Rogue Warriors

Rogue Warriors:
Season Two, Episode Six

By Andy Dunn

After a few hours through the wormhole, Zeus’s ship exited out the other side.

“Finally!” he exclaimed.

He started to get all of the ship’s main power back online.

“Now, let’s found out where I am” he said to himself.

After a few minutes whilst he scanned the area, a comet flew past and collided with Zeus’s ship.

His ship was attached to the comet as it flew through space at such tremendous speed.



Meanwhile, back on the Enterprise Bridge, Charles and Simon worked together to locate the nearest planet that was next in line for a Metrolian invasion.

“Is this information right?” asked Simon as he worked on his station.

“It should be. Chucky found it on that Metrolian base, a few days ago” said Charles.

“Well, I’m not getting any clear readings of any planets in the area.” said Simon.

“Well, we are in an asteroid field. We need to navigate out of here first,” stated Charles.

Simon then stopped the scan and started to navigate the Enterprise through the asteroid field.

Dave and Chucky were working in the engine room.

“Keep control of the speed, Dave. We need to get out of here in one piece” stated Chucky.

“Alright, already. Keep your spiky hair on,” said Dave.

Chucky then frowned at Dave.

Vicky, Helen, Cathy and Carol tried to fix and polish up the fighters in the hanger bay.

“Come on, girls. Put your backs into it,” ordered Vicky.

“We’re trying as hard as we can,” stated Helen.

“Vicky, You’re being a bit harsh on all of us,” complained Cathy.

“I’m sorry, girls, but we need these fighters in tip top condition in case we need them to help navigate the Enterprise out of this asteroid field,” stated Vicky.

“It’s alright, Vicky. I can understand how stressful situation can get the best of us,” said Carol.

A Few seconds later, as small asteroid collided with the Enterprise. Main lighting on the entire ship was down.

Panic stated to rise within the ship.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!!” yelled Dave.

“We must’ve hit something,” concluded Chucky.

They both then ran towards the bridge.

Shortly afterwards, everyone entered the bridge.

“What was that?” asked Carol.

“A lone asteroid drifted away from the field and collided with the ship,” explained Simon.

“Sensors didn’t pick it up until we were virtually underneath it” explained Charles.

“But that shouldn’t be possible. Asteroids break off from the outside of the field, not the inside!” stated Chucky.

“You think that something’s controlling it?” asked Vicky.

“It might be a new Metrolian weapon of some sort,” suggested Carol.

“Lets hope not,” said Cathy.

“Can’t we get the lights back on in here?” asked Dave.

Simon then worked on his station. He managed to get the emergency lights on.

“What’s the problem?” asked Helen.

“Shields won’t work. Main power’s also offline” explained Simon.

“We need to get out of this asteroid field now” said Vicky.

“We’re low on power, but we have enough to power up the emergency thrusters,” explained Simon.

“But the sensors are down. The risk of hitting another asteroid is too great,” stated Dave.

“Our fighters have a tracking device. We could guide the Enterprise out of this field,” suggested Vicky.

“Ok. Chucky, Vicky, Helen, get in the fighters and guide the Enterprise to safety” ordered Charles.

“No problem, Charles” said Chucky, Vicky and Helen as they left the bridge.

“Dave, Cathy, get to work on bringing main power back online,” ordered Charles.

“Right” said Dave and Cathy.

“Simon, prepare to follow the fighters and navigate our way out of this asteroid field,” ordered Charles.

“Yes, sir” said Simon.


A few minutes later, the fighters left the Enterprise hanger bay and formed up in front of the ship.

Charles sat in the captain’s chair extremely tensed.

“Ok, Enterprise, we’re ready to go,” said Chucky through the communicator.

“Simon, activate emergency thrusters and stay close behind the fighters,” ordered Charles.

“No problem” said Charles as he worked on his station.

Carol stood by Simon.

“Be careful, Simon” she said worriedly.

The fighters began to guide the Enterprise slowly. The emergency thrusters were activated and the ship began to follow the fighters slowly.

