As inhabiting the mind of Woman of the Week

Full Name: Blanche Simmonds

Blanche joined the crew of the Buccaneer's TARDIS in 1887 London where she was a street urchin, her age being somewhere between 17 and 21. She has no idea of her actual age.

Blanche has no parents (her father is conspicuous by his absense and her mother gambled her away at a very early age) and was brought up by a Fagin style gang, until she began attracting the unwanted attentions of the gang leaders.

Leaving the gang she started operating by herself, living rough on the streets.

She quickly became an adept sneak thief and pickpocket (taking an important piece of equipment from the Time Lord's pocket).  When cornered she affects a down and dirty street fighting style, utilising anything that comes to hand - a knife, broken bottle, or even a piece of wood with a rusty nail in it - doing maximum amount of damage with it in the time she has and then legging it.

Her blonde hair is kept cropped short in a boyish style (more out of habit then necessity these days). She used to wear large baggy clothes in an attempt to hide her maturing female form but since she has started travelling has been branching out into more relaxed, casual clothes.  She hardly ever wears dresses, instead prefering jeans or trouser suits that complement her form.

She has attractive slate blue eyes, and a pleasant round face. When she first met Macfadyan she got on famously with him, their sense of humours complimenting each other. But after her death, the clones that Macfadyan created have to deal with his third incarnation and she can't stand him!! However, she is unable to leave him - unknown to her it is programmed into her mind that she must stay with him. She scores what points she can off Macfadyan but he is usually so far up his own rectum that her barbed witticisms are lost on him.

She is still trying to come to terms with alien lifeforms, even after all this time. As a result, Cre'at is a source of amusement to her, calling him "Mr. Balloon" knowing he will have to correct her. As Macfadyan hardly ever explains things in a way she can underdstand, Cre'at is slowly learning to translate for her.

What the future holds for Blanche is a mystery, but with the way Macfadyan's been acting, life is about to become very difficult for all of them.