Rogue Warriors

Rogue Warriors:
Season Two, Episode Seven

By Andy Dunn

The Enterprise was currently roaming through space. Simon and Chucky were on the bridge and had been looking through all of their information about the Metrolians.

Charles entered the bridge.

“So, have you guys found anything yet?” he asked.

“Almost. Our long ranged scanners picked up some possible Metrolian life signs on a planet, a couple of hours ago. We think that it’s next in line for attack,” explained Chucky.

“I’m just trying to detect the source of the location,” stated Simon.

“Ok. Let me know if you find anything” ordered Charles as he left the bridge.

“No problem” said Simon and Chucky.

Vicky and Cathy went to see Carol in her quarters. Carol’s ankle was still injured.

“How’s your ankle, Carol?” asked Vicky.

“It’s still sore, but it is getting better,” said Carol.

“Can you get up and walk?” asked Cathy.

“Not without the crutch” stated Carol.

“It’s lucky that Simon got you out of the battleship alive. He seemed so determined to save you,” stated Vicky.

Carol then started to shed a tear.

“I know” she sniffled.

“What’s wrong, Carol” asked Cathy.

“I’m sorry, Cathy. It’s just that… I can’t thank him enough for what he did to save me” sobbed Carol.

“I know. I mean, you’ve only known each other for a few weeks and he could’ve just left you there” stated Vicky.

“He seemed very brave,” said Cathy.

There was a slight pause.

“Vicky, Cathy. We need you both on the bridge, now” stated Simon through the communicator.

“Ok, Simon” said Vicky through her communicator.

“Sorry to leave you, Carol” apologised Cathy.

“It’s alright, Cathy. I know when duty calls” said Carol as she cheered up.


Vicky and Cathy entered the bridge. Simon and Chucky continued to work at their stations.

“What’s the problem, guys?” asked Cathy.

“We believe we found a planet that could be next in line for a Metrolian attack,” explained Chucky.

“What planet is it that you’ve found?” asked Vicky.

“This planet is class M. It is known as ‘Libonia’” explained Simon.

“Cathy, is that planet on the Metrolian listing?” asked Chucky.

Cathy checked the information on her station.

“I believe so, Chucky,” she said.

Dave, Charles and Helen entered the bridge.

“What’s going on, guys?” asked Charles.

“Our scanners were correct. They picked up Metrolian life signs at the nearby planet of Libonia,” explained Chucky.

“Can you get a precise reading of them?” asked Charles.

“Not from this range. We need to get closer to the planet to find out how many there are, exactly” explained Chucky.

“Very well. Simon, set course for the Libonian sector. Warp two,” ordered Charles.

“No problem, Charles” said Simon as he worked on his station.

A few seconds later, The Enterprise warped into space.


It took the Enterprise several hours to reach the Libonian sector. Once they entered, they dropped out of warp. The orbit around Libonia was deserted.

“Huh. Funny” pondered Charles.

“Shouldn’t there be a Metrolian task force orbiting the planet?” asked Vicky.

“Chucky, are you sure that this is the right place?” asked Dave.

“It is. I am still reading Metrolian life signs on the planet surface,” explained Chucky.

“There are also alien life forms on the planet surface, Chucky. Maybe they’re fighting them off,” stated Simon.

Chucky continued the scan.

“I’m not reading any battles. And there aren’t enough Metrolians to even attempt an invasion” stated Chucky.

“It might be a scout group. The information we have only shows the planet as a potential Metrolian target,” explained Cathy.

“Maybe the aliens don’t know that they’re there,” pondered Helen.

“Possibly. Well we should land on the planet surface and find out what they’re up to” concluded Charles.

“Very well. I’ll start the landing cycle,” said Simon.

A minute later, the Enterprise entered the planet’s atmosphere and landed on the surface.

“Ok. Helen and Vicky, you two stay on the ship and try to keep Carol some company. The rest of us will try to find out what the Metrolians are up to,” ordered Charles.

“But what if you need our help?” objected Vicky.

“Don’t worry, we’ll contact you. Besides, it might be just another goose chase,” stated Charles.

