Tony Gallichan is Mildly Perturbed by... The Human Population of the Planet Earth

This is going to be a little brief as I'm actually far angrier at events that are happening in my life at the mo, which I can't really speak about here. (Well, not until I've contacted my solicitor)


You may have seen on the news footage of the protests at the G8 and World Trade summits, etc.

Well, I'm afraid that I'm 100% behind the protestors.  I've read and watched various reports from very respected sources (John Pilger the award winning journalist for example) about how big corporations and governments exploit poorer countries.

An example.

A particular country in the 1950s wanted nothing to do with western companies and so kept them out. Britain and America wanted in so they backed a rebel leader, gave him weapons and sent him ships to help him overthrow the countries government.

That man slaughtered over one million of his countrymen, mostly innocents.

Then a meeting was arranged in which the major corporations met with his cabinet and the companies essentially dictated his policies. If he refused their orders, he would get nothing. The World Trade Organisation knew about this and did nothing.

Nowadays most people don't care about important things like ethics. As long as they have their latest trainers (made in Indonesian sweatshops) and as long as they have all their designer goods then everything is ok with the world. People may die, be tortured, be abused, all for the sake of money. But it's ok because we've got Mac Donald's

And we call ourselves civilised.

As those close to me will tell you, I'm not very fond of the Human Race. I think we are the worst thing to happen to this planet.

Do you know that advertising is now in schools? Children are not allowed to be children any more. Its all about money and sex - yup, target those little girls with the boy bands - that'll get the money flooding in. Drink Coke and then do your homework in the Coke exercise book you were given because the government won't give your school enough money to buy ordinary, non company sponsored books.

You may have noticed an mp3 on this site called "Beware the Judder Man".

It's about a Time Lord, isn't it?

Well, yes. And no.

If you see the Judder Man as a metaphor for governments and global corporations then the song takes on a whole new meaning. It's quite deliberate, I hasten to add.

"He is one and many" - well, that's the above culprits.

"And there's blood on his hands" - that's the western sponsored rebellion I mentioned earlier.

"His Futures are before him" - well, think stock market, Enron and WorldCom.

"All undiscovered lands" - ah, those unexplored markets. Give it a few years and see what they do to Afghanistan. It might not have the mineral wealth, but you just wait and see.

There's plenty more lines in the song like those.

See if you can find them.

Call 0895 555 555 to enter the competition. Calls cost 35 pence per minute. Texts cost 25 pence, plus the cost of sending a text that your network charges.  There's Internet coverage of the competition - just register and for ten pounds per month you can watch me all day, everyday as I look at the competition entries. * The winner will have their life ruined by lying, scheming, money motivated newspapers.

Ah, Big Brother, I'll follow your lead.

At the end of the day, who wins?

You decide.


Tony Gallichan will not apologise for any of the above - except to the victims of the above evil.


*If your brain dead you might not realise that this competition doesn't exist.