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The Triangle: Eternity War - Submission Rules

Okay, so you want to join the battle to save your reality. Here's how:

This is an 'RPG' by e-mail, or, if you like, consider it a writing exercise. You will come up with your own character, from any of the universes we feature. Sorry, we won't let you play anyone else's character, i.e. no Kirk or Mr. Garibaldi, please! We also reserve the right to disallow certain races or characters that are too powerful, i.e. no Vorlons, Shadows or Qs! That being said, feel free to rip off other characters but please give them a new name and make them your own (we do!) And no, don't worry, there are no character sheets, hit points or dice rolling involved, though a small bio would be helpful. Once you have your character we will assign a mission to you e.g.: Escort a group of New Republic Senators to the Conference on Dronid.

Now, how you go about doing it is entirely up to you. We want a story that tells of your brave (or foul) attempts to ensure the mission's success. What happens in your mission you decide. Do you get attacked by the Dominion from Star Trek? Do the forces of Palpatine decide you're too important to be allowed to succeed? Will the Cybermen capture your ship and convert you all?

It's down to you. You can succeed or fail - we pick up the pieces! That's the sort of guys we are!

We may, however, ask you to include an event or certain characters in your mission, or we may ask you not to include certain people or races. This is because we have a story arc planned. We know where this is heading and how it will end. (yes, we HAVE planned ahead!) The idea is that everyone's missions go to making up the whole story, and clues to the story arc might be found in any mission... you just have to keep reading to see how it all fits together.

Read the original outline for the War as well and the stories already on the site - it'll hopefully give you a good idea about things and the background to everything. The story thread "Cloistered Shadows" is a general overview of what's going on and what the major players in the various universes are getting up to - eventually! We won't be concentrating on Sheridan or Picard etc., this is about you. Your imagination. What can you do with the lego bricks we give you?

So, hold your breath and take a headlong plunge into the Triangle... and beware the Black Fleet...