Rogue Warriors

Rogue Warriors:
Season One, Episode Five

By Andy Dunn

One month had past since Zeus had been sent back to jail, life for the Rogue Warriors had never been easier. Simon, Ben, George and Alison were roaming through London with the Rogue Warriors.

“I really liked the tower of London, guys,” said Helen

“Yeah. I would look really good in Henry VIII’s suit of armour” Boasted Dave

“Sure. Once you’ve gained a few pounds!” Joked Vicky

“Are you calling me fat!” snapped Dave

“Fat!?” said Vicky “You’re one stone away from being a qualified sumo wrestler!”

The others begin to laugh.

“TAKE THAT BACK, BITCH!” yelled Dave

Charles quickly restrained Dave.

“Will you please calm down?” he said, “You know Vicky’s only messing with you?”

Dave then frowned and eventually calmed down. As they continued to sight see around London, Helen stopped and rubbed her belly.

“What’s wrong, Helen?” asked Vicky

“Nothing” said Helen “I’m just getting hungry”

“Hey, me too” said Ben

“Let’s go to McDonalds and get some lunch,” Chucky suggested

“Alright then, Chucky” said Alison

A few minutes later, the group approached what looked like a McDonalds restaurant.

They all gasped when they saw the name of it.

“McZeus!” gasped Charles

“He’s taken over a fast food restaurant,” said George

“It looks like it,” said Simon

“Does the Prime Minister know anything about this?” asked Alison

“I’m not sure” said Charles “but I think we should warn him”


They all arrived at the houses of parliament and enter the Prime Ministers office.

“Ah, welcome, Rogue Warriors” greeted the Prime Minister

“Mister Prime Minister, we just discovered something horrible,” said Helen

“What is it?” asked the Prime Minister

“Zeus has taken control of one of the McDonalds restaurants,” said Chucky

The Prime Minister then paused for a second.

“Yes, I already know that” he said

The group suddenly gasped

“You mean that you knew all this time and you didn’t do anything about it?!” asked Dave

“There wasn’t any need to,” explained the Prime Minister “you see, Zeus was sent to work there by the police for community service. This was back when it still was a McDonalds. As each day passed, he was working harder and harder. The Manager then requested that he’d be released from prison so that he could work overtime”.

“AND THEY JUST LET HIM GO!??!” yelled Dave

“As long as he worked 24 hours a day,” explained the Prime Minister “Zeus agreed and he’d been earning more money than anyone in the restaurant. He eventually had enough money to buy the whole place”

Dave’s jaw then dropped and then his eyes filled with rage.

“How long has he been in charge for?” asked Vicky

“About one week” said the Prime Minister


“If you trash Zeus’s restaurant” shouted the Prime Minister “I’ll have you all arrested for vandalism!”

Dave was now paralysed with rage.

“Zeus spent 24 hours a day, every day, to earn his keep.” Told the Prime Minister “I think you all should give him some gratitude”

“We’ll be the judge of that when we visit his restaurant,” said Charles


The group arrived back at McZeus. As they entered, they saw lots of people that were eating burgers and had enjoyed their food.

“Wow, this place sure is popular,” said Ben

“What do you think he did in order to become owner?” asked Vicky

“Maybe he threatened the manager’s life if he didn’t give him control” suggested Chucky

“We should demand some answers, now” said Dave

“Your right, Dave” said Charles “guys, it’s time to speak to the manager”

Charles walked up to the tills and asked a worker to get Zeus.

A few seconds later, the group was invited to his office. They cautiously stepped inside.

“Welcome to my office, Rogue Warriors” said Zeus as he revolved round in his chair.

“Ok Zeus, the jig is up,” said Charles “What are you up to now?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Zeus

“Don’t give us that crap, Professor!” shouted Dave “We know that this is one of your plans to take over London!”

“Take over London?” said Zeus “Don’t you think I know when I’m beaten?” he asked

The group paused for a sec.

“I’ve tried and failed to conquer London three times,” explained Zeus “I realised that it wasn’t possible to do that when I was working here for community service”

“Are you saying that you’ve stopped trying?” asked George

“Exactly” said Zeus “I just now want to run my business and make some money”

“How do we know that this isn’t another trick?” asked Dave

“Look around,” said Zeus “do I have any gadgets or high tech computers around here?”

“We haven’t seen any,” said Charles

“Well I can assure you all that I’ve finished my evil ways,” said Zeus.

The group then looked at each other for a second.

