The Buccaneer Chronicles: Beware the Judder Man

By Tony Gallichan

Oh, Run and hide as quick as you can,
You can't stop him,
He's the Judder Man,
Beware the Judder Man,
When the moon grows fat,
There'll be no one alive soon,
Just him and his cat.

He came here by day,
And he'll come here by night,
But whenever he comes here,
The people take fright,
Now Death has her champion,
He's strong and he's keen,
So duck down your head,
For his temper is mean.

He is but one and many,
And there's blood on his hands,
His futures are before him,
All undiscovered lands,
Good folk of this fair land,
Please listen to my song,
It's words will come true here,
Night will fall  'ere too long.

The Judder Man will kill,
And the Judder Man will maim,
And when everyone's dead,
He'll say no to the blame,
So little one please take heed,
And run very fast,
For only through shadows,
Is there justice at last.

The sky now grows dark,
And the winds start to blow,
The Judder Mans amongst us,
And his anger does show,
We'll lift up our voices,
And scream out our pain,
The Judder Man is coming,
Again and again,
Again and again,
Again and again.