Rogue Warriors

Rogue Warriors:
Season Two, Episode Eight

By Andy Dunn

The Enterprise was in the middle of warp. It had been a couple of weeks since they helped the Libonans. The crew’s respect for each other had grown stronger.

Dave, Chucky and Cathy had made adjustments to the engines.

“There. That should do it,” said Chucky as he finished.

“Is it finished, Chucky?” asked Cathy.

“Lets find out. Power it up, Dave,” ordered Chucky.

“Ok, mate,” said Dave as he switched on the engines.

The engines then powered up and continued to work normally.

“It looks like it’s working” stated Cathy happily.

“Only one way to find out. Simon, are we picking speed?” asked Chucky through his communicator.

“Yes, Chucky. We are passing warp ten,” stated Simon through the communicator.

“Alright. It worked,” said Chucky happily.

“I’m sorry. What worked exactly?” asked Dave all confused.

“Well, since we discovered that we had too much spare power, I was able to reroute it to the engine systems. And thanks to the spare oil we picked up back at Libonia, we won’t run out of power too quickly” explained Chucky.

“So, we’ll be able to track down Metrolian battleships in a matter of minutes?” asked Dave.

“In a matter of speaking, yes” said Chucky.

“It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we won’t be too late when the Metrolians attack another planet,” stated Cathy happily.


Simon was alone in the bridge whilst he worked on his station. Carol entered the bridge with a cup of tea. She placed it one Simon’s desk and gave him a hug.

“Hi, Carol. How’s your ankle?” asked Simon.

“A lot better. I can walk properly now,” said Carol happily.

“Great. Well I’m pleased to say that we should be able to close down any Metrolian invasion force we come across in a matter of seconds,” stated Simon.

“How so?” asked Carol.

“Cathy, Chucky and Dave has just finished upgrading the engine systems which will allow the Enterprise to travel at greater speeds, faster than our maximum warp” explained Simon.

“So, we’ll save greater time when we help other planets?” asked Carol with hope.

“Exactly” said Simon happily.

“Alright! We should be able to bring down the Empire in a matter of weeks,” said Carol happily.

She then kissed Simon and hugged him afterwards.

A few seconds later, Simon’s station made a beeping noise.

“What’s going on?” asked Carol.

“Don’t worry. The sensors have picked up something” reassured Simon as he worked on his station.

“Is it a Metrolian battleship?” asked Carol.

“We’re moving too fast to get a clear reading. I’m gonna have to pull us out of warp to get a precise scan” explained Simon.

A second later, the Enterprise pulled out of warp and came to a full stop.

Simon continued the scan.

“Oh. I’m reading a comet crash site. But there’s some strange foreign elements embedded within the rubble” concluded Simon.

“Is it Metrolian design?” asked Carol.

“Unknown” said Simon.

The rest of the Rogue Warriors entered to bridge.

“Why have we stopped, Simon?” asked Charles.

“The long ranged sensors have detected a comet crash site with some strange designs embedded in the rubble” explained Simon.

“It might have just been a building that was destroyed when the comet crashed,” stated Dave.

They all then thought for a moment.

“Hey. Why don’t we go and have a look?” suggested Helen.

“What? Don’t be silly, Helen. We need to use this time to track down and kill Metrolian scum,” stated Dave.

“Stop posing, Dave. We’ve got plenty of time on our side. I think it’s worth a look,” stated Vicky.

“Yeah. And besides, we could probably try to salvage something that could be useful on our journey” explained Chucky.

Charles then thought for a moment.

“Ok then. Lets have a look at this crash site. Simon, set a coarse for it” ordered Charles.

“No problem” said Simon as he worked on his station.


After a couple of hours, the Enterprise reached its destination. They entered the atmosphere of a small class L planet that was breathable. They then landed on the planet surface.

“Ok. The sensors reveal that even though that this is a rocky planet, it is breathable,” explained Chucky.

“How far away are we from the crash site?” asked Vicky.

“About 500 yards away” said Chucky.

“Now listen up. We’re gonna keep this short and sweet. We won’t really need any weapons, but take a handgun with you just in case” ordered Charles.

