Death Bringer

Tonb Terak's Avenger 2

As hunting in the mind of Adam J Purcell

Craft Customised Loronar SkyBlind Recon Ship
Type Reconnaissance Scoutship
Length 21 Metres
Crew 1
Passengers 6
Cargo Capacity 75 Metric Tons; 150 Cubic Metres
Weapons One Proton Torpedo Launcher
Two Laser Cannons (top and bottom, retractable)

Reconnaissance is one of the most important tasks for a scout. When dealing with a strange and potentially hostile world, stealth is the best policy. To meet the needs of concealed exploration of planetary systems Loronar had designed the SkyBlind. The SkyBlind has been used successfully for both miliary and civilian operations.

The secret to the SkyBlind is the round profile it presents to all viewing angles. The SkyBlind uses sensor masks to block active and passive sensors, electromagnetic shields to further deflect sensors and optical shields to distort visual observation. To a ground observer, the SkyBlind will appear as a discolouration in the atmosphere or a shimmering patch, easily confused with natural phenomena.

This particular SkyBlind has undergone a major refit. Once a small landing sphere occupied the entire second level, now the Flight Deck and living quarter have been moved to take its place. Enhanced landing systems and atmosphere repulsorlift engines compensate for a lack of landing sphere. Two 360 degree Laser Cannons have been added, one at the 'top' and the other at the 'bottom' of the craft. Both weapons are normally retracted into the hull.

  1. In Flight
    In Flight

  2. Landed

  3. Levels

  4. Level One
    Level One

  5. Level Two
    Level Two

  6. Level Three
    Level Three