Rogue Warriors

Rogue Warriors:
Season Two, Episode Five

By Andy Dunn

The Enterprise was roaming through space at a steady speed. Chucky was alone on the bridge as he made adjustments to his station.

Charles then entered the bridge.

“Hey, Chucky. What are you doing?” he asked.

“Just making a scan of the surrounding area” said Chucky.

He then looked stunned.

“What’s wrong?” asked Charles.

“I’ve detected a class M moon and it’s inhabited with Metrolians,” stated Chucky.

“It must be a small base of theirs,” suggested Charles.

Chucky continued the scan.

“You’re right. It’s sparsely populated,” he said.

Chucky then thought for a moment.

“Maybe we should infiltrate the moon and see if we can get a lot more information on the Metrolians and their battle plans” he suggested.

Charles then thought for a few seconds.

“I’ve scanned their structures on the moon surface. They seem lightly defended,” stated Chucky.

“Good idea, Chucky. We need a lot more knowledge since we know very little about them” stated Charles.

They both then left the bridge and headed for the observation room. The rest of the group was there.

“Listen up, everyone. The sensors have revealed a small Metrolian base on a class M moon,” explained Charles.

“It shows that there’s a large command centre within the base and it’s lightly defended,” explained Chucky.

“So, what’s happening?” asked Simon.

“We’re going to get more information on the Metrolians and to find out their plans for the universe” stated Charles.

“All right! Time for some action!” said Dave excitedly.

“Dave, calm down. This is an intelligence gathering mission,” said Charles.

“Yeah! We’re not there to take on a full battalion of Metrolians,” stated Vicky.

“It doesn’t matter if their base is lightly defended or not. We should all be careful,” stated Carol.

“Alright. Let’s gear up and meet by the bay doors,” ordered Charles.


A few minutes later, The Enterprise entered the moon’s atmosphere and landed in the outskirts of a field.

They all then left the Enterprise with some weapons a few seconds later.

“Ok, let’s all stick together and head towards the base,” ordered Charles.

They all crept slowly through the field.

Dave could hardly keep the excitement within him.

“I’m gonna finally kill a Metrolian scumbag!” he said excitedly.

“Dave. Will you please calm down or do I have to tell Helen to take you back to the ship?” asked Vicky.

Dave was then paralysed with rage and excitement.

“Shh! Stay down! Were approaching the base,” said Chucky.

They all crept up together at a bush.

The base swarmed with Metrolian troops.

“This place is more heavily defended than I thought,” said Simon.

“Chucky, I thought that you said this place was lightly defended” stated Vicky.

“The sensors revealed that they were,” said Chucky.

“All Metrolian planets have a dampening field to hide their numbers. It is meant to confuse possible intruders,” explained Cathy.

“You should’ve mentioned this before,” said Helen.

“Ha! No matter. This just means more enemies to kill,” said Dave happily.

“Keep quiet! This is going to be difficult. However, this is still a stealth mission. Stay low and follow me,” ordered Charles.

They all then crept closer to the base. As they crept closer, Cathy unknowingly stepped on a twig and snapped it.

The group was then startled.

“What was that?” asked Carol.

A few Metrolian troopers then charged from the base and opened fire towards the group.

They all then started to retreat whilst they opened fire on the troopers.

Chucky and Cathy, however, were shot by tranquilliser darts.

They both fell unconscious.

Without knowing, the rest of the group retreated back to the Enterprise.

The Metrolian guards then grabbed Chucky and Cathy and took them inside the base.

The rest of the group went to the Enterprise Bridge and tried to catch their breaths.

“Ok. They know we’re here. We have to abandon the mission,” stated Charles.

“But we need to get the information and their plans” objected Helen.

“Yeah! And I want to take on the those cybernetic monsters” complained Dave.

“Don’t be stupid! You can’t take on an entire Metrolian army by yourself!” shouted Vicky.

“Just give me 15 minutes. I’ll bring down that army before you can even say ‘Rogue Warriors’” stated Dave as headed for the door.

“Hold on, wait a minute” said Simon.

Dave then stopped.

“Where’s Chucky and Cathy?” asked Simon.

They all then paused and looked round the bridge.