“What will we be needing?” asked Dave.

“Just your tricorders” said Charles.

“But aren’t there any enemies on this planet?” asked Dave.

“No, but there are life signs on this planet” stated Chucky.

“Right. Life signs. They might be hostile!” complained Dave.

“Dave, we’re not here to kill aliens, only to find out if we can salvage anything useful to the Enterprise. Now leave your weapons here and take a handgun!” lectured Charles.

Dave then frowned but he did what he was told.

The bay doors opened and the group left the Enterprise and started the search for the crash site.


After about ten minutes, they came across a crater.

“Wow. Look at this” said Helen with an amazed look.

“This must be the crash site,” concluded Cathy.

“Let’s go in and have a look,” suggested Carol.

They climbed inside the crater. There were lots of rubble inside and several small chunks of the comet intact.

As they got closer to the middle of the crater, they could see some metal elements within the rubble.

“Whatever stood here before is definitely destroyed now” said Dave.

Chucky took his tricorder and scanned the metal elements.

“This is strange,” he said.

“What is it, Chucky?” asked Simon.

“There’s something familiar about this metal casing, but I can quite put my finger on it” pondered Chucky.

“What do you mean?” asked Charles.

“I believe we came across a metal design, similar to this one” pondered Chucky.

Before Chucky could finish his scan, he and the rest of the Rogue Warriors were suddenly spotted by an alien race.

The aliens were not humanoid. They had four arms. One set of pincer hands on their shoulders and a set of normal hands underneath. They had a scorpion’s body with a scorpion’s tail and legs. They had a humanoid head and they were all bald.

The aliens closed in on the Rogue Warriors.

Dave tried to fend them off, but one by one, they were all captured.

“What shall we do with these creatures?” asked one of the aliens.

“Take them to our noble leader!” ordered another alien.

They all started to march onwards.

Dave then looked at Charles.

“No, we don’t need our weapons. We’re not here to kill aliens!” Dave said angrily with a sarcastic fashion.

“Now’s not the time, Dave!” shouted Vicky.

“Look, stay calm, everyone. Maybe we can somehow persuade their leader to let us go,” stated Simon.

“Silence! Or feel my powerful tail through your chest!” ordered an alien angrily.


A few minutes later, they all arrived at a primal village. The Rogue Warriors were taken to the centre of the village where a large seated shrine was. One alien went up to the shrine.

“Great noble one. We have captured some strange creatures that were within your holy birthplace. What course of action do you wish to take?” he asked as he prayed.

The seat then revolted round to face the Rogue Warriors. And currently seated there was Zeus.

“What! It can’t be!” said Chucky in shock.

“Professor Zeus!” said Dave angrily.

“Well, well. It looks like we meet again,” said Zeus.

“How the hell did you get here?” asked Charles angrily.

Zeus then got up from his shrine.

“Could everyone, except the guards, please leave” he called out to the area.

All the aliens, except the guards, then left the area.

Zeus then approached the Rogue Warriors.

“Well, this is a long story, Rogue Warriors” he said.

“Don’t worry, we’ve got all day” said Charles cheekily.

“After our little encounter at the Metrolian moon base a couple of months ago, I took the encrypted disk from you. After a long journey, it led me here” explained Zeus.

“But this can’t be the planet it led you to. I thought that you were headed for a wormhole,” complained Chucky.

“It did lead me to a bloody wormhole. I spent hours being sucked into one sector of space to another. When I did come out of the other side, my ship collided with a comet a few seconds later” explained Zeus.

“So, that crash site we found, was the comet carrying your ship?” asked Helen.

“Yes. My ship was heavily damaged in the crash. I thought I was going to be stranded here forever,” stated Zeus.

“We wish!” mumbled Dave under his breath.

Zeus glared at Dave.

“I tried to salvage what was left of my ship, until these guys came and found me. They call themselves the Scorpanents. At first I thought they were going to kill me, but I was wrong about them,” explained Zeus.

“What the hell did you do to make yourself their leader?” asked Vicky.

“Well, when they first saw me, they thought I was a god that fell from the skies,” stated Zeus.