“Well, I don’t mean to be rude, but I’ve got an appointment in a few minutes, so I’m going to have to ask you all to leave” said Zeus.

“Ok then, Professor” said Alison

“You may all have a free burger on your way out, by the way” said Zeus

Workers then handed the group one burger each. After they left the building, Zeus then had an evil grin on his face. Charles, Dave and Vicky threw their burgers in the bin. Helen was about to eat hers.

“HELEN, DON’T EAT THAT!!” yelled Charles as he smacked it out of her hands

Helen began to cry.

“Hey, why did you do that?” asked Alison angrily whilst she gave Helen a hug

“I think Zeus has poisoned the burgers,” said Charles.

“What?” said Ben

“I agree with Charles,” said Dave “Zeus might be doing something sinister”

“If that’s true” said Simon “Then London is in grave danger. People eat fast food pretty much all the time”

Alison, Simon, Ben and George threw their burgers away. Helen began to calm down. She walked up to Charles.

“Why did you do that Charles?” she asked “It was so mean of you”

“I’m sorry, Helen” apologised Charles “I thought that burger was going to make you sick”

Charles then hugged Helen.

“We’ll go and get something else, ok?” he suggested.

Vicky then turned to Chucky.

“Aren’t you going to throw yours away?” she asked

“No” said Chucky “I wanna take this to Professor Summers so we can analyse it”

“Good thinking, Chucky” said Dave


The group arrived at Professor Summer’s workshop.

“Ah. Hello, my friends” he greeted

Everyone entered his workshop.

“So, what can I do for you guys?” asked the professor

“I suppose you’ve heard of Zeus’s fast food restaurant?” asked Simon

“McZeus?” said the professor “yeah, I’ve heard of it”

“You haven’t eaten any of the burgers yet, have you?” asked Vicky

“Oh no, I don’t like fast food” said the professor.

Vicky gave a sigh of relief.

“Why? What is the problem?” asked the professor.

“We think Zeus is up to his old tricks again,” said Dave.

“He gave us some of his burgers. But we throw them away” said Chucky “all but this one”

“So, what is it that you want?” asked the professor, confused.

“I wanna analyse this with you, professor” said Chucky.

“What do you expect to find in their except grease and sauce?” asked the professor.

“I don’t know, but I want to find out,” said Chucky.

“Ok, lets get to work,” said Professor Summers.

For 30 minutes, Professor Summers and Chucky analysed and studied every area of the burger and were disappointed to find no abnormal substance. They approached the rest of the group.

“I’m sorry guys,” said the professor “but we could find nothing strange about Zeus’s burger”

The group look shocked.

“But that’s impossible” said Dave.

“All we found was that there was more special sauce than you get in a McDonalds burger” said Chucky.

“Well then, analyse the sauce,” said Charles.

“Charles” said the professor “Maybe you should accept the fact that Zeus has given up his evil ways and is just trying to make a living for the rest of his life”

Charles then got angry.


“What are you talking about?” asked Vicky.

Charles paused to calm down.

“I think it’s time to do a little breaking and entering,” he said.

“What? Why?” asked George.

“I want to find out what Zeus is really up to,” said Charles.

Dave suddenly stepped up.

“In that case, I’m going with you,” he said.

“Me too” said Simon.

Charles looked at Dave and Simon for a moment. He then smiled.

“We’ll stay here and continue the analysis. We’ll contact you if we find something” said Chucky.


That night, Simon, Dave and Charles arrived at McZeus. They huddled together as they discussed their plan.

“Ok, Simon, you go through the back door and search in Zeus’s office, Dave and I will go in through the air vents,” said Charles.

“But it can get too hot in those vents, Charles” complained Dave

“Well its either that or you can go in through the sewage system” said Charles.

Dave then looked grossed out.

“Ok, I’ll go in the vents,” said Dave.

“Remember not to damage anything” said Simon “the Prime Minister threatened that he’ll arrest us if we do”.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be careful” said Charles reassuringly.

Simon then headed for the back door as Charles and Dave started to climb up the pipes. Simon attempted to open the door, but to no avail. Dave broke open the chicken wiring on the air vents then he and Charles crept in. As Simon continued to attempt to open the back door, he noticed a coding system on the wall. Before he attempted to enter a code, the door opened. He hid behind the open door to avoid detection. A worker came out with rubbish. Before he was noticed, Simon quickly entered the building. Charles and Dave were crawling through the air vents. Dave was sweating like mad.

“Next time, I’ll think of the ideas before you go rushing into things!” he said whilst he gasped for air.