“Oh no! They must’ve been captured,” said Carol fearfully.

“Ok everyone, Get every weapon you’ve got. This is now a rescue mission!” ordered Charles.


Chucky and Cathy both awoke from their slumber. They where in a small room which seemed to be a jail cell with a doorway. It had four long light bulbs on the sides.

A Metrolian guard was on the other side of the doorway.

“Well, well. You two have finally woke up,” said the guard.

“Let us out, now!” demanded Chucky.

“Your not in the position to make orders, filthy creature!” stated the guard.

Chucky then glared at the guard.

“I’ll come back to ask questions when you’ve calmed down a bit” said the guard as he left the room.

A few seconds later, Cathy looked guilty.

“I’m so sorry I got us into this mess, Chucky. It’s all my fault,” she said with guilt.

“Don’t say that, Cathy. Of course it isn’t your fault. We just need to find a way out of here, that’s all” reassured Chucky.

“That’s not going to be possible,” said Cathy fearfully.

“How come?” asked Chucky.

“We’re in a Metrolian prison facility. Whenever something goes in here, it doesn’t come out again alive,” explained Cathy.

“I’d like to test out that theory,” said Chucky determinedly.

He then approached the doorway and started to examine it. He tried to put his hand through the doorway, but a shield appeared and shocked it.

“Ow!” he yelped as he comforted his hurt hand.

“Are you ok?” asked Cathy with concern.

“Yeah. I’ll be alright,” said Chucky as he rubbed his hand.

He then took another look at the doorway.

“Like I thought, this doorway is ray-shielded” he concluded.

“What do you mean?” asked Cathy.

“Take a look at the light bulbs,” said Chucky.

Cathy then looked at the light bulbs on the doorway.

“They seem to be emitting a light-blue colour. What’s that gotta do with anything?” she asked.

“Ray shields need a strong power source for it to work. Light bulbs have enough power to sustain a proper working shield. They are linked up to a computer that allows them to emit a bright light, more powerful than a normal light bulb. If you have them facing each other, then they can create a small shield,” explained Chucky.

“So, what can we do?” asked Cathy.

“We just need to send an electrical current through one of the light bulbs to disrupt the power. That’ll be enough to bring down the shield,” explained Chucky.

“But we don’t have anything electrical on us” said Cathy.

“Oh, yes we do,” said Chucky.

He then removed his communicator from his uniform.

“My communicator has a small electrical current within it. It’ll be more than enough to disrupt the power,” explained Chucky.

Chucky then opened up the inside of his communicator and pulled out a few wires that were still connected inside. He then carefully opened up the base of a light bulb.

“Ok. Here goes nothing!” said Chucky.

He then connected the wires from his communicator to the wires inside the light bulb.

Nothing happened.

“It’s not working” said Cathy all disheartened.

“Bugger! I forgot to charge the communicator, before we left the Enterprise” stated Chucky.

“It looks like we are stuck here,” said Cathy who has lost all hope.

Chucky then thought.

“We need something to charge more power to the communicator. But what?” pondered Chucky.

Cathy then looked around. She then saw the light from the ceiling.

“What about the light bulb from the ceiling?” she asked.

Chucky then looked at the light.

“Hey. Good thinking, Cathy” he praised.

Chucky then flew up to the ceiling and took out the light bulb. The room then got a little darker.

Chucky dropped the bulb into Cathy’s hands.

“Go and connect the bulb to the spare wire on my communicator,” stated Chucky.

Cathy went over to the communicator and connected the bulb to the spare wire. There was a slight flash then the doorway light bulbs switched off.

“Hey. It worked,” said Chucky happily as he landed on the floor.

“Chucky, you’re a genius!” praised Cathy happily.

Chucky then looked nervous.

“Hey thanks. No one’s ever called me a genius before” he said nervously.

“Well, I think people should. I’ve never known anyone that has broken out of a Metrolian jail cell before. You’re very smart,” praised Cathy.

Chucky then blushed.

They both started to walk out of the room.

“We should have no problem on escaping the prison facility, now that we’ve broken out of the jail cell” stated Chucky.

Suddenly, they could see the Metrolian guard as he made his way back.