“Goose chase?” asked Cathy confusingly.

“When you try to search for something and you find out it wasn’t there in the first place,” explained Chucky.

“Oh” said Cathy.


A few minutes later, Charles, Chucky, Simon, Dave and Cathy approached a small village. Some aliens approached them.

They were humanoid. They were the size of a dwarf. They had two legs and two arms with scythe hands. They had ape-like feet. They had frizzy hair and no nose.

The aliens looked surprised.

“What are you creatures?” asked one of them.

Charles stepped up.

“I’m Charles. Captain of the star ship ‘Enterprise’ and leader of the ‘Rogue Warriors’” he introduced.

He then introduced his companions.

“I’m Pablo. I am the shaman of the ‘Witch Runner’ tribe and the honourable priest of all of the Libonan people” introduced Pablo.

Charles then shook hands with one of Pablo’s feet for a friendly gesture.

“We are sorry to intrude on your planet, Pablo, but we believe that an evil presence is lurking somewhere nearby” explained Charles.

The other Libonans gasped and then started to mumble to each other.

“What’s wrong? What are they saying?” asked Simon.

“Your theory is not misleading, Rogue Warriors. You are correct in every way,” stated Pablo.

“What do you mean?” asked Chucky.

“There is an evil presence within our tribe. A curse!” explained Pablo.

“What do you mean, ‘A Curse!’?” asked Dave impatiently.

“Come. Follow me. I’ll show you,” said Pablo.

They all then followed Pablo into the village.

Pablo took them to their nearby river. It was virtually dry.

“Look. A few days ago, without warning, the river suddenly stopped flowing. Most of my people believe it is a curse,” explained Pablo.

“And you believe it also” said Cathy.

“I’m only 75% convinced. I’ve been sending my best scouts up and down river to find out the problem. I believe something might be blocking it somehow,” explained Pablo.

“You mean like, a dam?” asked Simon.

“Possibly. They are forbidden to build on this planet due to loss of landmass to water,” stated Pablo.

“Pablo, we believe we know what’s causing it,” said Charles.

Pablo then looked at Charles cautiously.

“You know, do you?” he asked cautiously.

“Yes. Have you spotted any other aliens besides us?” asked Charles.

“No. Only you” said Pablo.

Pablo then thought for a moment. He then stepped up to Charles.

“You haven’t caused this curse upon my people, have you!?” he asked angrily.

“What? No! What made you think that?” asked Charles as he acted all defensively.

“Well, It’s just that, only a couple of days ago, we were losing our water supply and just now, you guys turn up, without warning!” stated Pablo angrily.


Libonan soldiers raised their scythes to Dave’s face.

“Be careful on whom your speaking to, boy!” stated Pablo angrily.

Dave then broke a sweat. He then backed away slowly.

Charles, Simon, Cathy and Chucky, all glared at Dave.

S-sorry” said Dave nervously.

Simon then stepped up to Pablo.

“We can assure you that we did not cut off your river flow” he assured.

Pablo and his soldiers looked at each other as they pondered.

“Humph! Very well. If you creatures didn’t bring down this curse on us, then maybe you wouldn’t mind assisting us on for the cause of this disaster to my tribe?” asked Pablo cautiously.

“We would me more than happy to,” stated Cathy.

The group then began to search up river. Pablo and a couple of his soldiers followed them.

“Keep an eye on them, soldiers. I am not convinced that they’re just here to help. I believe there’s something they’re not telling us,” whispered Pablo.

“Very well, my lord” whispered the soldiers.


After about 45 minutes, the group come across a large reservoir. Pablo and the soldiers suddenly looked devastated.

“My god! My worst fear may have come true!” he said fearfully.

“What’s wrong, Pablo?” asked Chucky.

“If I’m not mistaken, there maybe a large dam nearby. This area has now become unnatural to the forces of nature,” stated Pablo sadly.

“But, dams are supposed to be good for the local economy” explained Simon.

“Simon, don’t forget, we are not on Earth anymore” stated Charles.

“Yeah, I know, Charles,” snapped Simon.

Pablo then stepped forward.