“Stay right behind our tail, Enterprise,” ordered Vicky through her communicator.

“Following you closely now, Vicky” said Simon.

After a few minutes, the fighters made it out of the asteroid field, along with the Enterprise. Main power had been restored.

“We made it. And main power has been restored” said Simon happily.

“Good going, Simon” said Carol happily as she hugged him.

“Good work on repairing the systems, Dave” praised Charles through his communicator.

“But… me and Cathy didn’t do anything,” said Dave confusingly through the communicator.

Charles, Simon and Carol all looked at each other all puzzled.

“What do you mean, you didn’t do anything?” asked Charles.

“The power seemed to have restored by itself,” stated Dave.

“But, that shouldn’t happen. At least not right away” mentioned Simon.

Charles then thought for a moment.

“Something strange is going on,” he pondered.

“Charles, I’m detecting Metrolian battleships, closing in fast!” said Chucky through the communicator.

Dave and Cathy entered the bridge.

“Metrolians?! How many?” asked Charles through his communicator.

“Only a couple of battleships and several fighters” said Chucky.

“That sounds pretty light,” said Carol confusingly.

“Don’t let your guard down, Chucky. They may have reinforcements a few light years away,” mentioned Cathy through the communicator.

“Don’t worry, Cathy. These Metrolian scum will be easy pickings for us. Right gang?” asked Chucky determinedly.

“Yeah!” said Vicky and Helen.

Vicky, Chucky and Helen flew their fighters towards the Metrolian fighters and opened fire. The Metrolian fighters opened their fire, but one by one, they we’re all eventually destroyed.

“Something doesn’t feel right. This is just too easy!” said Carol with some concern.

“It’s just the two battleships left, Dave. Lock on target on one of them and prepare to open fire!” ordered Charles.

“No problem, Charles” said Dave.

A few seconds later, one of the battleships closed in on the Enterprise and opened fire.

“Shields are down, Charles!” said Simon.

“Dave, Fire all weapons now!” ordered Charles.

Dave hit the fire buttons. The Enterprise fired multiple lasers at the battleship, which destroyed it completely.

“Great shooting, Dave” praised Helen through the communicator.

“Guys, return to the Enterprise. We need everyone here to help modify the shields and to launch our final attack” ordered Charles.

Vicky, Chucky and Helen returned their fighters to the hanger bay. They shortly then headed for the bridge.

“Simon, can’t you get those shields up?” asked Charles.

“I’m having trouble on re-establishing them, Charles. That attack must’ve somehow knocked out one of our power couplings,” stated Simon.

Vicky, Chucky and Helen entered the bridge.

“Ah. Just the guy I need. Chucky, we’re having problems on bringing the shields back up. Can you work on it?” asked Charles.

“I’ll see on what I can do,” said Chucky as he worked on his station.

“Dave, can you get a lock on target?” asked Charles.

“Yes, but, we don’t have enough power for a devastating shot. We’ll have to wait for the laser turrets to cool down,” explained Dave.

“Charles, I’m reading a power up in the Metolian’s weapon systems,” said Chucky.

Everyone then gasped with fear.

Shockwaves emerged from the Metrolian battleship. They missed the Enterprise and hit the asteroid field.

The group looked at each other, all confused.

“They missed,” said Vicky.

“It must’ve been a warning shot,” concluded Dave.

“This is not like them at all,” stated Cathy.

Suddenly, an asteroid broke off from the field and collided with the Enterprise.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!!” yelled Dave.

“Another asteroid collided with the ship,” said Simon.

Suddenly, the main power went down again. The bridge only had emergency lights on.

“Damage report, Chucky” ordered Charles.

“We’ve lost main power on all decks and stations. We’ve only got backup power in life support and sensors” stated Chucky.

Everyone looked incredibly nervous.

“What are we gonna do?” asked Helen fearfully.

“What can we do?” asked Vicky.

Charles broke a cold sweat as he pondered.

“Where did the asteroid hit, Simon?” he asked.

