Tony Gallichan is Mildly Perturbed by... Sleep

I'm having difficulties. No, really, I am.....For some bizarre reason my sleep patterns have gone completely out of the window. Now there's no telling just when I'll doze off or for how long.

It started a couple of weeks ago. I've got absolutely no idea how or why but instead of me having my usual nine or ten hours a night - and I don't care what you say, I NEED that much, I'm a zombie otherwise - I woke up after about 4 hours and, oh dear Bod, it was daylight. Morning! You see, I'm very much a night-time person. I much prefer it when it's dark. Makes life interesting in the summer when aside from the fact the daylight hours are more, it's also bloody hot. ARRRGGG.

So, anyway, I popped around to my neighbour - let's call her Bert - had a quick cuppa, had the unfortunate misfortune of having to watch Trisha and celebrity Big Brother - oh dear, dear, dear someone help me please - went back home and eventually, after popping on the pc (I do a lot of popping), I went back to bed and managed another couple of hours.

This was the pattern for nearly a week and I was becoming more and more exhausted.

Then, this Saturday just gone (at the time of writing, anyway), it caught up with me. There was no Crumbly the Friday night as he had to see a member of the opposite sex. Think I remember what thats like. Not sure...ah well...Anyway, we also didn't have Keithy as it was his youngest one's birthday. So, me, Purcell-face and the Dunn met over Teamspeak to play Guild Wars.

My brain was fizzing, couldn't really concentrate on what was going on. i also had to go around Bert's to drop off some shopping and make sure she didn't need anything. At 10pm I popped over to Bert's. And something very, very strange happened.

I fell asleep at someone else's house, in their armchair. Just flaked out. Now this is unheard of - I consider it very rude indeed to do that to someone. Ok, Christmas day it's forgiveable as one's body needs time to adjust, LOL. Needless to say Bert was not impressed. I staggered home and crashed straight to bed. I must apologise to Keith and Adam for seemingly vanishing,

I slept for 12 hours. Got up, lasted another 3 awake then asleep for another 4, got up, lasted 3 hours awake and slept for another 12. Now I'm back to the 3-4 hour bursts of sleep again. I'm just waiting to crash and burn again.

It's not fun being perpetually tired, let me tell you. Haven't felt like this since I worked security years ago and the body clock went a bit kablooey.

So, I've been thinking it through. I do know that prior to all this I've been having some very vivid dreams (no, not that sort, lol). I've given up smoking (nearly three months now without going anywhere near a ciggie - whoot!) and the night before New Year's Eve my flat was almost broken into. Only the fact | was in, large and very angry stopped them from getting anywhere. Could any of these have anything to do with the fact I have no idea when I'm next going to fall asleep or for how long? I have been to the doctor's - well, about something else but I did mention the sleep thing, but all she wanted to do was give me pills and I'm not really a pill sort of person. Its also frustrating as I have things I need to do.

For a start this update I was going to do a test podcast in preparation for Staggering Stories joining the 21st Century, lol. Also I have voiceover work to do for Dam Audios (great concept, by the way, Dave).

So, I apologise in advance to anyone who may be expecting me to be somewhere, or meet them online etc....If I'm a no show it means I'm sound asleep...somewhere.


Tony Gallichan does actually have views about series two and the Runaway Bride but yer gonna have to wait for the podcast, ok?