“We must find the blockage and try to restore the river to its natural flow,” explained Pablo.

Everyone then searched round the reservoir.

They all eventually found a large hydroelectric dam.

“Oh my god! You were right, Pablo” said Chucky.

“What kind of monstrous creatures could’ve built such a crude contraption on such sacred lands?” he asked angrily.

Cathy then stepped up.

“This’ll be the work of the aliens we wish to seek and destroy,” she explained.

Pablo then thought for a moment.

“Very well. I see that you are determined to show me that you are not the enemy,” he said.

“That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you,” said Dave sarcastically.

“Watch your mouth, boy!” snapped Pablo.

Everyone then glared at Dave again.

Dave then frowned.

“We best try to get the water flow going again,” stated Charles.

“Lets go in and open the hatches,” suggested Simon.

“No! As long as that unnatural structure is still standing, I will not allow my people to drink from the waters,” objected Pablo.

“But, Pablo, if we open the hatches, the river flow will return” reasoned Chucky.

“Only half of it will at a time. Besides, the water is tainted now. We must go ahead and destroy this dam in order for the river to be cleansed!” stated Pablo.

Everyone then thought for a moment.

Cathy then stepped up.

“Yes, lets go in and destroy the whole thing. It’ll cripple whatever plans the Metrolians have for this planet,” she stated.

“The what?” asked Pablo in shock.

“Metrolians” said Cathy.

“Have you heard of them?” asked Chucky.

“My people have heard ancient tales of their race in ages past. Legends say that they are an evil race and they were always trying to expand their population with quick succession,” explained Pablo.

“We are trying to bring down the Metrolian Empire,” said Simon.

Pablo took a hard look at the group. He then gasped in shock.

“What’s wrong?” asked Chucky.

Pablo pointed at Simon, Chucky and Cathy with his feet. His pupils suddenly disappeared from his eyes.

“Heed this warning! Great sorrow and devastation will happen to you and your closest friends whilst in a huge battle with the Emperor of all of the Metrolian people!” stated Pablo fearfully.

“Wh-what do you mean?” asked Cathy fearfully.

Pablo then shook his head. His pupils returned to his eyes.

“Oh, sorry. Sometimes my shaman powers get into my head. I can hardly control myself when that happens” explained Pablo as he rubbed his head with his scythe.

“I hope that doesn’t happen too much,” said Dave.

“Don’t worry, It shouldn’t happen again for another couple of hours or so” explained Pablo.

They all then entered the top of the dam.


Meanwhile, back on the Enterprise, Carol made her way to the bridge with her crutch. Vicky and Helen followed her closely.

“Carol, I really think you should take it easy” objected Helen.

“Helen’s right, Carol. You could do some serious damage to your ankle if you don’t rest up” stated Vicky.

“I just want to initiate a planet wide scan to see where the Metrolians are,” explained Carol as she sat at her station.

“Don’t worry, Carol. The others will find where they are and they’ll put a stop to their evil deeds,” explained Helen.

“I don’t care. I want to help out as much as I can in my current state,” stated Carol.

Vicky then sighed.

“Ok, Carol. I’ll try to help you as well,” she said as she took her station.

“Me too” said Helen as she took her station.

Carol then smiled.

They all then started the scan.

After a few minutes, Vicky managed to find the location of the dam.

“Ah, good” she said.

“What is it?” asked Carol.

“I’ve found the Metrolian hydroelectric dam, but so have the others. They’re making their way there now,” explained Vicky.

“Wait, there’s something else as well” said Helen as she continued the scan.

“What?” asked Carol fearfully.

“I’m detecting an oil manufacturing plant, just near their location,” stated Helen.

“Oh my god! The Metrolians can turn the oil into a powerful weapon. They must be stopped now,” stated Carol fearfully.

“Do they know that it’s there?” asked Helen.

“I’m not sure. Lets inform them,” suggested Vicky.


Charles, Simon, Dave, Chucky, Cathy, Pablo and his soldiers continued onto the dam.

They all then thought for a moment.

“How are we going to bring this dam down? We haven’t got enough explosives to destroy it,” stated Simon.