“And so you just took advantage of these misguided people?” asked Cathy angrily.

“Misguided? They have wisely made the right decision on making me their king and allowing me to lead their people to a glorious future. These people aren’t misguided, you stupid bitch!” stated Zeus.

Chucky then lost his temper.


“You’re not in the position to make threats, Chucky! In fact, I should thank you,” stated Zeus.

“What do you mean?” asked Chucky angrily.

“If you hadn’t given me the encrypted disk a couple of months ago, I wouldn’t have got in that wormhole, collided with a comet, crash landed here and made ruler of this entire planet. You have my gratitude,” explained Zeus with an evil grin.

Chucky then felt incredibly guilty.

Zeus began to chuckle.

“Take them away to be executed,” he ordered.

“Yes, your holiness” said a Scorpanent.

The Scorpanents took the Rogue Warriors to a crowded area. The area had a stage. The Rogue Warriors were taken to the stage where the executioners were.

Zeus took a front seat by the stage.

“Hold!” he called out.

Everyone then just stopped what they were doing.

Zeus approached the Rogue Warriors.

“Do you have any last words before the Scorpanents cut you to pieces with their pincers?” he asked with an evil grin.

“Kiss my pink hairy arse!” said Simon angrily.

He then spat in Zeus’s face.

Zeus wiped the spit off his face and glared at Simon.

“Kill them all on my command!” he shouted.

Fear trembled the eyes of Helen, Vicky, and Cathy.

Suddenly from out of nowhere, other Scorpanents attacked the executioners and attempted to rescue the Rogue Warriors.

“FIGHT OFF THE INTRUDERS!!!” yelled Zeus as he exited the area.

The rescuers fought back and killed the executioners.

“Follow us, now!” ordered one of the rescuers as he freed the Rogue Warriors.

“What do you think you’re doing?” asked Dave.

“Rescuing you. Now come on!” ordered the rescuer.

They all then made their escape.


After about ten minutes, The Rogue Warriors and their rescuers came across a small hideout. It was a cave that led to a small base camp. There were tents, huts and lots of weapons and supplies.

There were other Scorpanents present in the area.

They took the Rogue Warriors to the centre of the base camp. They all took a minute to catch their breaths.

“Thanks for rescuing us, mate” said Charles.

“Why did you rescue us?” asked Simon all confused.

“Yeah, I mean, aren’t you meant to be worshipping Zeus like some humble god?” asked Vicky.

One Scorpanent approached the Rogue Warriors.

“First, lets introduce ourselves. My name is Dromakio and I am leader of the rebellion” he introduced.

“Rebellion?” said Helen all confused.

“Yes. We are determined to bring Zeus out of power, whatever the cost” stated Dromakio.

There was a pause.

“So then, you’re like us,” said Dave.

“How are we like you?” asked Dromakio.

“We’ve been fighting Zeus for years. We’ve always been successful on stopping him from gaining power” explained Charles.

“Well it seems that you’ve finally failed,” said Dromakio.

Chucky was still overwhelmed with guilt.

“It’s all my fault,” he whimpered.

“How can this possibly be your fault?” asked Carol.

“If I didn’t give him the false data a couple of months back, he wouldn’t have landed on this planet and become king” stated Chucky with extreme guilt.

Cathy walked up Chucky and put her hand on his shoulder.

“You can’t blame yourself, Chucky. None of us knew that this was going to happen,” she said as she tried to reassure him.

“But because of me, Zeus has finally gained the power he sought for!” stated Chucky with extreme guilt in his eyes.

“But if you gave him the true data, he would’ve gained almost all of the knowledge we have on the Metrolians and would’ve conquered the planets we managed to save. So you see, it isn’t your fault. You’ve helped us to save other alien races by giving Zeus the false data. In a way, you’re our hero,” explained Cathy as she reassured Chucky.

Chucky then looked into Cathy’s eyes as she smiled. He then looked at the others.

“She’s right you know, Chucky,” said Simon.

“Yeah. All the other alien races would be reduced to slaves by now if you gave Zeus the true data” stated Vicky.