Simon worked on his station.

“Near engineering, Charles” he said.

“We still have visual, Charles,” said Vicky as she worked on her station.

The monitor showed that the Metrolian battleship was on hold for its position.

“What do you think they’re planning?” asked Carol.

“I don’t know,” said Cathy.

Charles stared at the monitor.

“It looks like they just want to look at us in eye” pondered Charles.

“They’re hailing us, Charles,” said Chucky.

“Put it on the monitor” ordered Charles.

A large Metrolian appeared on the monitor.

He had a bulky chest. He had lots of cybernetics in his head and in his left eye. He had large rocket launchers imbedded in both of his arms and machine guns attached to his shoulders.

“Oh no. It’s General Deathcall,” said Cathy fearfully.

“Well, well. You must be the Rogue Warriors,” said General Deathcall.

“How do you know who we are?” asked Charles.

“Your encounter with General Intellect and General Ruthless has not gone unnoticed,” stated General Deathcall.

“Do you mean that the entire Metrolian Empire knows of our presence in the universe?” asked Chucky.

“Exactly!” said General Deathcall.

There was a slight pause.

“Well, go on then. Finish us off!” said Dave angrily.

Everyone then stared at Dave fearfully.

General Deathcall started to chuckle.

“I prefer a more sporting challenge,” he stated.

“What do you mean?” asked Carol.

“I’m going to give you at least one hour to try and fix your ship. We will then have a fantastic battle. Call it, a duel if you will. I always love a fair and bloody battle with all my enemies” explained General Deathcall.

Everyone then looked at each other.

Simon started to chuckle.

“You’re gonna be sorry for not taking this opportunity to destroy us, General!” said Simon determinedly.

“We’ll see,” said General Deathcall.

The monitor screen was then switched off.

Everyone then stared at Simon.

“What do you mean, ‘he’s gonna be sorry’, Simon?” asked Vicky.

“Well, now that he’s giving us the time, we can keep a few people here whilst the rest of us can attack his ship,” explained Simon.

“Don’t be stupid, Simon!” shouted Vicky.

“Our weapon systems are down and our fighters don’t have enough fire power to destroy that ship,” explained Helen.

“I know that. All I’m suggesting is that we gear up on heavy weapons and get in the shuttle. We can then invade the Metrolian battleship, kill several troopers, capture the General and steal some valuable supplies,” explained Simon.

Everyone then pondered for a moment.

“Well, I haven’t got any ideas. I think you’re right, Simon” said Charles.

“Well then, what are we waiting for? Lets go and kick some Metrolian arse!” said Dave excitedly.

“Ok. Chucky and Helen will stay with me and try to fix the ship. The rest of you, gear up and get in the shuttle,” ordered Charles.

Simon, Cathy, Carol, Dave and Vicky all went to get there weapons and then headed for the shuttle.

They all entered the shuttle.

A few minutes later, the bay doors opened and the shuttle left the Enterprise.


On the Metrolian battleship, General Deathcall looked on from the monitor screen.

A trooper approached him.

“Shall I open fire on them, General?” he asked.

“No. Let them in the shuttle bay. Let them take the fight to us” ordered General Deathcall.

“But… but General? They could find the…” protested the trooper.

“That’s an order, trooper!” interrupted General Deathcall.

“Yes, sir” said the trooper.

A few minutes later, the bay doors opened in the battleship. The shuttle then entered.

Dave, Cathy, Simon, Carol and Vicky exited the shuttle with their weapons.

Vicky looked confused.

“This is strange. Why didn’t they try to destroy our shuttle?” she asked.

“Maybe this is what the General meant by ‘fair and bloody battle,’” concluded Dave.

“Perhaps. Or maybe he’s toying with us” pondered Cathy.

“Ok. Remember that we need supplies” said Simon.

“We also need capture General Deathcall,” said Carol.

“Perhaps we should split up,” suggested Vicky.

“Ok. Cathy and Vicky, come with me to the bridge. Simon, you and Carol find the engineering section and steal some supplies,” said Dave.