“Oh no! The guard’s coming back” said Cathy fearfully.

“Quick! Back inside!” said Chucky as they rushed back in the room.

“What are we gonna do, Chucky?” asked Cathy fearfully.

Chucky then looked round the room. He spotted a crowbar.

“Here. Take this crowbar and hide in the corner,” said Chucky.

He then handed Cathy the crowbar.

“Be prepared to stab the guard when he comes in” said Chucky.

“What are you going to do?” asked Cathy.

“I’m going back in the cell and distract him. Once I have him distracted, quickly stab him,” said Chucky.

Cathy then hid in the corner where the darkness was. Chucky headed back inside the jail cell.

A few seconds later, the Metrolian guard entered the room.

“So, are you two ready to tal… hey! Where’s your little friend?” he asked.

“Take a look behind you,” said Chucky with determination on his face.

Cathy then quickly stabbed the guard through the back and out of his chest.

The guard dropped dead.

“Whew! Good work, Cathy” said Chucky with relief.

Chucky then looked out of the door.

“We better get outta here in case more Metrolians come” he suggested.

Cathy’s eyes then fuelled up with rage and she violently gritted her teeth. She then started to beat the corpse to a bloody pulp with the crowbar.

“Huh?” said Chucky as he looked round at Cathy.

“DIE YOU CYBERNETIC BASTARD, DIE!!!” yelled Cathy with extreme rage as she continued to pummel the corpse.

Chucky went up to hold Cathy back.

“Whoa. Cathy, calm down! You already killed it!” he stated whilst he tried to restrain her.

Cathy tried to struggle free. A few seconds later she stopped and was shocked at what she had just done. She dropped the crowbar, looked down at her hands and she eventually started to cry in Chucky’s arms.

“Don’t worry. It’ll be ok” reassured Chucky whilst he held her.


The command centre was heavily defended with Metrolian troopers. In one office, a large Metrolian was working on his computer.

He looked incredibly bulky. He had several cybernetics in his head. He had machine guns imbedded in both his wrists and shoulders.

A Metrolian trooper entered the office.

“General Ruthless. Our soldiers have captured two alien intruders. Their comrades have retreated back to their ship,” he reported.

“Very well. Set the base at full alert and keep a look out in case they return” ordered General Ruthless.

“Yes, sir! Our scouts have reported that their ship is the same design as the ship that helped the Slethearians wipe out General Intellect’s platoon,” explained the trooper.

“You what?” asked General Ruthless with a stunned look on his face.

“It might be the same ship,” suggested the trooper.

General Ruthless then pondered for a moment.

“Send a subspace message to the Emperor. He must be informed of this possible new threat to our Empire,” ordered General Ruthless.

“You think that General Intellect was right after all?” asked the trooper.

“Yes. These ‘Rogue Warriors’ might be more dangerous than I first thought,” pondered General Ruthless.


Chucky and Cathy had crept their way to some underground tunnels. It was currently deserted. They felt it was safe enough to go through. They found no Metrolian troopers as they walked in the tunnels.

“I’m so sorry you had to see me lose my temper back there, Chucky” apologised Cathy.

“That’s alright, Cathy. Your people had been fighting the Metrolians for centuries. It’s understandable why you would show so much anger towards them,” explained Chucky.

“You don’t know half of the story, Chucky,” said Cathy fearfully.

“What do you mean?” asked Chucky who was concerned.

They both stopped in their tracks.

Cathy’s eyes started to well up in tears.

“About seven months ago, the Metrolian Emperor gathered a large army and invaded my home world,” explained Cathy.

She then began to cry.

“They killed my entire family… tortured all of my friends… and took away everything from me that I ever loved!” she sobbed.

Chucky looked saddened and felt sorry for Cathy.

“Me and Carol are the last of our kind. We were the only ones that escaped when they attacked… and from our ship… we literally saw hundreds of battleships swarm my home world. No one was left alive but us. And from that day… we swore to destroy the Metrolian Empire, whatever the cost!” sobbed Cathy.

“Cathy, I’m sorry, I… I didn’t know. But you can’t let vengeance take over your life. It always ends with bad results!” explained Chucky as he reassured her.