“You made the right move back on the moon base, mate,” praised Charles.

Chucky’s guilt then slowly faded away and then regained his confidence.

“Thanks a lot for believing in me, guys,” he said happily as he hugged Cathy.

“Right. Can we get back to business now?” asked Dromakio.

“Oh right. You want us to help you fight off Zeus, don’t you?” asked Helen.

“Well, we could use all the help we can get. Ever since Zeus was made king, he had been treating most of my people as slaves,” stated Dromakio.

“How so?” asked Carol.

“He sent lots of citizens to salvage and rebuild his ship. It took days to rebuild. He now sends woman and children to the caves and other hostile environments around the planet to mine for minerals, gems and gold” explained Dromakio.

“Good god!” said Vicky.

“That son of a bitch!” said Simon.

“Wait. We saw lots of your people at the execution stage, back at the village” said Dave.

“Yes. Anyone who worked perfectly and became wealthy could live an easy and luxurious life back at the towns and villages,” explained Dromakio.

“What about the less fortunate?” asked Chucky.

“They continue to work until the day they die. Zeus then roasts the dead ones and eats them himself,” explained Dromakio.

“Oh my god!” said Helen fearfully.

“That sick bastard!” said Carol angrily.

There was a slight pause.

“I suppose you want us to help you bring that three eyed piece of crap out of power, don’t you, Dromakio?” asked Charles.

“It would be much appreciated,” said Dromakio.

“But what about the Metrolians? We could lose valuable time against them,” stated Dave.

“Don’t forget, Dave, Zeus is a coward. He’ll plead for mercy when we have cornered him, just to save his own skin” explained Charles.

“Yeah. We could get this done within a few hours,” stated Vicky.

“I’m sorry. May I ask, what are the Metrolians?” asked Dromakio all confused.

The Rogue Warriors then took the time to explain what the Metrolians were.

“So you see, in a way, it’s better that Zeus is here instead of the Metrolians” stated Simon.

“That maybe so, but it’ll be even better when we get rid of Zeus once and for all” stated Dromakio determinedly.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded.

“Oh no! He’s found us!” shouted a rebel Scorpanent fearfully.

“To arms, everyone! Fight them back with all your might!!” ordered Dromakio determinedly.

“What’s going on?” asked Helen.

“We’re under attack! Zeus’s cronies have found us!” stated Dromakio.

“Well then, what are we waiting for? Lets go and fight them off!” shouted Dave determinedly.

The entire rebel Scorpanents charged outside the cave and started to fight Zeus’s Scorpanents. Dave tried to get himself involved with the battle, but was quickly held back by everyone.

“Hey, What are you doing? Let go of me!” he shouted angrily.

“Don’t be a fool, Dave. You could get yourself killed out there!” lectured Helen.

“Besides, we’re not equipped with our weapons. We left them back on the Enterprise” stated Chucky.

“I don’t care! I WANNA RIP THEM APART WITH MY BARE HANDS!!!” yelled Dave.

“Dave, They’ll tear you to pieces with their pincers!” lectured Vicky.

Just then, Dromakio and several rebel Scorpanents re-entered the cave with fear.

“There’s too many of them. We must escape, now!” he ordered with extreme fear.

Dromakio and his rebels guided the Rogue Warriors to an escape hatch at the other side of the cave.

Zeus’s Scorpanents stormed their way through the cave and captured the remaining rebels.

“Take them back to the village where they’ll be tortured!” ordered Zeus.

The Scorpanents took the rebels outside the cave and proceeded to their village.


After five minutes, The Rogue Warriors along with Dromakio and the remaining rebels stopped to catch their breaths.

“This is hopeless,” said a rebel with fear.

“Our base has been overrun. We have nowhere left to hide and the remainder of our people are gonna be tortured” whimpered another rebel.

“Now, come on, lads. Keep your chins up. We are a force to be reckoned with. We will storm to Zeus’s village, fight his cronies and rescue are comrades!” stated Dromakio determinedly.

Charles stepped up to Dromakio.

“And we’ll be more than willing to help you” he said determinedly.