“Keep your voice down,” said Charles “there could be anyone in this building”

“I hope Simon can make it to Zeus’s office, undetected” said Dave.

Simon sneaked his way round the building. He saw only a couple of workers that was cleaning the place up. He successfully made it to Zeus’s office undetected. He entered the office and saw that no one was inside.

“Now, lets see what I can find” he said to himself.

Dave and Charles fell out of the air vents to the storage area of the building.

“Ah! Finally” said Dave as he wiped the sweat of his forehead

“Ok, lets see what we can find,” said Charles.

They both looked around the storage area for clues. After a few seconds, Charles came across a door with a keep out sign on it.

“Hey Dave, come here” he said.

“What is it, Charles?” asked Dave.

Charles pointed to the sign.

“What do you thinks is down there?” asked Dave.

“I’m not sure. Let’s have a look,” said Charles.

They both entered the room. Simon was looking through Zeus’s files. All he found so far were notes on burger prices and customer attendance.

“There’s gotta be something” he said with frustration.

Simon then found a file that had top secret printed on the front. He opened it and had a look. Dave and Charles walked down some steps and entered to what appeared to be the basement. They look around and saw one high tech computer and a microphone. They also found a person that was lying unconscious on a table.

“Is that man alright?” asked Dave.

Charles checked his pulse.

“He’s alive,” he said.

“Oh good” said Dave “I wonder what this computer is for?”

“I don’t know. Zeus is defiantly up to something,” said Charles.

“Lets see what it does,” suggested Dave.

Dave turned on the computer. The person suddenly woke up. His eyes were bright red and he slowly approached Dave and Charles. Simon read the top-secret file and looked more and more scared after each page.

“Oh no!” he said fearfully “I gotta warn the others and Prime Minister or London is doomed”


Back at Professor Summers’ workshop, Chucky continued to analyse the special sauce. The professor walked up to him.

“Chucky, you’ve been working all afternoon” said the professor “maybe you should stop now”

“I’m not quitting until I find something, professor,” said Chucky.

“Chucky, face it! Zeus has given up his evil ways,” said Alison.

“Charles doesn’t think that,” said Chucky “and until I hear from him otherwise, I am not stopping until I find something”

“Fine. We’re going back then,” said Vicky “I’ll see you others later”

Vicky, Alison, Helen, Ben and George left the Workshop. Professor Summers stayed to help Chucky.

“Hey professor, can you hand me the microscope?” asked Chucky.

As the Professor handed him it, he asked, “What are you doing?”

“I wanna have close look at the minerals within the sauce,” sayed Chucky “I think they make contain something”

Chucky took a teaspoon full of the sauce and put it in the microscope. He magnified it 10 times and spotted no change. He then magnified it 100 times and spotted something metallic.

“I found something,” he said.

“What is it?” asked the Professor.

“Some sort of metal thing” said Chucky.

“Metal thing?” asked the professor.

“Lets remove it from the sauce and scan it on the computer” suggested Chucky.

Professor Summers gently picked up the item with some pincers and put it in a plastic bag. He then placed the bag under the scanner. The monitor on the computer showed that the metal is a nerve cluster.

“A nerve cluster?!” said the professor

“What’s a nerve cluster, Professor?” asked chucky

“They’re small computer chips designed to attach itself to the top of your spinal cord, just below the brain” explained the professor “Hospitals use them to allow temporarily paralysed people to walk”

“I don’t get it,” said Chucky.

“Brain wave pass down your spinal cord and send messages to your body, telling it what to do” said the professor “The computer chip picks up the signal and sends the message around a paralysed body allowing the person to move”

“Oh, I see now,” said Chucky.

“But why is there a nerve cluster within the special sauce?” asked Professor Summers.

“Do you think Zeus put it in there?” asked Chucky.

“Maybe. Though I’m not sure,” said the professor.


Simon ran down into the basement to find Dave and Charles.

“We got a serious problem guys!” He said.

“What is it, Simon?” asked Charles.

Before Simon could answer, he spotted the person with bright red eyes approached them.


Charles and Dave turned around.

“WHOA!” said Charles with a shocked look on his face

“WHAT THE HELL!!?” yelled Dave.

The person walked towards in a zombie like fashion.

“Must kill all intruders!” he said.

“What’s up with his eyes?” asked Charles.

“Lets find out after we kill him,” said Dave.

“No, don’t do it!” shouted Simon.

“Why not?” asked Dave as they backed away to the corner.

“They’re under control of that computer” said Simon as he pointed to it.

