The Buccaneer Chronicles: Vampire Mutations

“Understand we'll go hand in hand. But we'll walk alone in fear.”

Vampire Mutations Picture

"Do you believe in destiny? That time rewards us for our acts?"

Taking the Ship into E-Space so that both she and the crew can rest, relax and have a picnic, Lord Macfadyan discovers a planet with just one village sitting around a large tower. There he discovers he's not the first Time Lord to have visited this planet. And he isn't impressed. Whoever came before didn't finish the job. Still, what can you expect from inexperienced youngsters?

An old enemy is again on the move. Is Lord Macfadyan's faith before his mind? Facing up to things, he finds that his mind, or rather, his conscience, isn't all it's cracked up to be....

  1. Chapter One - The Nightmare
  2. Chapter Two - The Turning
  3. Chapter Three - The Body
  4. Chapter Four - The Woods
  5. Chapter Five - The Road
  6. Chapter Six - The Interview
  7. Chapter Seven - The Past
  8. Chapter Eight - The Questions
  9. Chapter Nine - The Cruelty
  10. Chapter Ten - The Sky
  11. Chapter Eleven - The Subject
  12. Chapter Twelve - The Cell
  13. Chapter Thirteen - The Pack
  14. Chapter Fourteen - The Computer
  15. Chapter Fifteen - The Barrier
  16. Chapter Sixteen - The Assault
  17. Chapter Seventeen - The Plan
  18. Chapter Eighteen - The Calm
  19. Chapter Nineteen - The Storm
  20. Chapter Twenty - The Face
  21. Chapter Twenty-One - The Loss


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