“Ok” said Simon and Carol.

Carol and Simon headed down one corridor whilst Dave, Cathy and Vicky went down another.


Dave, Cathy and Vicky crept their way around the battleship. They are surprised to see that the Metrolian troopers were just patrolling rather than attempting to find them.

“This is odd. Surely, they would’ve attacked us as soon as we landed” pondered Vicky.

“Be wary of General Deathcall, Vicky. He usually plays these kinds of tricks,” stated Cathy.

“What do you mean?” asked Vicky.

“He often invites his enemies to his domain and orders his men to ignore them until they are either spotted or attacking” explained Cathy.

“Do you mean that they wanted us to land in this ship?” asked Dave.

“Yes. They simply ignored our shuttle,” said Cathy.

“Then we best creep our way to the bridge and have General Deathcall surrounded. He’ll order his troops to stand down,” stated Dave.

They all then continued to creep round the ship.


Simon and Carol crept their way round the other end of the battleship. They soon came across a large double door. The sign in front of it said ‘Engineering’.

“This must be the place,” said Simon.

“Something feels strange,” said Carol.

“What do you mean?” asked Simon.

“Don’t you feel like that we’re being led here?” asked Carol.

Simon thought for a moment.

“You know, I think you’re right. We haven’t encountered much Metrolian resistance yet,” said Simon.

“Do you think that this might be a trap?” asked Carol.

“I’m not sure,” pondered Simon.

He then worked on the door control.

The doors then opened. Engineering looked deserted. They both entered the room.

“Ok. Now I’m getting worried,” said Simon.

“Me too. This is not like the Metrolians at all,” stated Carol.

“Surely that engineering would be defended or at least manned in some way,” said Simon.

“Maybe. Well, lets see what we can get while this room is empty” suggested Carol.

“Right. Lets go,” said Simon.

They both then started to search the room for supplies.


Meanwhile, back on the Enterprise, Charles, Chucky and Helen headed to the damaged area of the ship.

“I hope that the damage isn’t too severe,” said Helen.

“Hopefully, we should be able to fix the ship without too much trouble” said Charles.

“I hope that the others will be alright on the battleship,” said Chucky.

“Don’t worry, Chucky. They’re all tough. Besides, having Cathy’s and Carol’s knowledge about Metrolian battleships at their side will make their job a lot easier” explained Charles.

They all approached the damaged section of the ship. They are all shocked to find that there’s no damage at all.

“Chucky, are you sure this is the right area?” asked Helen.

“I’m positive,” said Chucky.

“I thought you said that the asteroid collided in this area of the ship, near engineering,” said Charles.

“The sensors said that it did,” stated Chucky.

“Are we near engineering?” asked Helen.

“Yep” said Charles.

Chucky then thought.

“Is it only the outer hull that’s damaged?” he asked.

Charles then thought.

“Maybe” he said.

“We best find out,” stated Chucky.

“Agreed. Helen, get in your fighter and check out the outer hull of the Enterprise,” ordered Charles.

“Ok” said Helen.

A few minutes later, Helen got in her fighter and took off outside the Enterprise.

She searched all over the ship and found no damage whatsoever to the outer hull.

Helen then returned to the Enterprise hanger bay. She exited the fighter and found Charles and Chucky.

“So, Helen. What’s the damage report?” asked Charles.

“There isn’t any damage,” said Helen.

Chucky and Charles looked at each other all confused.

“Are you sure, Helen?” asked Charles.

“Absolutely, Charles” said Helen.

“But that’s impossible. The asteroid hit us when our shields were down. We should’ve sustained heavy damage in the process,” stated Chucky.

“Something fishy’s going on around here,” said Helen.

“How can an asteroid hit the ship and we find out that there’s no damage?” asked Chucky.

Charles then thought for a moment.

“The Metrolians fired some sort of shockwave towards the asteroid field,” he pondered.

“Yeah, we know that,” said Helen.