“Don’t worry. There should be something within this dam we can use for destruction” stated Pablo.

“Charles, can you read me?” asked Vicky through the communicator.

“Yes, Vicky, loud and clear” said Charles through his communicator.

“There are others?” asked Pablo.

“Yeah. They’re back on our ship to help one of our crew members through her injury” explained Simon.

“Oh I see. That is very noble and wise to treat and comfort an injured colleague,” stated Pablo.

“How’s Carol?” asked Charles through his communicator.

“She’s fine. Listen, we did a planet wide scan and detected an oil manufacturing plant near your location,” explained Vicky through her communicator.

“An oil manufacturing plant?” asked Charles confusingly.

“What?!” shouted Pablo in shock.

“What’s wrong?” asked Chucky.

“Oil is a devastating resource and should be left untouched!” stated Pablo in panic.

“Calm down. Why are you so afraid of oil?” asked Chucky.

Pablo took a deep breath.

“Decades ago, the oil was discovered by the ‘Hay Stacker’ tribe. They thought it was another version of water. A few of there people was poisoned when they drank it,” explained Pablo.

“My god!” said Cathy fearfully.

“The ‘Hay Stacker’ tribe then tried to set fire to the oil, but when they did that, it burnt fiercely. They soon discovered that it could be used for cooking. Soon, the other tribes found out about it and asked the ‘Hay Stacker’ tribe for the oil. But they refused to share it. Soon, war was raged between the tribes. Millions of lives were lost in devastating battles and our entire race was nearly wiped out when the ‘Stone Chewer’ tribe discovered that the oil can be used as a powerful weapon,” explained Pablo.

“Jesus Christ!” said Simon in shock.

“It was only 15 years ago when all the tribe leaders, including myself, all got together and made a peace treaty and the forbidden laws regarding oil and other natural resources. From then, my people have lived in peace and harmony,” explained Pablo.

There was a slight pause.

Cathy then stepped up.

“We must go in and put a stop to the Metrolians before they steal the entire oil and water supply” she stated.

“We best split up so they don’t have time for a counter-attack,” suggested Dave.

“Right. Simon, Dave, you both come with me and we’ll try to bring down this dam. Chucky, you and Cathy go with Pablo to the manufacturing plant and stop the Metrolians from stealing the oil” ordered Charles.

“Ok, Charles” said Chucky and Cathy.

The group then split up to their destinations.


Cathy, Chucky and Pablo made there way towards the Manufacturing plant. They were within the outskirts of the perimeter.

They stopped to discuss plans.

“Right. How are we gonna get in there?” asked Chucky.

“I don’t think we should go in the front door. They are usually heavily guarded,” stated Cathy.

“I’m not sure. Let me have a look,” said Pablo.

Pablo then took a hard look around the facility. He then spotted an opening for them.

“There’s a small ventilation shaft, just to the left side of the building. We should be able to sneak inside undetected,” he explained.

“Well, lets go then,” said Chucky.

As they got closer to the facility, they noticed that there was only one Metrolian scout trooper on guard duty.

“Huh! This is odd,” said Chucky.

“What?” asked Cathy.

“There’s only one guard,” said Chucky.

“Keep your voice down. There maybe only one guard, but he can alert the entire facility if we’re spotted,” stated Pablo.

They continued to creep their way towards the facility.

The guard suddenly spotted Cathy out of nowhere.

“Oh my god! Intruders!” shouted the guard as he raised his gun towards Cathy.

Cathy gasped and was paralysed with great fear as she stared at the trooper.

The trooper then opened fire at Cathy.

“CATHY, LOOK OUT!!” yelled Chucky.

He then knocked Cathy out of the way. The laser shots missed both of them.

Pablo charged at the guard and gutted him with the scythe. Blue blood poured out of the guard’s gash.

The dust cleared from Chucky and Cathy’s face and Chucky was on top of Cathy with their lips locked together as if they were kissing. They both opened eyes widely and greatly blushed bright red.

They both picked themselves up a few seconds later.

“S-sorry, Cathy” said Chucky nervously.

