Tony Gallichan is Mildly Perturbed by... Star Trek

I've had it. No. Really. I have.


So, there I am, watching Enterprise, and what happens? Well, you see, they find a ship that can travel through time. No surprises there then. Trek seems to rely on time travel nowadays. Oh, but wait a moment. Trip and Reed are having a shufty around in the ship and lo and behold, what do they find out?

The time ship is bigger on the inside then the outside.

Well, you could have heard my scream of "Thieving Paramount Bastards!" on the other side of the world. Maybe even at the Enterprise production offices. Well, one can hope...

It wasn't even done as a homage or pastiche. There was no call in the story for the ship to be like that. It was just a blatant theft of a superb idea. How dare they? To take someone else's moment of genius and use it so distastefully like that.

I mean, the Borg were bad enough. There are some corners of the universe that have bred the most terrible things. Things which are against everything we have ever believed in. And they are now cowering in these dark places having had their identities and purpose stolen by callous, unimaginative, lazy, Trek writers.

But lets face the truth here. It's not just Trek. It's Hollywood in general.

Hollywood is currently re-writing history so that the Americans invented everything and saved the world. All the time.

Take the film about the recovery of the Enigma machine during World War Two. It wasn't an American submarine. It was a British one that carried the brave souls who contributed so much to the defeat of fascists.

What about Titanic? One of the senior officers on board was made out to be a complete coward and bully in James Cameron's film. Just for the sake of a story. The family were incensed. As were the family and surviving crew of the afore mentioned submarine.

It seems, that Hollywood can do what it like, reshape history so the Americans are god-like beings.

Shame the reality doesn't match.

I know a lot of Americans online. And they hate it just as much as anyone.

The trouble is, they are in a minority. The rednecks and their Barbie dolls actually believe the shit they are fed.

Look at the Fox news coverage of Operation Iraqi Liberation.

It was made to seem like a film. It even had a musical score.

And until the States get an administration that actually cares about right and wrong, and has the guts to stand up to the greedy money men, Donald Rumsfeld please take note, then its gonna continue until all is American, apple pie and the complete corruption of the values, those wonderful values and ideals that America's founding fathers had.

Shame it all went so wrong so quickly.

Like I say. This isn't a rant against America as a whole. Just those who don't care or are too ignorant to care or know.

Yes, these kinds of people exist in every country. But with the size of America, there are just so many more of them.

Oh...and yes, I've stolen a couple of things for this rant. But I made good use of them. They were pertinent. See if you can spot them. Then mail that moronic, warmongering twat, Dubya. With luck it will confuse him enough to keep him occupied till his term is up.

Again, apologies to the majority of intelligent Americans, its just when you catch a cold, the smaller countries are the ones to die....


Tony Gallichan actually likes America. Well. The Americans he has met. Weird eyes and all...


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