“Maybe, they launched a new kind of weapon that has somehow knocked out virtually all of our systems,” explained Charles.

“Hold on. Are you suggesting that the Enterprise might be disabled?” asked Chucky.

“Possibly” said Charles.

“I better inform the others about the situation,” said Chucky.


Dave, Vicky and Cathy got closer to the Metrolian battleship bridge. They came across more Metrolian troops, as they got closer.

“I think were nearing the bridge,” stated Cathy.

“You’re probably right. There’s lots of guards in the area,” said Dave.

“How are we gonna get past them?” asked Vicky.

“We could kill them all,” suggested Dave.

“If we do that, General Deathcall and the other troopers will know where we are,” stated Vicky.

“Dave. Can you read me?” said Chucky through the communicator.

“Shut up, Chucky! You’re being too loud!” shouted Dave through his communicator.

Suddenly, the Metrolian troopers turned towards Dave, Vicky and Cathy and stared at them.

“Oh shit!” said Dave.

The Metrolian troopers then opened fire at them. Dave, Cathy and Vicky all took cover and returned the fire. A few seconds later, more troopers approached from behind them.

“Oh crap! There’s more coming behind us!” stated Vicky as she continued to fire.

A few seconds later, a trooper fired a smoke bomb. Smoke engulfed Dave, Vicky and Cathy.

“I can’t see a thing” coughed Cathy.

“Keep your guard up! There maybe more of them” coughed Dave.

A few seconds later, the smoke cleared.

Dave, Cathy and Vicky were completely surrounded by Metrolian troops.

One trooper stepped up.

“Drop your weapons and put your hands up!” he ordered.

Dave, Cathy and Vicky quickly dropped their weapons and put their hands in the air.

“Take them to General Deathcall!” ordered the trooper.

“Yes, sir!” said another trooper.

The trooper then took Dave, Cathy and Vicky inside the bridge.


Meanwhile in Engineering, Simon and Carol continued to look for supplies.

“Simon, Do you think that we’ll be ok?” asked Carol fearfully.

“Don’t worry, Carol. Everything will be fine once we get the supplies. We can then get back in the shuttle and hopefully fix the Enterprise without too much trouble,” explained Simon.

“I hope so,” said Carol.

“Besides, I want let any harm come to you” said Simon.

“Really?” asked Carol as her eyes light up.

“Absolutely” said Simon.

Carol then blushed as she hugged Simon.

“Simon, can you read me?” asked Chucky through the communicator.

“Yes, Chucky. What’s wrong?” asked Simon through his communicator.

“I’ve lost contact with Dave and his group. I think he might’ve been captured,” explained Chucky.

“Oh great. We’ll rescue them once we have the supplies” said Simon.

“By the way. I don’t think we need any supplies,” said Chucky.

“What do you mean?” asked Simon.

“Me, Charles and Helen checked the whole ship and it seems that we don’t have any damage whatsoever,” explained Chucky.

“But, the Enterprise was hit by an asteroid” stated Simon.

“We know. But there is no sign of any damage aboard the Enterprise” explained Chucky.

“Then, what caused our systems to shut down?” asked Simon.

“All we know is that the battleship fired a shockwave at the asteroid field,” said Chucky.

Simon then pondered for a moment.

“I’m gonna hack into the computer system to find out what’s going on” he said.

“Ok. But don’t take too long. It is likely that the Metrolians will be looking for you now,” warned Chucky.

Simon then turned to Carol.

“Carol, You know a little bit on the Metrolians. Can you tell me on what they could be up too?” he asked.

“I’m not sure. General Deathcall usually gives is enemies a chance to fight before he kills them. I’m not too sure what his strategies are focused on,” explained Carol.

“Don’t worry. Let me hack into the computer system and I’ll find out on what he was firing,” said Simon.

He then worked on one of the computers. After a few minutes, he came across a cinematic of a new weapon.

“What the hell?” he said.

“What is it?” asked Carol.

“I think I found what has disabled the Enterprise” said Simon.

He continued to read on.