“Th-that’s alright, Chucky” said Cathy nervously.

Pablo approached them.

“Did I interrupt something?” he asked cheekily.

Chucky and Cathy blushed again.

They all continued onwards into facility.


Charles, Simon and Dave entered the inside of the dam. They searched high and low to find any weaknesses or clues from within.

Simon then thought for a moment.

“Wait. Shouldn’t the surrounding areas be vanquished by over flooding?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” asked Dave.

“Well, think about. This dam is blocking the river’s natural flow. There aren’t any hatches to release the water. That is why the river completely dried up at the village,” explained Simon.

“Maybe the water’s being rerouted,” suggested Charles.

“Possibly” pondered Simon.

“Well, lets keep looking,” said Dave.

They made there way to the bottom of the dam. Charles managed to find a large pipeline with the water that was flowing through it.

“Hey guys, look at this” called Charles.

Simon and Dave made there way towards him.

“What is it?” asked Simon.

“A pipeline” said Charles.

“It seems to be connected to the bottom of the reservoir,” said Dave.

“You’re right, Dave. I wonder where it leads to,” pondered Charles.

“Let’s go and follow the trail,” suggested Simon.

They followed the pipes for a few minutes. They eventually found that the pipes led to some large storage tanks and a few Metrolian troopers within a landing zone.

“What the hell are they doing?” asked Simon.

“I’m not sure. Lets go in for a closer look,” suggested Charles.

As they crept closer, a Metrolian cargo ship landed behind the storage tanks.

The bay doors opened and around ten or twenty troopers left the ship whilst they carried a storage tank. They then placed the tank on the floor, picked up a full storage tank and brought it inside the cargo ship.

“My god! They are harvesting this planet for its water,” stated Dave.

“Don’t forget the oil” said Simon cheekily.

“I was getting to that!” snapped Dave.

“Stop that, you two. We need to find a way to stop the Metrolians from stealing more water,” stated Charles.

The troopers re-entered the ship. After a few seconds, the cargo ship took off and left the planet.

Simon, Charles and Dave then thought for a few moments.

“Wait. We can use this small remote bomb on the tanks” suggested Dave.

“What do you mean?” asked Simon.

“If we can open the hatch, I’ll throw this bomb inside the tank. We’ll then need to wait for the cargo ship to arrive. Once the Metrolians take the tank, I’ll detonate it,” explained Dave.

“But the explosion won’t be enough to destroy the ship” stated Charles.

“I’m aware of that. I’m hoping that the explosion will scatter the water into the electrical circuits,” stated Dave.

Simon then thought.

“You know, that might work,” he said.

“Huh?” asked Charles.

“If we can damage the cargo ship, we can send a radio message to their battleship and convince them to stop harvesting this planet for the time being” explained Simon.

“Hey yeah, good plan, Dave” praised Charles.

“Cheers. We’ll need to put the bombs in all the tanks though, just in case,” explained Dave.

“No problem” said Charles.

It took about ten minutes to do, but Simon, Charles and Dave successfully placed the bombs inside all the storage tanks undetected. They then hid outside the perimeters again.

A few minutes later, another Metrolian cargo ship landed behind the storage tanks. Metrolian troopers, once again, left the ship to collect a storage tank. They brought it inside the ship.

“Ok, Dave. Now!” ordered Charles.

Dave pressed the remote detonator. All of the storage tanks exploded. The cargo ship was badly damaged and then powered down.

“It worked,” said Dave happily.

“Excellent. Lets move in,” ordered Charles.

Simon, Dave and Charles charged towards the cargo ship. They managed to get the bay doors open. All of the troopers inside were dead.

“Ok. Lets find a way to send a radio message to them,” suggested Simon.

“Hello, cargo ship 19? Can you read me?” asked General Intellect through the ship’s transmitter.

“I think they’re doing it for us” said Dave.

“Wait, that’s General Intellect’s voice,” stated Simon.

“I repeat, cargo ship 19. This is General Intellect. Can you read me?” asked General Intellect.

They then thought for a moment.

“Let me speak to him,” said Charles.