“I’m so sorry, Chucky. I do not wish to cause any harm to you or our friends. But I really hate those Metrolian bastards that wiped out my race!” sobbed Cathy.

Chucky then put his hand on Cathy’s shoulder and gave her a warm and gentle hug.

“Thank you, Chucky” said Cathy as she calmed down and returned the hug.

She then spotted a ladder.

“Hey Chucky, I think we found the exit” she said as she broke the hug.

Chucky turned around to also find the ladder.

“Great! Now we can get out of here and return to the Enterprise!” he concluded.

They both started to climb the ladder. Chucky opened the hatch at the top of the ladder and was shocked to see the area crawled with Metrolian troopers.

“What’s wrong, Chucky” asked Cathy.

“We’re not out of this yet,” said Chucky.

“What do you mean?” asked Cathy.

“I think we’re still in the Metrolian base,” said Chucky.

Cathy felt frightened.

“There isn’t any other way out! What are we gonna do?” she asked fearfully.

Chucky looked on at the open hatch. He could see that the way was virtually clear.

“The way is clearing. Lets go!” he said.

The cost was now clear. Chucky and Cathy left the tunnels and ran to a dark ally nearby. As they ran, they found themselves inside the command centre of the base.

As they made it to the dark ally, they stopped to catch their breath.

“Well, at least we know where we are” said Chucky.

“We might as well get the information we need,” suggested Cathy.

“Good idea. I just hope the others are ok,” said Chucky.

“Can’t you contact them?” asked Cathy.

“No. I used my communicator to get us out of the jail cell” said Chucky.

“Oh, right,” said Cathy.

“Now, how are we gonna find the mainframe computer to get the information we need?” pondered Chucky.

Cathy then thought.

“I know how,” she said suddenly.

Chucky looked confused.

“How do you now?” he asked curiously.

“We first need to kill a Metrolian trooper,” explained Cathy.

“But, we don’t have any weapons to kill them with” Chucky pointed out.

“You’re forgetting, Chucky. I am a weapon,” said Cathy determinedly.

“What?” asked Chucky confusingly.

Cathy’s bracelet started to glow. She then turned into a sharp knife shortly after.

“Oh, right” realised Chucky.

He then picked up the knife and waited for a Metrolian trooper to pass.

A few seconds later, a Metrolian scout walked by. Chucky grabbed the scout and pulled him in the dark ally. He then took the knife and slit open the scout’s throat.

The scout then dropped and bled to death.

Chucky put the knife back on the floor.

A few seconds later, Cathy returned to her normal form.

“Thanks, Chucky” said Cathy.

“Ok, so what do we do now?” asked Chucky.

“Just give me a minute,” said Cathy.

Cathy’s bracelet started to glow again.

Her left hand turned into a circular saw. She then started to cut her way through the Metrolian’s head.

“Ugh! What are you doing?” asked Chucky who was grossed out.

“I’m looking for the relocation circuit. It’ll show us the way to the mainframe computer,” explained Cathy.

As she cut her way through the Metrolian’s head, Cathy found a cybernetic that flashed within the brain.

“I found it,” she said happily.

“Good. Now lets go before I throw up!” said Chucky.


Simon, Cathy and the rest of the Rogue Warriors were heavily armoured and on their way towards the Metrolian base.

“Remember, everyone. Our primary objective is to rescue Cathy and Chucky,” reminded Charles.

“But what about the information we need?” asked Simon.

“Obtain the information if possible, Simon. But focus on the rescue mission” ordered Charles.

“I hope that Cathy will be ok,” said Carol fearfully.

“What about Chucky?” asked Helen.

“Sorry, Helen. But I’m more worried about Cathy than Chucky” said Carol fearfully.

“Why are you being so selfish? You should be worried about all of us!” said Helen angrily.

“Because me and Cathy are the last of our kind!” shouted Carol.

They all stopped and stared at Carol.

“You and Cathy are the last of your kind?” asked Vicky.

“Yes,” said Carol all saddened as a tear leaked from her eyes.

Helen then felt sorry.

“Sorry, Carol. I didn’t know” she apologised.

