Buccaneer Chronicles

The Buccaneer Chronicles:
City of Gold

By Tony Gallichan (despite interference by Keith Dunn and Adam J Purcell)

Part Three - Playing God Games Forever

Chapter Eight - If you walk without rhythm you won't attract the worm, If you walk without rhythm you'll never learn!


Macfadyan's mind raced, a temporal hiccup, a time loop (if it was then it was a chronic hysteresis and he could be trapped singing that tune for all eternity), temporal crimping. Not enough hard data and far too many distractions.

Whilst his mind churned, he slowly raised himself to his feet. The leader of the Spaniards opened his mouth to directed them back to camp but Macfadyan cut him off,

"Sorry no, I'm afraid things are further along than I feared so now, I'm afraid, I've got better things to do then follow you meekly back to camp and be subject to those tiresome questions from that insignificant speck of life, Diaz, who was probably being ruthlessly potty trained while the other children were out playing, Cre'at kindly stun this rabble!"

* The Earth travels round the sun! *

Macfadyan winced "Could you 'Please' render them insensible so we can make our way to the temple city and finally solve this thing!" Cre'at switched his head cannon to wide angle, realizing that if pushed too far, the Time Lord would use the Dalek gun and Macfadyan wasn't sure where the stun setting was. He'd watched as Macfadyan had once shouted in triumph as he'd finally hit on the correct combination..... then watched, highly amused as the gun accidentally fired and Macfadyan collapsed yelling,

"My legs, my legs, ,I can't feel my legs. Bloody typical!" then he'd flung the gun across the armory workshop. Very amusing, however, best not have that repeated now.

He opened fire.

The Spaniards jerked and twitched, as if in the grip of a fit, then slumped to the ground unconscious. Dona Linda screamed and started to run only to be grabbed by the shoulders by Macfadyan, who looked deep in to her eyes

"Its alright. They're not dead only asleep. No hell spawn has come to grab your soul. We are merely explorers and at the moment we need to explore a temple city. Stay with these men and I expect they will escort you back to camp. Come on Cre'at."

Macfadyan and Cre'at raced off in to the jungle leaving Dona Linda hugging herself and shivering despite the heat.


Macfadyan ran as best he could through the dense jungle while Cre'at glided along with him at head height

* What happened at the vegetable matter construction? *

"Time slipped a groove".

* That much I had already deduced. I did not realize that the Silurian's had the ability to manipulate time. *

" Don't confuse technical ability with technical brilliance. For instance, a human managed to construct a functioning time scope and that was in the decade of the 1980's".

At that point he stopped running, lost for a few moments in his mind. Cre'at drifted ahead, stopped and turned round watching Macfadyan, who with a sudden start came back to life and started running again, Cre'at waited for him to catch up then kept pace.

* Can you postulate a theory to account for it? *

"You know how useless it is to theorise without hard data. Though I'm hoping it wasn't an attempt to start a time loop yet that's the more likely explanation. Personally, I hope that they were attempting to reach back in time and bring it forward. But what ever it was it has a badly baffled manipulator". They sped through the jungle in thoughtful silence. Macfadyan suddenly went down on all fours. Cre'at thought he had become lost in his own memories again when he also noticed the drag marks on the ground.

" What do you make of these Cre'at. Some thing heavy has been dragged through here, looks like its heading towards the city!"

* Yes. It is the TAR... *

At that point three arrows thudded into the tree beside Macfadyan's head while nine Amazonion natives emerged from the undergrowth. Six of them had arrows notched and aimed at the time travelers. Macfadyan seemed startled

"Er, greetings! Would any one like a chocolate button?"

A tenth figure emerged from the brush. It wore a cowl and cloak pulled tight around it's head to conceal it's features. A hissing gargling voice issued from the dark void under the hood

"Take them to the city!"

It waved them on with a flick of a green brown claw.

They were taken to the edge of the jungle where the tree line rapidly thinned out into the slopes of a mountain. Whilst going through a rocky passage gouged into the sides of the mountain, Macfadyan turned to one of the natives who accompanied them

"Where are we going?"



Vilith looked around the chamber. There, on the upper tier was the triad who ruled this complex, below them were the six governors who made policy and advised the triad, it was to these he would have to make his plea. He tried not to notice how much his hand shook as he gathered his flimsys that were covered in hand written notes.