“But then he’ll know we’re here” objected Dave.

“He has not seen or heard me yet. I believe I can convince him to stop harvesting this planet,” explained Charles.

“Alright then. But be careful” said Simon.

Charles then went to the radio transmitter.

“Hello, General Intellect? Err… umm…sorry for the delay,” he said through the transmitter.

“What’s going on?” asked General Intellect.

“We’ve encountered some… uhh… possible resistance from the locals. They’ve destroyed some of the… uhh… storage tanks,” explained Charles.

“Resistance? Do you request reinforcements?” asked General Intellect.

“Err…negative, negative. They are clever beings and very dangerous. Err…we request that we stop harvesting this… umm… planet until this uprising is settled” stated Charles.

There was a slight pause.

“You know, I don’t think I’ve heard your voice before. All Metrolian troopers sound exactly the same,” stated General Intellect cautiously.

“Oh, yeah. There’s a bug… umm… going around that’s giving everyone a sore throat. (Cough) This planet is contagious,” stated Charles nervously.

“You’re no trooper. Who is this? Who do you work for?” asked General Intellect angrily.

Charles the looked round and grabbed his gun. He then shot the transmitter several times.

“Boring conversation anyway” he joked.

“So I take it that we’re in trouble now?” asked Simon.

“Quite possibly. We better move fast!” stated Charles.

They quickly ran back outside and headed back to the dam.


General Intellect made his way to the warship bridge. He then approached the Emperor.

“My lord, There’s a disruption going on at Libonia” stated General Intellect.

“Disruption? What kind of disruption?” asked the Emperor.

“I believe that the Libonans have discovered the harvesting facility and are attacking it,” explained General Intellect.

“Initiate the long ranged scan, General,” ordered the Emperor.

“Yes, my lord” said General Intellect.

General Intellect then sat at a station and initiated the scan. He then looked shocked.

“My lord, I’ve found something,” he said.

“Put it on the viewer screen” ordered the Emperor.

The screen lowered and showed Dave, Charles and Simon by the hydroelectric dam.

“The Rogue Warriors!” said the Emperor angrily.

“They’re becoming a real pain in my arse!” stated General Intellect angrily.

“General Intellect” said the Emperor.

“Yes, My lord?” said General Intellect.

“Send a sub spaced message to General Ruthless and General Deathcall and inform them about the situation and set an intercept coarse for the Rogue Warriors,” ordered the Emperor.

“As you wish,” said General Intellect.

“Also, send a message to the harvesting colony on Libonia about the threat” ordered the Emperor.

“Yes, sir” said General Intellect.

A minute later, the Emperor’s warship warped into space.


Chucky, Cathy and Pablo entered the oil manufacturing plant. The place was deserted. They could see lots of oil pumping machines and oil tanks within the building.

“My god!” said Pablo fearfully.

“It seems that they’ve extracted virtually all of the oil,” concluded Chucky.

“We better hurry up and shut down this facility. The Metrolians may take this oil off the planet at anytime,” suggested Cathy fearfully.

“Right. Lets find a way to shut it down,” said Chucky.

They all then headed deeper into the facility.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, lots of Metrolian troopers entered the facility and surrounded Chucky, Cathy and Pablo.

“Oh no! We’re trapped!” said Cathy fearfully.

The Metrolians raised their guns at them.

“Surrender now and we’ll spare your lives!” ordered one of the troopers.

Chucky and Pablo glared at the troopers.

Pablo then charged at the troopers and gutted everyone he came across with his scythes.

“Come on, let’s go!” shouted Chucky.

He then picked up Cathy and flew over the rest of the troopers. He landed behind the Metrolians.

“PABLO! WE HAVE TO GO NOW!!” yelled Chucky.

Pablo burst his way through the troopers and headed for the exit with Chucky and Cathy.

More Metrolian troopers appeared from with the facility and started to chase after Pablo, Chucky and Cathy.

As they got closer to the exit, Chucky looked back. He then stopped and turned to face the troopers angrily and determinedly.

“Chucky, come on! We have to go now!” pleaded Cathy.

