Rogue Warriors

Rogue Warriors:
Season One, Episode Two

By Andy Dunn

As Simon and the group got closer to the Houses of Parliament, they encountered more police officers. A few of them began to approach the group, but before they could open fire, Simon started to plead to them “It’s ok, these creatures are harmless”

The policemen stopped and started to look at each other with confusion.

“How do you know this, kid?” asked one of the policemen

“They have assured me that they mean no harm to people” said Simon.

“What do they want?” asked the other policeman.

“We wish to see your Prime Minister,” said Chucky.

The policemen blinked in surprise, “You think we can do that?” said one of the officers.

“Well” said Helen fluttering her whiskers, “I’m thinking he may want to meet us.”

The police escorted Simon and the group to the Houses of Parliament where the Army had set up cordons, armed men peering out at them.

“What the hell!?” said Dave, “It’s a trap!”

“No” said a policeman “They are here just as a precaution.”

“We already said we’re not going to kill your people!” snapped Vicky

“Calm down Vicky” said Charles “Let’s just see this Prime Minister and get this over with.”

Simon and the group entered the Houses of Parliament along with two police officers.

The Prime Minister looked up from his desk as the group was shown in, “What is the meaning of this?”

“Sir” said one of the policemen “These are the creatures that was roaming through our streets. They requested to see you”

“What do you mean?” asked the Prime Minister “Can they talk?”

“Of coarse we can talk mister Prime Minister,” said Helen

“You know, that question is really starting to annoy me,” said Charles

“Who are you? What do you want?” asked the Prime Minister calmly.

“We are a group of Rogue Warriors.” Chucky explained, “We fight an evil mad scientist called Zeus.”

“Zeus?” asked the Prime Minister.

“He has this ongoing insane plan to grow an army and conquer the world,” said Vicky.

“Yeah, but we usually arrive in time to stop him” said Charles.

The Prime Minister turned to Simon and asked, “Do you fight along with them?”

“No, I just found them at Hyde Park” said Simon.

“Can you help us get back on our planet?” asked Dave.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have anything that could help you get back,” said the Prime Minister.

“So are you saying that we’re stuck here?” asked Helen, her whiskers drooping sadly.

“I’m afraid so” said the Prime Minister.

As Simon laid a comforting hand on Helen’s shoulders, an explosion shook the room. As the dust cleared, The Prime Minister looked out the hole in the wall.

“WHAT WAS THAT!?” yelled Dave

“I don’t know,” said the Prime Minister, peering through the hole.

“Wait!” Dave threw himself across the room to pull him back but was too late - a beam of light enveloped the Prime Minister and pulled him outside in mid-air.

Down below the army began to fire at the source of the beam and, with a ripple of light, an aircraft appeared and Zeus’s voice boomed out.


“STAND DOWN NOW!” yelled the Prime Minister.

With a wave of his hand, the commander ordered his men to stand down.

Simon and the group quickly ran outside.

“It’s Zeus!” yelled Dave.

“That’s Zeus?” asked Simon.

“I thought he was up to something,” said Charles.

“We gotta save the Prime Minister,” said Simon.


When the Prime Minister came to he was locked in a cell overlooking a hotch-potch computer lab.

“Well” said Zeus, “You must be the Prime Minister.”

“Yes,” said the Prime Minister “and you must be Zeus.”

“I wasn’t aware we’d met.”

“Your little friends, the Rogue Warriors, informed me about you” said the Prime Minister.

“They’re here as well?” asked Zeus “No matter, they can’t stop me.”

“What do you want, Professor?” said the Prime Minister angrily.

“I want you to surrender your control of this country to me, so I can grow my army and begin to conquer the world!” said Zeus.

The Prime Minister began to laugh, “Are you crazy or just stupid?”

“How dare you insult me? GIVE ME CONTROL NOW!!!” yelled Zeus.

“I’LL DIE FIRST!” yelled the Prime Minister.

“Obey me or I’ll take this country by force!” said Zeus.

Suddenly, Simon and the Rogue Warriors entered the lab and confronted Zeus.

“Well Professor” said Charles, “you do have a way of getting attention.”

“Watch your mouth boy!” snapped Zeus.

“It seems that your idea to transport us to different corners of the galaxy had back-fired” said Chucky.

“I made a few miscalculations,” said Zeus “But it doesn’t matter, for I have a new Planet to control and this time, you won’t stop me.”

Zeus’s guards suddenly entered the lab to attack the Rogue Warriors.

“Not again” said Dave, “I hate De Ja Vu’s”

“Cut the chatter and fight, Dave,” said Vicky.

As Zeus’s guards fought the Rogue Warriors, Simon crept to the jail cell and attempted to free the Prime Minister.

“Don’t worry sir, I’ll get you out of there” said Simon.

“Hurry, son” said the Prime Minister “That Zeus is a mad man.”

Zeus suddenly stepped up to Simon.

“Well now…” said Zeus “How brave of you, boy. But you have no chance to save my prisoner. You’re nothing but a weakling.”

Simon’s eyes filled with rage. He punched Zeus, knocking him to the floor. Simon saw the keys to the cell and picked them up from inside Zeus’s lab coat.

“Don’t you ever call me weak!” said Simon angrily.

He unlocked the jail cell and released the Prime Minister.

“Let’s go guys, I’ve got him!” Simon called to the others.

The group stopped fighting and headed for the exit. Zeus then got up off the floor and rubbed his cheek, groaning, “That son of a bitch!”

He started to clear the mess in his new lab.


The Prime Minister was safely returned to the Houses of Parliament.

“I can’t thank you all enough for what you have done.”

“Don’t mention it,” said Charles “It’s what we do.”

“You all have performed a great public service.”

“Thank you sir” said Helen.

“Is there absolutely no way for us to get back home?” asked Dave.

“Not at this time, no” said the Prime Minister.

“Where are we gonna stay?” asked Vicky.

Simon stepped up, “You’ll can live with me if you want.”

The warriors turned to Simon and grinned.

“Hey, thanks pal” said Charles.

“No problem” said Simon.

They followed him into London, keen to see their new home. Dave however, was not looking forward to living with Simon.

“Charles, this is a waste of time,” he whispered. “We have to find a way to get back to our planet now.”

“You heard the Prime Minister, Dave,” said Charles “there’s nothing we can do right now. We might as well make the most of this.”

Dave sighed and followed his friends.


Season One, Episode Three