Tony Gallichan is Mildly Perturbed by... Rose


No, I'm not.



I'm not purturbed, mildly or otherwise, at all.




It was fast, laugh out loud funny, it hit all the right bases and was a wonderfull way to reintroduce the premise of the show.

Full marks for not starting off with a regeneration - though there was a nice aside about the itself an in joke to Robot.

As you may have gathered, we all watched it together. And we were howling with laughter in all the right places. The little ones loved it - one of whom wasn't that bothered about the show before hand, had a whale of a time watching it. The Dunn's work colleague, whose wife loves Ant n Dec, watched it with the missus and a friend....they loved it.

Im not the world's greatest reviewer, but Ill try to plop some thoughts down.

It seems that possibly this is a post regenerative Doctor. A Doctor that's finding his personality. You could tell he was embarresed and wante dto get away from Rose all the way until the 'World Turns' speech. And I think THAT was the moment where he remembered just who and what he is and stands for. After that, he settles down into a slightly insane life enthusiast. This is a Doctor who will grab the universe by the lapels, shake it and demand it enjoys itself whilst it sorts itself out.

And there's some fascinating additions to the mythos also....What war is this, we wonder? He tried to save the Nestene planet? Could it be that for this Doctor, Good isn't always beautifull? Life is what matters, nothing else? He also has a sense of his own importance in the Universe. Listen to the way he talks to the Consciousenses. This is a Doctor who has been around for 900 or so years, a Doctor who now realises that he is actually quite important - and couldn't really give a fig - until he has to use it in some way.

Rose will grow on me. Face facts, at the moment she's a little shell shocked - wouldn't you be? Look at Mickey - and someone tell the young actor concearned how to do Auton acting, yeah?

Great visuals, nice effects etc blah...

The music though....

Ok, I love what Mr Gold has done with the theme and I still very much want to hear it properly, full cd quality. But it does sound a little cluttered, like it could have done with another mix, posibly by someone else. Me, in fact, ROFL.

I wasn't too impressed with the incidentals. A little missplaced and intrusive in places, ineffectual in others. What this episode needed was a score like the one done for the McGann movie - huge, exciting and impressive rather then just a bland, every day BBC drama score.

Sorry Mr Gold, but yer gonna have to do better then this.

However, it didn't really detract from the show. And I LOVED the show.


They got it right.

Oh yeah...thought some might like to read this...


makes an old, jaded heart, glow ever so warmly..


Tony Gallichan has now calmed down. Normal service will now resume.