Tony Gallichan is Mildly Perturbed by... Moving House

Oh dear.

Oh dear, oh dear.

Oh my giddy aunt - as someone used to say.


I HATE moving! Actually, I'm pretty sure that everybody else does too.

I'm writing this the Saturday evening before the update it appears in and I've just arrived at Adam's after a day of hell. Let me explain...

I've been on the transfer list for a one bedroom flat for about two years. The "flat" I'm moving from was slightly bigger than a prison cell - no, seriously. It's what they ironically call a "Studio" flat. In other words, you get one small room for the bed, a small kitchen and a room with a toilet, basin and shower. No bath.

I haven't had a bath in over a year! Oh, I have showers all the time, but it simply is not the same.

Anyway, I digress. I received a phone call a week or so ago from my housing association saying that there was a one bedroom flat up for grabs and would I like to have it? Well, of course I said yes. Actually, I think I started screaming "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" down the phone at the poor woman! At last I'd have a separate bedroom and lounge, a bath and a garden.


Those who know me will quite happily wax lyrical about the amount of times that they have had to help me move. Living in private, rented accommodation, with private landlords is a nightmare. You are constantly at their mercy. So, five years ago, after being homeless, (again!), I was overjoyed to get the flat I have today left. It's SECURE, yeah? I can't just be kicked out on a whim. But in the past I was barely moved into most places before I was asked to leave.

Now, I imagine that you must think that I'm impossible to live with etc, to be asked to move out so soon. Well, yes and no. I'm rather old fashioned, hate loud music, and adore my privacy. As such, I came across as being...odd. It didn't help being a Dr. Who fan. In fact I was once asked to leave lodgings because I WAS a DW fan! No, really! The guy simply couldn't understand why I was a fan of a sci fi show, let alone "Something as crappy as Dr. Who". I tried to liken it to his fishing and gardening obsession, but he wouldn't have it. Hmm. And he called me sad - a phrase about kettles and pots springs to mind.

So, the lads have helped me move more times then they have had hot dinners. Any way, today was the day to move into the one bedroom place. It actually didn't go as badly as I feared it would, despite me being so tired. However, come five o' clock, I was that legendary creature, the Stress Monster.

It didn't help that I had to get the cats in. Talk about major panic. Its a new place! It smells strange! "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, YOU STUPID FOOD/GROOMING PROVIDER?" The poor little things were not in a good way. And naturally, I suffer in empathy.

The move still isn't finished - I have quite a few bits and pieces still to take to the new place, however, the furniture has been moved. Well, I say that, but the truth is I'm getting new furniture delivered on Monday. There's no carpet in the front room - I can't afford one. I'm on incapacity benefit and we aren't allowed loans for home improvement. So this has been done on a shoestring. The "new" furniture is from a charity.

Of course, the cable and telephone won't be on till Tuesday - so I'm gonna be VERY bored. I get the feeling that City Of Gold, the next Buccaneer Chronicles story is gonna get written over the next two or three days!

Talking of City of Gold, or more accurately, it's trailer, I'd just like to point out that:

A) it features our first Freakazoid reference.


B) I reckon that it's the first Freakazoid reference in Dr. Who. (well, that I know of! lol)

There will be more to follow, I can, promise you!

Right, well, I'll pop another little thing up in a fortnight to let you know if things have settled down.

My apologies is this seems a little bit all over the place but I'm bloody knackered.

Next time, why I'm mildly perturbed by my recliner, Keith and Adam, the front door, the wall next to the front door, and some very interesting new holes in said wall! Think Dirk Gently and a certain sofa and you'll start to get the idea.

I'm off for another bath!


Tony Gallichan will not permit Cliff Richard, Pokemon and bloody singing dinosaurs in his new home - you have been warned!