The Buccaneer Chronicles: Catharcerous

"We're singing the tune of the madman's song,
It's not quite right and it's not quite wrong."

Catharcerous Picture

“The good and decent folk of the planet Catharcerous are in need of a hero. A knight errant, if you will.

Instead they got Lord Macfadyan. The Beast is loose upon the world, and this Time Lord's patience isn't infinite...

"But even they, ruthless as they are, would think twice before making such a radical alteration to the timeline..."

  1. Part One: There's a chair in my head, it's where I used to sit.
  2. Chapter One: Crystal Trips
  3. Chapter Two: When Clones Attack!
  4. Part Two: Don't go out tonight for it's bound to take your life, there's a bad moon on the rise.
  5. Chapter Three: The Mourning After...
  6. Chapter Four: All Fall Down
  7. Part Three: Can I burn the maze as I go? Can I, I don't think so.
  8. Chapter Five: Down In The Meadow Where The Wind Blows Free, In The Middle Of A Field Stands A Lightening Tree...
  9. Chapter Six: ...Never Give In Too Easily.


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