Shalar walked in, snout held high as always, as if you were emitting a fowl smell. He and his pro-council sat at the protector's bench, his scales gleaming with the health of youth. This was Vilith's last chance to turn them back from the idiotically dangerous path it was taking.

Shalar looked at the table of the triad and beneath it the table full of prefects and adjutants as an equal. He glanced at Vilith with nothing but contempt, watching as he stared myopically at his notes - they were hand written for shell's sake! He stared at everyone carefully bleary eyed, he was lackluster and there was no shine to his scales. He belonged to the previous generation, the generation that had made mistakes and error.

Vishtarr stood smashing the rock of justice on the gavel of truth

"We are here to open this tribunal. Preceptor Vilith, your opening statement please."

Vilith stood trying to straighten his bent back, his ready voice barely echoing a cross the chamber.

"Adjutants, pro-councils and members of the triad. I wish to call into question the direction that young Shalar is taking the temporal project. As you know it was first proposed as an attempt to time jump the period of devastation that was facing our planet. But was abandoned in favor of hibernation.

Shalar is now perverting it to wipe out the entire ape species, which could have untold consequences."

Dovail of the pro-consul stood, brash, bold and aggressive, but his quotations were tempered with intelligence

"Why is his plan dangerous and yours not? They both use the same techniques to remove two different problems". Vilith nodded expecting the question and out of habit took on a lectures stance

"Because when I proposed the time jump the future had yet to be made. We were the master of the planet, its destiny was ours to mold. Nature handed us this test and we failed and slept. In that time nature has risen a new race to be this planets master and our future is now sixty million years old. Who knows what contributions they have made or will make to this planets future?"

All through this speech Shalar made not so quiet remarks and disparaging noises (as was his right) but this was too much for him. Not waiting for Vilith to sit, Shalar shot to his feet

"How could vermin contribute to the well being of our world? We have studied the different ape tribes in the jungle on the surface around the complex. They bring nothing but catastrophe, they are brutal and savage. The events that ravaged our world were nature's test and its one we survived, we live still, and these ape decedents are another part of the test from nature and we shall wipe them from the face of creation. In doing that we shall have finally passed all the trials and reclaim our rightful place as the dominant race of this planet!"

Shalar was almost panting with the depth of his emotions, slamming his claw on the bench to emphasize his words.

At that moment an aid walked in and handed Shalar a flimsy. Reading it he made a few notations and handed it back. Then he faced the main table hands across his chest

"I beg your indulgence but a problem has arisen that needs my personal authority, if you will excuse me?" As was his right as the protectorate in this tribunal he could ask for a recess at any time. He left the chamber. Outside he didn't go far, but met with the Silurian who gave him the message

"What is this all about? What do you mean you have captured an ape wearing synthetic fibers?"

"Jerlum was guarding the passage entry to the to the city with some trained apes and caught an ape with some kind of floating device. It is possible that he is from the 'time travel' device".

"What, Really? You think so? Dunder head! Of course he is! Where is he now?"

"He is being held in cages in the ape city".

"Leave him there. Make sure that he speaks to no one especially any of the Triad or Vilith. Only kill him if you have to, he could be useful later. Now leave me!"


Perez followed the Indian native closely. They had already been attacked, and had defeated one group of natives and a demon and it had cost him all his men. The native kept stopping to check the ground, according to him the warlock had come this way with three others and one demon and had taken a path where some thing heavy had been dragged a few hours previously.

At the moment they were in a rock tunnel that was concealed from the outside. The tunnel ended at a lip that overlooked a basin valley snuggled between the mountains. Around the fringes were the remains of a forest jungle, to the north was a vast lake. But in the middle was a vast city. In the center of that a huge step pyramid temple, all of it carved out of a yellow/ orange rock. Perez looked around himself in wonder

"We found it, we found it! El Dorado! Go back tell Santander, tell him to bring the men. We found it!"


The cell was small, dark, smelly and hot; there was only one sources of light, a small-bared window high up in the wall. It was too small for Cre'at to float out of but nonetheless he was up there observing. The rest of the cell consisted of a rough stool, bed and small hole in the ground for toiletries. Macfadyan lay stretched out on the bed staring at the ceiling humming a disjointed tune under his breath.