“But how are we gonna do that? We left our weapons back on the Enterprise” complained Dave.

“Well then, lets go and get them,” suggested Carol determinedly.

“Lets just hope that Zeus or his lackeys haven’t found it yet,” stated Cathy.

After about ten minutes, they managed to find the Enterprise. It was left untouched.

The Rogue Warriors entered the ship and came out again a few seconds later with their weapons and equipment.

“Ok everyone, lets lock and load!” said Charles determinedly.

They all then headed for the village with Dromakio and the rebels.


They arrived on the outskirts of the village. The captured rebels were being led inside by Zeus’s Scorpanents.

The Rogue Warriors huddled up with Dromakio and his rebels to discuss tactics.

“Alright, how are we gonna do this? The village looks heavily defended,” stated Vicky.

“There’s no way of getting in without letting the guards know we’re here,” stated Dromakio.

“There has to be a way,” said Helen.

Chucky looked onwards towards the Village and spotted a couple of scouts that were headed near their area.

He then thought for a second.

“Hey guys, I’ve got an idea,” he said.

“What is it, Chucky?” asked Charles.

“First, we need to take out these scouts heading our way,” stated Chucky.

They all then took cover by some boulders.

They waited until the scouts passed them. Dromakio then snapped their necks with his giant pincers.

“Excellent work, Dromakio” praised Chucky.

“Thanks. Now, what’s the next phase of the plan?” asked Dromakio.

“You and one of your colleges get in their jackets,” stated Chucky.

Dromakio the removed the brown jackets from the scouts and wore one of them whilst he handed one to one of his colleges.

“Great! Now I look like the enemy,” he complained.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine” said Chucky.

“Now what, Chucky?” asked Helen.

“You guys give your weapons to me, Cathy and Carol” stated Chucky.

“Why?” asked Dave.

“Because, Dromakio will pretend that he’s one of them and take you guys as his prisoners that need to be executed,” explained Chucky.

“How are we gonna rescue the rebels when we’re executed?!” asked Vicky angrily.

“Because you guys are gonna have your handguns hidden in your sleeves and when Charles gives the signal, you will kill your executors and help save the rebels” explained Chucky.

“That’s a stupid plan! What are you gonna do in the process?” asked Simon.

“Whilst you’re fighting off your executioners, me, Cathy and Carol will fly up in the air and kill all the guards from above,” explained Chucky.

“But they can’t fly like you can” stated Helen.

“Yes we can. We’re Polymorphs. We can grow wings,” stated Carol.

“When we’ve finished that, the remainder of the rebels will charge in and attack the village,” stated Chucky.

“That’s a good plan. Chucky” praised Charles.

“Thanks, Charles” said Chucky happily.

Dave, Charles, Helen, Simon and Vicky gave their weapons to Chucky, Cathy and Carol.

Dromakio and his college then led them to the village. They approached the guards.

“What do you want?” asked a guard.

“I’m here to bring our holy leader the creatures that insulted him. Three still roam freely by the rebels cave” acted Dromakio.

The guard then took a hard look at them.

“Very well. We will send other scouts to search for them,” said the guard.

He then let them through into the village.

“Ok, we’re in, Chucky. Be prepared to attack,” whispered Charles through his communicator.

Dromakio then led them to Zeus who was currently seated at his shrine.

Zeus turned to face them in his chair.

“Well, well. Welcome back Rogue Warriors” he said with an evil grin.

“The others are nearby the rebel camp. I’ve sent scouts to search for them” acted Dromakio.

“Very well. Send them to be executed,” ordered Zeus.

“Very good, my lord” acted Dromakio.

He then took them to the stage and stood them by the executioners.

Zeus approached them.

“Well now, Rogue Warriors. Do you have any last words?” he asked.

Charles looked at Zeus confidently.

“Yes…NOW!” he shouted.

Charles, Dave, Vicky, Simon and Helen then grabbed their handguns and shot their executioners. Guards charged towards them, but Chucky, Cathy and Carol who were all flying towards the village centre then shot them down.

A few minutes later, the rebels then charged towards the village and attacked the remaining guards.

