Tony Gallichan is Mildly Perturbed by... The Buccaneer Chronicles

So, just what is going on with the Bucky Chrons, hmm?

Well, fairly obviously, real life has been standing in the way. Aside from the odd contribution, the work here is done by four of us, and our resident "real writer', all overseen by George. And things for us all have gotton a little...slow. We've been running this site for nearly 4 years....hang on, is that right? FOUR???????



Ok, I'm a little taken aback by that thought...hang on...









ok..think I've wrapped my head around that one.


So, you can see, its been...tricky keeping the flow going, so to speak - shut it, Purcell!


The one thing we really want to do is finish the first series of the Buccaneer Chronicles. Keith has his tale to tell. And I have to match it with the music. It's a glorious challenge. The thing is, so far we have another two series of it in the pipeline! I kid you not. We'll be here till the crack of Doom telling it, LOL Now, I know for a fact that at least one whole person is actually interested in what happens to Macfadyan, Cre'at, Crumbly - er, Curtis and the Blanches. I'd say we know whats going to happen but I'm guessing that Purcell face has already forgotton, lol.

So, by way of a teaser, and with Keith's permission, here, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, are a few things that our damaged, almost psychopathic Time Lord has in store for you all...


Sotus, India, a mute elephant that somehow manages to make a sound like its in labour, a man in white, a 'man' in white, a deckchair in the garden of a house in Allen Road, the same deckchair in the garden of a house in Allen Road but one year later, cobwebs, the Sisterhood of Karn, Salem, Monks, the Doctor Who universe's version of David Dickinson, a Human and a Sot'm pointing at something on a hillside and saying 'Oooooooh!', a 1950's USAF base, Sontarans, 'Lemonade', the Cub Scouts, Chronovores, more Monks, something exploding over the Millenium Dome in Greenwich, UNIT, Pardac Jumell, the Louvre, Adh Seidhe, Gallifrey, Canada, President Romana, a mass murderer, a psychic, the phrase 'Janus No More', Sot'm Olympics, remanants of the Dalek fleet from the Movellan war, a man in a waistcoat with cats on it, a hug, Egyptian relics, a chase through a sewer system, fond goodbyes, Catharcerous, a holo-projector, Derek Acora, purging, Luther Blissett, two familiar cars, a boarding house, a flood, pictures, the Judder Man unleashed - or should that be....unbound?


There's plenty more where that came from, by the way. It worries me, to be honest. All this is a result of Keith 'thinking' and myself, Purcell face and Crumbly having to respond. It's very frustrating that we're in the position of having to actually write the wretched stuff - why isnt all this someone else's idea - someone with the time to be able to put up regular chapters, etc. LOL. Oh for a Holodeck.....


Anyway, just bear with us (not Bear With Me - that's something entirely diferent). We will get the story out, trust us.


Tony Gallichan has just read this years Christmas Staff Party - and its a belter! Just you wait....