"Right that should have given them enough time to get comfortable. In fact I feel rather insulted that no one has come in to threaten us or at least reveal their evil plans"

Cre'at floated down from his visual

* Would you like me to open the door? *

"Oh, no, no, no, no there's no need for your sledgehammer tactics. Leave this to my delicacy of touch". In one fluid motion he rolled of the bed to kneel beside it, as if to pray, and started to empty his pockets on to the bed while muttering to himself

"No electronic circuitry to disrupt, no magnetic clamps holding the fields closed. Just a wooden bar across the outside holding the door in place. Very primitive but very effective!" Finding a laser pointer he checked it worked and put it to one side of the growing pile. He looked in surprise at the next items he pulled out, a dozen tubes of fast drying silicon cement/ gel and green paint "Handy for building walls or patching space ship hulls but no good here" He placed them in the discard pile, and then pulled out an opened can of lemonaid, taking a deep pull on the can he suddenly remembered where it came from

"You know this was from the exterior shell of the ship. So if I manipulate it right I should be able to open a door to the interior" With a determined look on his face Macfadyan carefully started to twist and turn the can, but only succeeded in crushing the can flat, covering his fingers with the lemonaid that was left inside. With as much dignity he could muster he place he crushed can on the discarded pile. He started through his pockets again. Pulling out a glowing crystal he picked up a roll of duck tape from the discarded pile and proceeded to attach the crystal to business end of the laser pointer. He then rapidly dismantled the battery casing of the pointer. Then with the sonic screwdriver spot welded two wires to the contacts, then attached them to what looked like a battery covered in alien script. He then cleared every thing off the bed back in to his pockets, all the while humming the theme to an eighties television programme from America on Earth.

The whole process took about ten minutes, Cre'at watched in bemused silence, It would have taken less then a minute to convert the screwdriver in to a sonic lance and burn through the bar. Macfadyan carried the whole contraption over to the door and switched it on. Nothing happened. He smacked the pointer against the wall a couple of times and a blue/ green beam lashed out, carving a line in the wall and ceiling.


Turning around, he carved a line around the cell and inserted the pointer between the gap of the door and the wall. As he exited the cell, Cre'at heard Macfadyan mutter;

"I love it when I plan comes together".


It took Macfadyan about an hour to creep across the city using the shadows, door arches and whatever other cover that was available, but finally they were at the base of the pyramid.

The city was mostly made up of large plazas and courtyards; there were many stone seats constructed under tall wide leaf spreading trees, there for any weary traveler to rest. Despite what Macfadyan said, there was a heavy presence of gold everywhere. As plaques or inlaid into the walls and floor. Macfadyan was concerned; this city of Menoa could have easily passed for the fabled city of El Dorado. This should have been discovered and documented, he would have heard about it, it was all very strange.

They had reached a small cul-de-sac stationed behind the large step pyramid, inlaid with gold leaf, it was dazzling to look at. The blocks in the steps were taller than a man. Macfadyan took a long, critical look up at the temple that rested at the top some one hundred and seventy feet above him

"Well, I'm not going to be climbing that any time soon. You'll have to give me a lift!"

Cre'at extended his arms and grasped Macfadyan's wrists; they rose hesitantly into the air then started forward striking Macfadyan's knees against the lowest block

"Up you stupid head! Engage your anti-gravity drive!"

* You have increased mass since Cartharserus! *

"since whe... WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'VE INCRESSED MASS! I'M NOT FAT!! I'll have you know my physique is the height of fashion! Unlike you're flying, up Cre'at up!"

They wobbled up the pyramid hitting every third or fourth step on the way. It was a very battered and bruised Macfadyan who reached the top

"Well we won't be trying that again any time soon!"

Moving hesitantly round the side of the temple they peered cautiously through the entrance. Inside there was massive, high tech organic equipment, which clashed with the primitive interior. Silurians moved silently about their tasks. Sitting in one corner with its door open revealing the unfeasible inky blackness of its interior was the drinks dispenser exterior of the TARDIS. At that point Macfadyan tried to leap to his feet but Cre'at's hand restrained him. Macfadyan's strangled whisper was the only way he could give vent to his anger

"That's my ship! Did you know they had my ship?"

* Yes. *

Macfadyan whisper went up in pitch "Well why didn't you say anything then!"