“There’s something in the burgers which takes control of the hosts body once they have eaten it” he explained.

The person with red eyes got closer to the three.

“Zeus must have something to do with this,” said Dave.

The basement door then opened and the person with red eyes suddenly stopped moving. Zeus came through the doorway, entering the basement.

“I don’t just have something to do with this” he said, “I’m behind all of it”

“I thought you was still up to no good,” said Charles.

“You catch on pretty quick, boys,” said Zeus “It’s a shame you didn’t eat the burgers I gave you all”

“You killed the manager in order to own this place didn’t you?” asked Simon angrily.

“No, I actually did work my way to this level,” said Zeus “and during that time, I had to put up with a lot of other people’s crap and give them a lot of junk food. Well I’ll finally have my revenge and take over London!”

“Once the Prime Minister hears about this, he’ll send in the police force and take you down,” said Dave.

“Oh I’m sorry boys, but you’re not going anywhere,” said Zeus with an evil grin on his face.

Three workers entered the basement and approached Simon, Dave and Charles. The workers all had bright red eyes. Dave and Charles attempted to attack them, but they were overwhelmed. Simon, however, managed to escape and ran out of the building with the files.

“DAMN!! He escaped!” shouted Zeus.

He then turned to his workers.

“No matter. Tie those two to the chairs,” he said


Chucky flew back to Simon’s house. He bumped into Simon along the way.

“Simon, where’s Charles and Dave” he asked.

“Zeus is holding them hostage at his restaurant” said Simon.

“What!?” shouted Chucky.

“Charles was right,” said Simon “Zeus is doing some evil schemes”

“We found a small microchip nerve cluster within the special sauce” said Chucky.

“I know,” said Simon.

“How do you know?” asked Chucky.

“Read this” said Simon as he handed Chucky the secret files.

Chucky read the files and had a scared look on his face.

“We gotta warn the others now, especially the Prime Minister!” said Chucky.

They both made it back to Simon’s house.

Helen and Vicky were watching telly whilst Ben, George and Alison were eating their dinners.

“What’s wrong, guys?” asked Vicky.

“Well are all in danger!” said Simon.

“What’s the problem?” asked Ben.

“Have any of you ate Zeus’s burgers?” asked Chucky.

“No, of coarse we haven’t” said Alison.

“Why, what’s wrong?” asked George.

“Once you have eaten those burgers” said Simon “you all go under Zeus’s control”

“What are you talking about?” asked Helen.

“Within the special sauce is a microscopic nerve cluster,” explained Chucky “it is designed to enter through the blood stream and attach itself at the top of the spinal cord, just below the brain”

“They’re originally meant to be in hospitals, but Zeus somehow reprogrammed them and they are all under his control if anybody eats them” said Simon.

The others looked shocked after they heard this.

“How many people have eaten the burgers?” asked Helen

“About one tenth of London” said Chucky.

The others then gasped.

“We gotta warn the Prime Minister, now!” said Vicky.

They all left and headed for the houses of parliament.


Back at McZeus, Charles and Dave both woke up from their slumber. Zeus sat by the computer and turned to face them.

“Welcome back, boys” he said “enjoy your kip?”

“So, is this how low you have to sink to Professor? Taking control of innocent people to get what you want?” asked Charles.

“And what is it that I want, hmmm?” asked Zeus.

“You wanna take over this country,” said Dave.

“I also want to know who controls this pitiful island as well,” said Zeus.

“But didn’t Hank tell you who it was?” asked Charles.

“Unfortunately no, he never told me in the end before he got killed” said Zeus “But it doesn’t matter, because I now have the perfect army to conquer England and then the world!”

“What do you Mean!?” asked Dave angrily.

“Around one tenth of London has eaten my burgers within one week” explained Zeus “as soon as I active this computer, the microchip nerve clusters will activate, giving me control of the people”

Zeus then activated the computer.

“I will now order them to wreak havoc throughout London and assassinate the Prime Minister. HAHAHAHA!” he said.

“YOU SICK BASTARD!!” yelled Dave.

“Why, thank you” said Zeus.


Chucky, Simon, Vicky, Helen, Alison, Ben and George arrived at the houses of Parliament. They entered the Prime Minister’s office.

“Mister Prime Minister, you’re in grave danger!” said Chucky.

“What seems to be the problem?” asked the Prime Minister.

“Zeus is attempting to conquer London with it’s very own citizens,” said Vicky.