As they all fought, Zeus tried to creep his way towards his repaired ship, But Chucky, Cathy and Carol suddenly landed in front of him.

“Hands up, Professor! You’re not going anywhere this time!” shouted Chucky determinedly.


“You’re gonna pay for the innocent Scorpanents you’ve put into mining camps, Professor!” stated Carol angrily.

Suddenly, a Metrolian shuttlecraft entered the planet’s atmosphere and landed inside the village.

The bay doors opened and General Intellect emerged from the shuttle with the Emperor and a couple of troopers.

A scared Scorpanent ran towards Zeus.

“Please, your holiness. Save us from all the invaders” he pleaded.

Zeus then looked scared and speechless.

“Goodbye” he suddenly said.

He then pushed past Chucky and run inside his ship.

A few seconds later, Zeus’s ship took off and left the planet’s atmosphere.

The Scorpanents then pleaded for his return.

Cathy then sighed.

“God dammit. That guy’s a coward,” she said.

General Intellect and the Emperor approached the Rogue Warriors whilst he held a new gun.

Carol and Cathy looked frightened.

“It’s th-the Emperor,” they said fearfully.

“Well, well. It looks like you were right, General Intellect. The Rogue Warriors are in league with the last two Polymorphs left in existence” stated the Emperor.

“I told you, my lord. Together, they can be a very great threat,” stated General Intellect.

“Well, I must say that I’m glad to finally see you, Emperor,” said Dave.

“You are?” asked the Emperor cautiously.

“Yeah. Because I finally can see who’s teeth I’m gonna kick in whilst we bring down this lousy Empire!” stated Dave determinedly.

The Emperor then started to lose his temper.

“How dare you threaten the Emperor like that!” shouted General Intellect.

“Oh yeah! What are you gonna do about it?!” asked Simon angrily.

“I’ll just simply shrink you down to size with my new weapon!” stated General Intellect angrily as he raised his new gun.

“OH, SHRINK THIS!!!” yelled Dave as he punched the gun out of General Intellect’s hands.

Simon, Chucky and Charles started to shoot some of the troopers. The Emperor ran back inside his shuttle.

The gun landed in Carol’s hands. She then opened fire at General Intellect and one trooper. The Emperor looked back and saw what had happened.

General Intellect and his trooper had shrunk to the size of cockroaches.

“Shoot them, trooper! Quickly, shoot them!” squeaked General Intellect.

The trooper raised his gun towards the Rogue Warriors.

Cathy walked up and looked down on them angrily.

She then raised her foot.

“Oh bollocks!” squeaked General Intellect.

Cathy put her foot down and squished them.

The Emperor looked on with fear.

The Rogue Warriors then glared at him.

The Emperor then quickly went inside his shuttle, took off and left the planet’s atmosphere.

A few second later, the Rogue Warriors let out a cheer.

Dromakio and his rebels approached them.

“I want to thank you all with my greatest gratitude” he said happily.

“No problem, Dromakio. We’re always here to help,” said Charles.

“But, those creatures. Were they the Metrolians you mentioned earlier?” asked Dromakio.

“Yes, they were” said Charles.

“And I suppose you have to leave and chase after them?” asked Dromakio.

“I’m afraid so” said Simon.

“Why? Aren’t you people completely free yet?” asked Helen.

“No. There are still some Scorpanents out there in the world that still do Zeus’s biddings” explained Dromakio.

“You mean, by treating your people as slaves?” asked Vicky.

“Yes” said Dromakio sadly.

There was a slight pause.

“Well, now that Zeus is gone, it should be a lot easier to free your people and persuade them to join you in your fight” explained Chucky.

“Yes it is” said Dromakio happily.

“Well, I don’t mean to be rude, but we’ve gotta get going” said Simon.

“Yes, we’ve still got alotta Metrolians to kill,” stated Dave.

“And now that General Intellect is dead, it should make our job a lot easier” stated Cathy happily.

The Rogue Warriors said their goodbyes to Dromakio and his rebels.

They then re-entered the Enterprise, took off and left the Planet’s atmosphere.


Season Two, Episode Nine.