Tony Gallichan is Mildly Perturbed by... The Return Of Doctor Who

No, Really. I am.

No, look, I'm being serious.

Stop tittering at the back there!


Ok. I admit I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that it's coming back... or that at least there are definite plans for it's return. I heard a rumour Thursday evening but as no link was posted I took it with the usual pinch of salt.

But low and behold, blow me down, stone the crows, cor luv a duck (illegal in some states in America - the fastest growing fascist country in the world...), it was the bloomin' truth, guv'nor!

Well. You could have knocked me down with a feather.

Waft. Thud!

Seriously, it IS very good news. The internet seems to have become party central at the moment - the whole place seems to have gone mad; well, madder then usual, lol.

I do feel sorry for poor old Paul Cornell though. Just as he thought he'd got his mits on the show look what happens.

Heh, it's like the old joke. You wait all this time for a new series and two come along at once... (sic).

I can't wait to see the continuity addicts working themselves into a frenzy over this... Just who IS the 9th Doctor? (Heh, of course, if Davies casts REG as Doctor Who then that should save them a few sleepless nights.


This, I expect, will be the last throw of the dice for Doctor Who.

I have the feeling that expectations are going to be far too high for the show. It's going to have to perform miraculously.

But let's just take a look at the last two Saturday night attempts at "Sci Fi/Fantasy"

Randell and Hopkirk... (now deceased.)

A good show but far too up it's own arse, I'm afraid.... it should either have been called:

"The Charlie Higson Comedy Hour" or "Me And My Fast Show Mates Have A laugh"


Ok... it was good on the whole.... if only they had reigned themselves in a little.

Then there is Strange.

Now I liked Strange. It had potential. But why on Earth didn't the Beeb show the pilot episode again just to help people with some of the arc? And as for showing it when they did... Dear me. Surely a winter slot through Halloween would have been best?


So. Doctor Who. What are the chances? Well, it has a built in audience, I suppose that's a start. But devoted fans will not be enough to make it a success.

All I hope is that they don't pin all hope on it and expect it to perform miracles. That way disaster lies.

No. Just let it trundle away being a silly programme that occasionally dares to be something far greater.


Mind you..... that's really fucked up Jonathan Ross and his ilk. Star Trek? The world's longest running sci fi TV show?



Mere children compared to our little bit of sci fi nonsense.


Anyway. I really DO hope that the new series of Doctor Who happens.

It's just at the back of my mind is that little niggle of doubt. From now on I'm gonna be subconsciously worrying about cancellation. In fact, if I'm honest, ever since 1985 and those bastards Grade and Powell stuck their oars in, I've been worried about it.

Whatever happened to just watching the show and enjoying it?


Tony Gallichan is really over the moon at the news of the show's return. No. Honest. He is. Really.


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