“I’m sorry too, Helen. I do worry about everyone else. But I’m just letting my anger for the Metrolians affect on what I say” said Carol as she gave Helen a hug.

Simon then stepped up.

“We all know that you and Cathy care about us. Just take a deep breath whenever you feel angry. You should feel alright within a few seconds,” he explained.

Carol then took a deep breath.

“Thank you, Simon. I will,” she said.

“Great. Can we get going now? I wanna kill some Metrolian scum!” said Dave excitedly.

Vicky then sighed.

“Here we go again!” she said.


Chucky and Cathy crept their way around the command centre. They eventually found themselves in General Ruthless’s office. It was deserted.

Cathy found the mainframe computer.

“Here it is,” she said as she walked up to it.

“Go and find a couple of encryption disks so we can download the information. I’m gonna search through this computer” said Chucky.

As Cathy searched round the office, Chucky began the search for battle plans and other useful info on the Metrolians.

He then looked surprised and awestruck.

“This amount of knowledge they have on our region of space is incredible,” he said.

“Before they send their armies in to conquer planets, they usually send in a couple of scout groups to analyse other alien races,” explained Cathy as she searched for disks.

“So they can gain the upper hand in battles?” asked Chucky.

“Exactly” said Cathy.

“It’s lucky that they didn’t analyse our friends in our first encounter,” said Chucky.

“Don’t underestimate them, Chucky. They’ll do whatever it takes to know your weaknesses,” warned Cathy.

She then approached Chucky with two disks.

“I found the disks,” she said as she gave them to him.

“Thanks. I got as much information as I can and possible co-ordinates to another region of space. Just give me a minute to download them,” said Chucky as he began the download.

A few seconds later, he finished the download and removed the disks from the mainframe computer.

“Ok, lets find a way out of here and return to the Enterprise” suggested Chucky.

“Sure. I hope Carol and the others are ok,” said Cathy.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine. They’re probably more worried about us,” explained Chucky as they approached the door.

The door then opened and General Ruthless entered the room.

“AH! INTRUDERS!” he yelled.

He quickly knocked Cathy and Chucky out.


A few minutes later, Cathy and Chucky woke up and found themselves chained up in General Ruthless’s office. General Ruthless had the encrypted disks that contained the info they needed.

“So, You’ve finally woke up!” said General Ruthless.

“Hey! Give us the disks now!” shouted Chucky.

“That’s not going to be possible,” said General Ruthless.

Chucky then got angry.

“Well, I see that there is a lot of fire in your blood, boy,” said General Ruthless.

“He’s not the only one with fire in his blood,” said Cathy angrily.

“Save your breath, Polymorph. You’ll need it to scream when I start to tear off your limbs!” stated General Ruthless.

The alarm then sounded.

“What the?” said General Ruthless.

He then looked through his computer.

The surveillance showed that the Rogue Warriors and Carol were in battle with the Metrolian troopers at the entrance of the base. Lots of Metrolian troopers had died whilst others fell to their deaths.

“Invaders!” shouted General Ruthless.

Cathy’s bracelet started to glow. She turned into a snake to slither out of her chains. She then turned into a gorilla and charged at General Ruthless. She knocked him down to the ground and tore out all of his machine guns.

“Cathy!” called Chucky.

Cathy then turned back into her normal form and grabbed the encrypted disks with the guns.

“Sorry, Chucky. I couldn’t help myself” apologised Cathy as she freed Chucky and gave him two of the machine guns.

“Right! I’M GONNA KILL YOU BOTH!!” yelled General Ruthless as he got up.

“Guess again, sucker!” gloated Chucky as he and Cathy drew their weapons.

General Ruthless then glared at Cathy.

“See you in hell, Polymorph!” he said angrily.

He then pressed a button and was transported out of the room.

“God dammit! He escaped!” said Cathy angrily.

“How did he do that?” asked Chucky.

“Emergency transporter device. Some Metrolian generals have them,” explained Cathy.

“Well, at least we got the disks” said Chucky.

Cathy still looked annoyed.

“Don’t worry, Cathy. We’ll get him eventually. He couldn’t have gone far” said Chucky.