“Well?” asked Carol.

“Yep. This definitely disabled the Enterprise,” stated Simon.

“What are we going to do?” asked Carol.

“I better inform Charles. Charles, can you read me?” asked Simon through his communicator.

“Loud and clear, Simon. What have you found?” asked Charles through the communicator.

“I believe we found the cause of the Enterprise being disabled,” said Simon.

“What is it?” asked Charles.

“The Metrolians have created a new weapon. It is designed to fire at nearby hazards and make a copy of them. That copy will then drift and collide with targeted ships,” explained Simon.

“Like the asteroid that collided with the Enterprise” said Charles.

“Exactly. But there’s something else. The copy will appear as the original hazard on the sensors. But they’re actually electro magnetic pulses” explained Simon.

“EMP’s?” asked Charles.

“Yes they are powerful enough to disable an entire ship. The only way to restore to Enterprise power, is to destroy this battleship,” explained Simon.

“Well I guess we’re stuck. We can’t destroy the battleship. Our Main power is still offline,” stated Charles.

“We could initiate the self-destruct sequence,” suggested Carol.

“You’re right, Carol. That might be our only option,” said Simon.

“Ok. Good luck guys” said Charles.

Simon then turned to Carol.

“Do you know where we can start the self-destruct sequence?” he asked.

“Sure. It’s on the bridge,” said Carol.

“Then lets go. We can rescue the others while we’re there” said Simon as he and Carol exited engineering.


Back on the battleship bridge, Dave, Vicky and Cathy were tied to some chairs.

General Deathcall approached them. He had an evil grin on his face.

“I must say that wasn’t much of a challenge. Though you did put up a fight when you were spotted” stated General Deathcall.

“Untie me from this chair and I’ll give you more of a fight!” said Dave angrily.

General Deathcall started to chuckle.

“You had your chance to fight when you invaded my ship,” he stated.

“You’ll be sorry!” said Cathy angrily.

“Will I now, Polymorph?!” asked General Deathcall.

“Yeah! Once Simon and Carol find out what’s happened, they’ll come and rescue us!” said Cathy determinedly.

“I wouldn’t get your hopes up, Polymorph! They won’t survive once my troopers find them,” stated General Deathcall.

Suddenly, Simon and Carol burst through the doors.

“Guess again you cybernetic twat!” said Simon determinedly.

“TROOPERS, KILL THEM,” yelled General Deathcall.

The Metrolian troopers opened fire at Simon and Carol. They both took cover and returned fire.

Cathy’s bracelet began to glow. She turned into a mouse and crawled her way out of her ropes. She then began to chew her way through Vicky’s ropes and then at Dave’s.

After freeing them, she turned back to her normal form.

Dave then charged at the other Metrolian troopers and started to fight them.

Vicky grabbed some guns and gave one to Cathy.

General Deathcall suddenly hit the self-destruct button.

“WARNING. SELF-DESTRUCT IN FIVE MINUTES” said the computer system.

“So long, suckers!” shouted General Deathcall as he made his escape.

He went into an escape pod and took off from the battleship.

Small explosions occurred in the bridge.

“We gotta got outta here now!” stated Dave.

“Quickly. Let’s get back to the shuttle!” shouted Simon.

They all then started to run. They made there way towards the shuttle bay. The explosions then got bigger as they moved.

“SELF-DESTRUCT IN FOUR MINUTES,” said the computer system.

Suddenly, another explosion occurred and heavy materials fell in front and on top of Carol.

“Carol?!” shouted Simon with shock.

She was trapped underneath some materials.

“Help me, please!” she shouted with fear.

“Hang on!” shouted Simon as he tried to free her.

“Simon, there isn’t much time. We have to go!” stated Dave.

“No! Get the shuttle powered up. There’s no way that I’m leaving her behind!” stated Simon angrily.

Dave, Vicky and Cathy continued into the shuttle bay.


Simon tried to remove the heavy material, but he was struggling.

“Hurry, Simon. The ship’s going to blow” stated Carol with great fear.