“You two, get out, now! I’ll be fine. Trust me” stated Chucky.

“Come on!” shouted Pablo.

Cathy and Pablo then exited the facility.

The Metrolian troopers got closer.

Chucky spotted a glass cabinet with grenades inside. He then broke the glass with one powerful kick. A grenade flew out and landed in Chucky’s hand. He then pulled out the pin with his teeth and spat it on the floor.

“SEE YOU IN HELL, METROLIAN SCUM!!!” yelled Chucky as he threw the grenade at the oil tanks.

The troopers stopped and looked at where the grenade landed.

Chucky ran outside the exit and continued to run.

The facility suddenly exploded.

The explosion knocked Chucky several feet in the air. He then fell hard on his chest.

After the smoke and dust cleared, Cathy saw Chucky who looked like he was unconscious.

“Oh my god! CHUCKY!?” she yelled in shock as she ran to his aid.

Cathy and Pablo reached Chucky.

“Is he going to be ok?” she asked fearfully.

Pablo checked Chucky’s respiration.

“He’s breathing. He’ll be alright,” said Pablo.

Chucky then coughed as woke up.

“Oh my head” he groaned.

“Oh Chucky, thank god you’re ok,” said Cathy with relief as she embraced him in her arms.

“That was incredibly brave and yet incredibly stupid of you, boy,” stated Pablo as he and Cathy helped Chucky to his feet.

“Well, at least your lands have been cleansed,” said Chucky as he rubbed his head.

Simon, Charles and Dave approached the area with quick pace.

“What the hell happened here?” asked Dave.

“We found the manufacturing plant and Chucky blew it up” explained Cathy.

“Good going, Chucky” praised Simon.

“Are you alright, mate?” asked Charles.

“I’ll be fine, Charles. I just landed on my stomach and head pretty badly” groaned Chucky.

“I think we better get you back to the ship,” suggested Simon.

“Agreed. Charles to Enterprise. Can you read me?” asked Charles through his communicator.

“Loud and clear, Charles. Is there a problem?” asked Vicky through the communicator.

“Yes. Chucky is hurt. We need to get him back on the ship. How soon can you reach us?” asked Charles.

“We’re above you know,” said Vicky.

“Huh?” said Charles.

The Enterprise then appeared round the corner.

“Humph! That Cheeky bitch!” said Dave under his breath.

“I heard that, Dave” said Vicky through the communicator.

“We’re ready to pick you guys up,” said Helen through the communicator.

“Wait. Before you do, destroy that dam first,” ordered Charles.

A few seconds later, the Enterprise opened fire on the hydroelectric dam. The river burst through the rubble and swept away the area. By the time it reached the village, the river restored back to it’s natural size. The tribesmen went out of their huts, looked at the river and then let out a cheer.

A few minutes later, the Enterprise landed. The bay doors opened and Vicky, Helen and Carol exited the ship. Vicky ran to hug Charles whilst Carol went over to Simon with her crutch and hugged him.

“How are feeling, Carol” asked Simon.

“A lot better now I’m with you again,” said Carol happily.

Pablo stepped up.

“As the shaman of my tribe, I must thank you for all your help to save my people” he stated.

“No problem, Pablo. It’s what we do best,” said Dave.

“You Rogue Warriors are always welcome here for generations to come,” stated Pablo happily.

“Thanks, but we must get going. We’ve got a lot of Metrolians to defeat,” explained Charles.

“Very well then. Live on with great honour” said Pablo as he saluted them with his scythe.

The Rogue Warriors then saluted him back with respect.

They then entered the Enterprise. A few seconds later, the bay doors closed and the Enterprise took of into space and then warped out of the sector.


Meanwhile at the same moment, the comet that had carried Zeus’s ship crash-landed on a planet surface. His ship was virtually reduced to rubble.

Zeus managed to crawl out of the rubble.

After the dust cleared, Zeus took one look at ship.

“Great! What am I gonna do now?!” he asked angrily.

Shadows then approached him. He spotted them and fell to his knees all terrified.

“Wh- what do you want from me?” he asked fearfully.


Season Two, Episode Eight.