* You did not ask *

Crawling back around the wall of the temporal Macfadyan begin muttering to himself again

"The ungrateful little lizards, all the things I was going to do for them and this is how they repay me. Well from now on the gloves come off, oh yes they do!"

Concerned Cre'at floated down to look Macfadyan in the face

* What do you intend to do? *

A furtive look flashed over Macfadyan's face then he turned to look at Cre'at while rummaging through his pockets again

"I noticed a few things earlier. We need a diversion and you my bobbing, floating friend are going to provide it!"

Pushing Cre'at down in to the corner, he retrieved the silicon gel, green paint and laser pointer then set to work.

After about twenty minutes a very rough Silurian head floated in front of Macfadyan

"Right can you move or talk?"

* Yes, what would you like me to say? *

"What about the lines we discussed?".

Cre'at's voice rang out * Oofar foo! *

"No, no, no, no not it needs more pomp, more majesty like this 'OOFFAAARR FFOOO!!'"

Cre'at waited, processing the information, and then as if Macfadyan hadn't spoken said in the same voice as before

* Oofar foo! *

"Yes ha ha that's it!"

Macfadyan and Motecuhzuma II meet for the first time on the causeway tp Tenochtitlan

As they crept back to the front of the temple Cre'at reviewed his Silurian files. According to them the god Oofaa foo was worshiped in the third dynasty. These Silurians were from the twenty fifth dynasties, they would not be fooled.

Cre'at floated round to the front of the temple. He remembered a sermon he once heard given by what was classified by a fire and brimstone priest.

* MY PEOPLE WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME! I have offered you peace and prosperity and you have turned your back on me. *

One by one the Silurian scientists came out of the temple allowing Macfadyan to slide in. Professionally he was shocked at the low level and shoddy equipment that was on display here.


Shalar raised the goblet of fermented juice to his snout. The tribunal was a complete success. Vilith had been thrown off the project and now he was able to proceed without any interference Vilith should be up in the temple lab, clearing out the last of his belongings and opening access to his personal files.

Shalar had no real animosity towards Vilith, after all his theories on time travel worked, his temporal detectors warned them of the arrival of the time machine. But if he had complained more vigorously when the hibernation program was first proposed they wouldn't be in the mess now. Shalar would make sure that Vilith would be a footnote on his own path to glory. Of course he had further plans for after he had removed the ape problem from history. It would be time to make sure that his race was pure. Nature had after all selected them to be the master race. He would make sure that they lived up to that ideal. All half-breeds, mentally deficient and the genetically abnormal would have to be dealt with. Still that was another problem for another time.

He sipped some more juice when an aide disturbed him

"Sir, a worker from the temple lab has reported a disturbance".

Shalar only listened with half an ear, believing that the invasive circuitry had burnt out again. It seemed the circuits would only last for about twenty five minutes before the breakers burnt out and needed replacing. The time machine's programs and circuitry had some formidable protection, but each time this happened they made a little more progress.

"Tell them to replace the circuit breakers and start again".

"No sir. There is a floating head that appears to be mechanical, it has roughly the looks of one of our race it claims to be the ancient god Oofar foo"

Shalar looked at his aide a little askew, as all Silurian technology was based on the organic so therefore anything mechanical or electrical was a different engine

"Capture it and then put it on display as a curiosity"

Shalar suddenly went cold. Wasn't there a mechanical head with the ape who wore synthetic cloths? His third eye flashed red in anger, it was the temple lab where Vilith was, Shalar all but ran from the room.

Santunder stood on the escarpment and looked down upon the city with greed in his heart, turning to Perez

"Form the men up into ranks, but keep them quiet. We attack as soon as the cavalry division comes through the rock passage"


Macfadyan crouched down behind the sarcophagus, it was made of a strange translucent material. This is were all the wires and circuitry ended (or began) and at the other end was the ship. He finally understood what was going on. It was, he thought, a unique solution. The subject was placed in the coffin, there the genetic hereditary was scanned analyzed and then time looped so their entire race is wiped from history. So as he was down there he disconnected the cables leading in to the coffin. While he worked he kept half an ear listening to Cre'at in case he got in to trouble


* Consider the lilies, they toil not *

The Silurian's were still being distracted

"What's he doing now?"

"I think he's taking a pop at the flowers!"

"He's making it up as he goes along!"