“I’m trying,” said Simon.

Simon then took a deep breath and continued to lift with all his strength and determination.

“SELF-DESTRUCT IN TWO MINUTES,” said the computer system.

Simon managed to release Carol.

“Can you move?” he asked.

“No. I Think I broke my ankle” said Carol fearfully.

“Well I’m not leaving you here!” stated Simon.

He then picked up Carol and started to run towards the shuttle bay.


The explosions got larger. Emergency doors started to close in front of them.

“Hold on!” said Simon.

As they past all the emergency doors, the last one they encountered was near the floor.

“We’re not gonna make it!” said Carol fearfully.

Simon then ran faster with great determination in his eyes.

“Hold on to me!” he said with determination.

Carol then closed her eyes. Simon then rolled with Carol under the door as it closed behind them.

“We made it!” said Carol.

“We’re not out of this yet,” said Simon as he continued to run.

“SELF-DESTRUCT IN THIRTY SECONDS,” said the computer system.

Simon then entered the shuttle bay with Carol in his arms.

Dave was by the shuttle door.

“COME ON! HURRY UP!” he yelled.


The shuttle started to take off. It headed to the exit as the bay doors opened.

Simon jumped into the shuttle with Carol in the nick of time.

The shuttle exited the battleship.

A few seconds later, the battleship exploded.

“Well done, Simon!” said Vicky happily.

“You’re lucky to get out of that thing alive” stated Dave.

“Thanks, guys” said Simon as he put Carol down on a chair.

“Thank you for saving my life, Simon” said Carol while her eyes lit up.

“That’s alright, Carol. I couldn’t bear the thought of you getting caught within that explosion,” said Simon.

Carol smiled and then blushed shortly afterwards as tears leaked from her eyes.

“Cathy, Vicky. Let’s head back to the Enterprise,” said Simon happily.

“No problem” said Cathy and Vicky.

Simon then approached Carol.

“How’s your ankle?” he asked.

“It’ll be fine,” said Carol.

“We’ll have a look at it when we get back on the Enterprise” stated Simon.

“Simon wait. Could you come here for a sec?” asked Carol.

“What is it?” asked Simon, as he got closer to her.

“It just wanted to give you something,” said Carol.

“Give me what?” asked Simon.

“This” said Carol passionately.

She then gave Simon a long and tender kiss on the lips.

They stopped after about five seconds.

Simon greatly blushed bright red.

“Ahem! You two should get a room” Joked Dave as he, Vicky and Cathy looked on.

“Oh shut up, Dave” laughed Simon as he continued to blush.

A few minutes later, the shuttle returned to the Enterprise.


After several hours, a large Metrolian Warship eventually picked up General Deathcall’s escape pod. General Deathcall left his escape pod and headed for the bridge.

He entered the bridge and approached a larger Metrolian.

This Metrolian was bulky throughout his entire body. He had cybernetics on top of his head to his shoulders. He had machine guns embedded in his shoulders and his wrists. He had four small cannons coming out of his chest and he clothed in a large cloak.

“Report!” he ordered.

“Mission accomplished, Emperor. They took the bait,” stated General Deathcall.

“Excellent work, General. Let’s hope it was enough time for the invasions,” said the Emperor.

General Intellect and General Ruthless entered the bridge.

“Emperor. The invasions were successful,” stated General Ruthless.

“Planet Draco and planet Slethearian are now under our control” stated General Intellect.

“Excellent work, Generals. Things are now going ahead as planned,” said the Emperor.

“What of the Rogue Warriors, sir?” asked General Ruthless.

“They’re still alive. But they took the bait. They managed to destroy the hazard copyright weapon,” explained General Deathcall.

“But that was one of our greatest inventions” objected General Intellect.

“Have no fear, General Intellect. That was a necessary loss. Sometimes we must make difficult choices to gain the upper hand in the war. The Rogue Warriors will soon be no match for us. HAHAHAHAHA!” explained the Emperor.


Season Two, Episode Seven.