“Don’t be stupid” said the Prime Minister “Zeus is now a committed worker. He assured me that when I last spoke to him”

“He’s played us all for fools, sir” said Simon “Look at these files”

Simon handed the files to the Prime Minister. After he read them, the Prime Minister had a concerned look on his face.

“How did you get these, Simon?” he asked.

“Me, Charles and Dave sneaked into Zeus’s restaurant to see if he was up to anything sinister” explained Simon “I found them in his office. A group of his workers attacked us and captured Dave and Charles”

The Prime Minister thought for a moment.

“Normally, I would arrest you for breaking and entering” he said “but we’ve got bigger problems on our hands. We’ll have to destroy the computer controlling my people”

“We’ll have to remain cautious” said Ben “because we can’t trust anyone”

“Not exactly” said Simon “the people under Zeus’s control have bright red eyes”

“That sounds scary,” said Helen fearfully.

“Don’t worry, Helen,” said Vicky reassuringly “I’ll be here right with you”

“Well lets go everyone, there’s no time to waste” said the Prime Minister.

The group left the houses of parliament with the Prime Minister and headed for McZeus. As they crossed the Tower Bridge, they encountered hundreds of controlled people.

“Quick, let’s find another way round!” said Alison.

They attempted to turn back but found more controlled people behind them. They were trapped on the bridge.

“Shit!” shouted George “what do we do know?”

“We’ll have to fight them,” said Chucky.

“But you can’t hurt my people!” said the Prime Minister.

“Look at their eyes, sir,” said Chucky “They’re not your people anymore. They’re under the control of Zeus”

“Chucky, you get the Prime Minister on top of the bridge, we’ll hold them off here!” said Vicky.

“Right, Vicky!” said Chucky.

“Please, don’t kill them?” pleaded the Prime Minister “It’s not their fault”.

“No promises, sir” said Vicky.

Chucky picked up the Prime Minister and flew to the top of the bridge. Vicky and Helen gave a few guns to Simon, Ben, George and Alison.

“What do we need these for?” asked Ben.

“Just as a precaution” said Vicky.


Zeus looked on with the high tech computer. Charles tried to cut his ropes free with his penknife.

“Well, well?” said Zeus “It seems that your friends are trapped on the Tower Bridge”

“WHAT?!” yelled Dave.

“Have a look,” said Zeus.

Dave and Charles saw what was going on in the monitor screen and become overwhelmed with rage. The monitor showed the rest of the group tried to fight off the controlled people.

“Once all of your friends are dead along with the Prime Minister, I’ll go on to conquer the world! HAHAHAHAHA!” said Zeus.

Charles then broke free from his chair and charged at Zeus and knocked him to him floor. He then stood over the Professor's head and put the knife to his chin.


His eyes now filled with fear, Zeus slowly pointed to the plug.

“Y-you have t-to unp-plug it!” he said with great fear.

Charles then unplugged the computer and then cut Dave free. Dave then smashed the computer to pieces with a mallet.

“HEY! THAT COST ME £50,000!” yelled Zeus.

“Well I don’t give a crap!” shouted Dave.

Zeus then ran out of the Building.

“Let’s go after him!” said Dave.

“Nah. We’ve done our job. He’ll be back,” said Charles.


The Controlled people then returned to normal. Some of them were battered and bruised. A couple of them lay dead on the floor. The people look confused.

“Where are we?” a few of them asked.

The group were knackered and relieved that it’s over. Chucky flew down to the floor with the Prime Minister.

“Thank goodness that you all ok,” said the Prime Minister.

“I’m sorry we had to kill a few people” apologised Helen.

“That’s ok, Helen” said the Prime Minister “you all said yourselves that they were under Zeus’s control”

“Why did they stop attacking anyway?” asked George.

“Dave and Charles must’ve destroyed the computer controlling them,” said Chucky.

“He destroyed it. I just unplugged it,” said Charles as he and Dave approach the area.

Vicky then rushes up and hugs Charles.

“Charles, I’m so glad you’re safe!” she said.

Vicky then kissed Charles multiple times on the cheek.

“Wow, calm down. I wasn’t in any serious danger,” said Charles.

“Are you ok, Dave?” asked Simon.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” said Dave “Zeus is no match for us”

“Where is he, by the way?” asked the Prime Minister “I want him to answer for this”

“He managed to get away,” said Charles.

“What!” said the Prime Minister.

“But don’t worry about it. He won’t have enough money to get back into power,” said Dave.

“Why not?” asked Ben.

“Because I owe him about £50,000 in computer damage” said Dave.

Everyone started to laugh as they leave the area.


Season One, Episode Six