Macfadyan had just finished splicing the last cable when he realised he wasn't alone. Peering up over the top of the coffin, he saw an ancient Silurian. He must have been about a hundred plus, shuffling about the lab. Seeing an opportunity Macfadyan stood up

"Hello there, would you like a chocolate button?"

Vilith jumped, dropping his files all over the floor then staggered clutching his chest. Macfadyan raced forward and helped him to sit. Outside a great roar went up as hundred's of voices were raised in greed and anger.


An aide burst in to the Triad's private chamber, Dorval stood indignantly

"What is the meaning of this? We are in closed session!"

The aide folded his arm's across his chest

"I crave forgiveness, but a tribe of armored apes is attacking the city!"

"They What! Call the militia, melt their armor and burn them! Find Shalar tell him he has authority to proceed with the last stage of the operation!"

Shalar had taken the express lift that had been installed to take him from the complex to the temple labs. He had enough presence of mind to stand just to one side of the door to the main chamber and listen to what was going on inside. Vilith and the ape were talking about temporal theory as if this creature were his equal for shell sake!!"

"It can be best described as a temporal bubble in a time loop matrixes, but what I don't understand is why the Chronovores haven't descended and gobbled this all up, like a starving man at an all-you-can-eat buffet"

"Chronovores, Macfadyan what are Chronovores?"

"Creatures that live of time, they live in the vortex and feed off time loops and closed off time streams"

Shalar chose that moment to enter

"Perhaps its because they realise that this is the true way things should be. Really Vilith I'm surprised at you, listening to the babblings of this ape. If you were sixty years younger you would have eradicated it yourself!"

Vilith got off the stool with difficulty and drew himself up to his full height

"As you get older you begin to appreciate a different prospective"

Shalar snorted "I will have you put to death for this as a traitor, but first you can watch your new pet ape die!"

Macfadyan was shocked

"New pet? Now wait a minute, I've seen the future your time loop will create and it's empty, there are no humans, no Silurians, there are none of your people"

"You lie!"

Macfadyan pointed his arm out of the temple towards the city below. Now was the time to lie through his teeth "This battle is well documented in history. Your people will lose, they will be slaughtered to the last man and your race will die! Yours is the last example of it ".

"Again you lie, there are complexes scattered all over the globe".

"They don't make it, have you been able to contact any? No, Vilith told me an earthquake only awakened you. In the centuries to come human scientist's will search for you, they will find them dead and silent." Both Vilith and Shalar started wailing and swaying from side to side. Macfadyan took a step closer "But it doesn't have to end this way, I can take you away from here, I can take you any where, to one of a thousand of empty habitable worlds, THAT'S WHY I AM HERE!"

Shalar turned to Macfadyan "No! This is our planet we will not leave!" His third eye glowed a fiery red and Macfadyan had to dive full length on to the floor as a bank of equipment behind him distorted and melted. Vilith rushed forward

"Shalar stop this now!"

Shalar turned to face him and gave vent to the full force of his anger and outrage on Vilith. The scientist was picked up by the force of Shalar's hate and was blasted a crossed the lab. Macfadyan popped up from behind the coffin armed with the Dalek gun.

It spoke just once.

The beam struck Shalar in the center of the chest in the chest, holding him, pinning him their, his scales distorted, melted slightly. His scream rent the air then he crumpled and collapsed to the floor in a heap, smoldering slightly.

Macfadyan rushed over to Vilith just as Cre'at floated in busily stripping off his Silurian disguise. Macfadyan cradled Vilith's head as he looked up at him with blind boiled egg like eyes

"Save my people"

"I will try".

Macfadyan stood "what's happening outside "?

* The Spaniards are attacking *

"Come on Cre'at we have a job to do, history to heal and a species to save."


They headed of to the TARDIS. Walking into the console room Macfadyan pulled off his spoiled coat, pausing a moment to make a fuss of the many cats dotted around, he weaved his way around the candles. First he laid his hand almost reverently on the console

"Hello old girl I'm home, right lets get this stuff off you". Brandishing his sonic screwdriver, he started work on the Silurian organic equipment attached to the console. With a final heave he pulled the equipment off the console, closing the access panel. He started rolling it up it up with all the connecting cables leading to the outside then he drop kicked it out the double doors. Closing them he began to dematerialize the ship. Suspiciously, Cre'at asked

* What do you intend to do? *

Macfadyan looked up "A small reversal of Shalar's plan. Scan for Silurian genetic material in the surrounding area. Then materialize the ship around them and the complex, and then ship them to another habitable planet, thus ending the savage conflict outside.


