti Reshtarc


K'Ratalra vestai Restrac.

Born in the Klin province of Kronos to an important family line.

Ratalra was encouraged in all the opportunities that his position in society had to offer him. He excelled at all the warrior arts (weapon smith, Duelling, unarmed combat). But his passion soon developed to powered flight, where he built up a solid background by using and maintaining his uncle's flier.

He entered the fleet academy and the division of helm/navigation, with background training in starship weaponry and engineering. Thanks to his high grades his cadet cruise was in the expeditionary forces aboard a D7 I.K.V. DEVISTATOR. The mission was star mapping an uncharted region of space beyond Klingon borders. In the third month of the mission the Devistator encountered 2 unidentified starships (later discovered to be among the first encounters with the Cardassian union). In the resulting battle the Devistator's bridge along with its crew were destroyed. Bringing the emergency bridge (manned by one senior officer and cadet crew) on line. A micro warp stratagem used by Ratalra gave the weapons officer a clear shot at the unshielded rear of a Cardassian ships destroying one and crippling the other.

He graduated from the academy with an Imperial commendation and promoted to Lieutenant.

His first posting was to the Imperial navy aboard the T3 class I.K.V. BLOOD TALON where his methods (called needlessly reckless by some) brought him into conflict with his immediate superiors. He was transferred after one year.

The next ship was a K4 class gunboat I.K.V. BLUE LIGHTNING. Where he excelled in many engagements on the Rom border. With the death of the Chief Helmsman (repulsing Romulan incursions) Ratalra was promoted to LT Commander and given the position of Chief Helmsman. As with Klingon tradition he accepted the prefix of ‘K’ in front of his birth name. After three successful years on I.K.V. Blue Lightning K'Ratalra went to Dept-head /command college.

Graduating with a grade level of 9.5 he was posted to the expeditionary forces aboard the D10 Riskadh class cruiser I.K.V. WARGIVER. He was there for three years. In one engagement with Orion privateers he was seriously wounded in action but stayed at his post. At the end of his 3 year term he transferred to the recently established Cardassian border aboard the K'Vort class I.K.V. DEATH FANG. After a term of 4 years he was forced to participate in the "honourable retirement" of the Captain and First officer whose decisions were becoming more erratic.

He was transferred and given the position of Chief Helm/First Officer aboard the K'Vort class I.K.V. DEATH LOOK. The 3 year term included the discovery and subjugation of 3 worlds, one of which had a high di-lithium content. He then was given a sidewise promotion by his captain in to Tactical division were he planed many ground and space born combats.

Since the multiple time line crisis in the Triangle he has served aboard the I.K.V. ghop ta’ voDleh a Kvort class bird of prey were he has tested his skills against all manner of enemies.



K'Ratalra has proven to be a competent commander. Inspires confidence and loyalty in his men. But, he soon becomes bored without new challenges.

He gives loyalty to the Empire, his ship and any commander he serves under. He has something of a maverick reputation and will react with unpredictable ruthlessness when cornered.


Summary of service experience

Entered Academy
Cadet Cruise I.K.V. DEVESTATOR 0.5 Years, promoted Lt
1st Term I.K.V. BLOOD TALON 1 Year
2nd Term I.K.V. BLUE LIGHTNING 2 Years, promoted Lt Cmder
3rd Term I.K.V. WAR GIVER 3 Years
4th Term I.K.V. DEATHFANG 4 Years
5th Term I.K.V. DEATH LOOK 3 Years
6th Term I.K.V. BLUE DEATH 3 Years, transferred to tactical
7th Term I.K.V. ghop ta’voDlh 1 Year (Ship damaged beyond repair in Borg engagement)
8th Term I.K.V. ghop ta,vodlh Present K’mpec class