“I just hope we can get him before he attacks another planet” said Cathy.

They both paused for a moment.

“Come on. Let’s help the others before they get killed” said Chucky.

They both left the office and headed for the exit.


Outside the command centre, the battle continued to rage. More and more Metrolian troops approached the area.

Cathy and Chucky managed to find the rest of the group.

“Guys, you’re alive,” said Charles as he fired at the troopers.

“I see you lot are alright. Need some help?” asked Chucky as he fired at the troopers.

“Much appreciated, Chucky. Just like old times,” joked Charles as he fired at the troopers.

The group was eventually forced back to a wall.

“Well, you got what you wanted, Dave. And it’s been more than 15 minutes. You still wanna fight them?” asked Vicky as she fired at the troopers.

“Shut up and keep firing!” ordered Dave as he fired at the troopers.

Just then, large laser beams fell from the sky and hit the Metrolian troopers. Zeus’s ship entered the moon’s atmosphere and continued to fire at the troopers. The troopers then opened fire on Zeus’s ship.

“What the hell’s Zeus doing here?” asked Charles.

“Is he trying to rescue us?” asked Helen.

Zeus’s ship then dropped small bombs on the Metrolian troopers and exploded on impact, which killed all of the troopers.

A few minutes later, Zeus’s ship landed in front of the Rogue Warriors.

The bay doors then opened and Zeus approached the group.

“Greetings, Rogue Warriors” he said.

“This is highly unusual, Professor. You’ve never rescued us before,” explained Chucky.

“I am not here to rescue you,” said Zeus.

“Then what do you want? We told you to go back on our planet and stay there!” stated Dave.

“Do you think that I’m going to sit by in my factory and let you all have all the fun? No. I’m here to get more information on our galaxy! And I know you have that information” stated Zeus.

“What do you need the information for?” asked Charles cautiously.

“You should now by now, Charles” stated Zeus.

“To conquer other planets?” asked Helen.

“Exactly!” said Zeus.

“Well you can forget! We’re not giving you any information!” said Vicky angrily.

“Hey! I just saved your lives a second ago! I think I deserve a little award!” shouted Zeus.

There was a slight pause.

“Very well, Professor. Here you go,” sighed Chucky as he gave Zeus one of the encrypted disks.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!??” yelled Dave.

“Thank you, Chucky. Now I’ll be on my way. Ta” said Zeus as he entered the ship.

A few seconds later, Zeus’s ship took off and left the moon’s orbit. He then warped into space.

The rest of the group turned and stared at Chucky.

“What the hell were you thinking, Chucky?” asked Simon angrily.

“Zeus is now going to conquer the galaxy because of you!” said Vicky angrily.

“No he’s not,” said Chucky.

They all then looked at Chucky confusingly.

“Because I gave him false data. I’ve got the real information on this disk” explained Chucky.

They all then started to laugh.

“But what has Zeus got?” asked Charles.

“Co-ordinates to a wormhole that leads to a different sector in the galaxy” explained Chucky.

“Where does it lead?” asked Carol.

“I dunno,” said Chucky.


Zeus’s ship arrived at the co-ordinates that the disk told him.

“At last. Now, where’s the nearest planet?” he said to himself.

His alarm then sounded.

“What the…?” he said.

A wormhole opened nearby and his ship had been pulled inside.

“DAMN THOSE BLOODY ROGUE WARRIORS!!!” he yelled angrily as his ship drifted through the wormhole.


The group headed back the Enterprise.

“Alright. Great job, everyone” said Charles.

“Now that we’ve gotten the information, we should be able to remain one step ahead in front of the Metrolians” stated Simon.

Everyone except Chucky and Cathy entered the Enterprise.

Cathy approached Chucky.

“Thank you for helping me out and understanding my rage towards the Metrolian Empire” said Cathy.

“That’s alright, Cathy. Besides, I had a good time working with you,” said Chucky.

“Me too, Chucky” said Cathy happily.

She then gave Chucky a hug. She entered the Enterprise.

A few seconds later, Chucky blushed. He then entered the Enterprise.

A few seconds later, the Enterprise took of and left the moon’s orbit. It then warped into space.


Season Two, Episode Six.