Father Diaz rushed forward swinging his sword and parrying the spear that the native had thrust at him, swinging the sword back he loped the native's head clean off. It span, tumbling through the air, spraying a fountain of blood. The body staggered on for a few more passes before toppling over. The Father made the sign of the cross over the torso. They were winning and slaughtering the native savages where they stood.

Then from out of the pyramid and surrounding buildings, three eyed green demons came pouring, firing beams of heat from their third eyes and striking down his fellow Spaniards. Diaz gripped his sword more firmly. His course was just, his god was with him, he would smite these hell spawn

"God will guide my sword!"

A Silurian turned towards him, opened his third eye and turned Diaz into a walking human torch. It turned to the next human.

Suddenly all the Silurian's staggered, some fell to there knees, others gripped there heads. The air was full of multiple wheezing, bleeping and groaning sounds.

Inside the Ship, the roundels had dimmed to a ruddy orange, the fabric of the ship creaked and groaned as if it was deep under the sea. Macfadyan was sprawled over the console as if whispering soothing words to it. Cre'at was on the other side monitoring the power regulators yet keeping one eye on the Time Lord - so to speak. The only illumination came from the thousand and one candles dotted around the room or the warning lights from the console itself. Macfadyan looked up at Cre'at

"Temporal fusion can take it out of the old girl but I'm sure she can cope"

Macfadyan patted the console in an affectionate manner; the panel sparked and blew up. Macfadyan was back flipped behind the console clutching his forehead, screaming

"Not the eyebrows again!!"

CO2 jets exploded from the console, covering everything in a freezing fog. The power wailed, alarms and sirens screamed for attention. Macfadyan's head surfaced over the blackened panel, slightly singed, sooty and hair smoking, but eyebrows intact. Diving round the console he activated the controls that would enable this panel to take over the function of the damaged one.

Outside the groaning and wheezing reach a crescendo of noise and all of the Silurians just faded away. The Spaniards and native Indians hesitated, looking at one another nervously. Then the earth beneath their feet sifted, heaved, sank then dropped suddenly. As the complex was removed from under the city the earth fell down to fill the gap. On the surface huge cracks rent the surface, the huge blocks of the pyramid came crashing down smashing those standing beneath it. As the city came crashing down, the basin of the lake split open, the water came roaring down covering these who had survived the fall, or those who were pinned under masonry.



Macfadyan slotted new components into the open panel of the console, being watched by a disapproving Cre'at. Macfadyan could feel his eyes boring into the back of his head. He extracted himself from the innards of the console

"Alright you imp of unhappiness what's wrong?"

* As a matter of procedure the TARDIS would neutralize the Silurian's reactor. You have left them on Dralis major with no power, water or amenities. I suspect it was an act of spite. Demeaning for one of your rank, surely? *

"Oh pish and tush. In about eighteen months Dralis will be within the sphere of influence of twenty sixth century Earth. They will be forced to ask humanity for help and therefore forced to face their phobia. Cre'at we have saved humanity, enabled a dead species to live again and stopped history from unraveling. And you bother me with details!

* Like you have been forced to face beans? *


"Will you to please be quiet some of us is trying to get some sleep!"

Blanche stood at the inner archway to the ship dressed only in a man's nightshirt that was two sizes to big for her, that was sliding off one shoulder reviling bear flesh. She was also wrapped up in a quilt.

For a few moments Macfadyan leaped across the room in joy and tousled Blanche's hair, then with a look of distaste he realized what he was doing, pulled out a purple spotted hanky and meticulously wiped down his fingers

"Well if you to don't mind I have a lot of work to do, now off you two, go and play!"

He turned back to the console, but he could still feel Cre'at looking at him, and in his mind, that look was joined by disapproving looks from many others........

The End

(This is finally finished. When we originally role played this back in 1999 it was a dramatic tale, the opening up of moral questions of science against religion, science as a religion and lead to discussion late in to the night. I had hoped this would be written in the same vain. But the original author ran in to problems and couldn't finish it. So I stepped in to the breach, I am not the writer it deserves so this is just some tat I threw together at the last minute, sorry!)

Only stunt Silurian's were used

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