Audio: The Buccaneer Chronicles Audio Nonsense

Hi folks. Here's the trailers for The Buccaneer Chronicles text stories. They are full cast and have specially composed music. Enjoy.


  • Cre'at Sot'm - Adam. J. Purcell
  • Blanche - Jean Riddler
  • Curtis/Jellico/Great Vampire - Andy Simpkins
  • Queen Aralan - Holly Pricket.
  • Crillia/Sontaran/Spaniard #1 - Bill Cook
  • Ohica - Theresa Clark
  • Nicola - Karen Dunn
  • Adh Saidhe/Iytean/Butler - Keith Dunn
  • Macfadyan/"Cecil"/News vendor/Professor Sot'm/Fraser/Spaniard #2/Dalek - Tony Gallichan
  • Direction, sound and music - Tony Gallichan

Based on "The Buccaneer Chronicles" created by Keith Dunn despite interference from Adam J. Purcell, Andy Simpkins and Tony Gallichan.


The Judder Trailer
MP3 (1,345 KB)
So, just what does the Universe at large think of Lord Macfadyan? A trailer covering The Buccaneer Chronicles, Season One: Dancing with Crystal Reflections.
MP3 (2,208 KB)
Meet our Heroes. Oh, and meet Lord Macfadyan as well. Sun, sea, sand. Could a holiday on the Channel Island of Jersey get any better? Only with some bacon sarnies, a cup of decaf and a screaming monster - er, that's right...isn't it?
MP3 (2,503 KB)
Knight falls, and with it comes danger. The Beast is loose upon the world... but so is the beloved of the Dark Lady.
And so it begins...
The Iytean Menace
MP3 (1,760 KB)
Muffins, the Royal Society and an assassination attempt, all in Victorian London.
City of Gold
MP3 (2,287 KB)
Welcome to Earth, once home to a race of apes. The Buccaneer, Cre'at and the Spanish Conquisterdores discover that... Old Three Eyes is back!
Keeping the Peace
MP3 (2,021 KB)
Israel, and Captain Curtis has problems. First the impending invasion by aliens. Secondly, the fact he has to work with Cre'at to stop them. Thirdly, just who is Adh Saidhe and is he actually helpful?
Luckily, Lord Macfadyan is nowhere to be found...

(a special little trailer that is deeper then it seems - enjoy)
Vampire Mutations
MP3 (1,336 KB)
Or, if you like, Bucky the Vampire Slayer! Does it really need explaining? It does? {sigh} It’s a sequel to State of Decay. Big surprise there, huh?
Musical Interlude
MP3 (1,375 KB)
They call it Madness... A butler. A Time Lord. A band. Time for a reality check.
Christmas Staff Party
MP3 (3,048 KB)
A bit of fun for Chritmas, it almost has a panto air about It was done in one hell of a rush. Also, we experimented with a different way of recording it. So it's very slightly rumpled around the edges... I guarantee you'll never see turkey in the same light again... enjoy.
Beware the Judder Man
MP3 (4,652 KB)
Heres the song from Catharcerous. We appologise for the appaling vocals (Tony at his very best - honest!). Check out the lyrics - it might help.. lol (now, if I can just get Midge Ure to record it...)
VERY Old Trailer
MP3 (3,804 KB)
Ooh, dear oh dear. Presented here for you to howl with derision at, is part of our first attempt at a trailer. Why only part of it? Because the original lasted over seventeen and a half minutes! (look, I got a little carried away, lol) The sound quality is appaling in places, you have been warned. There's pops, crackles, distortion, a curious heavy base hum under some of the lines... It's put here for nostalgic purposes and to remind me that, no matter how rushed I am doing things nowadays, they'll never sound as bad as this. Check out the forum for more details. Its worth a listen to, if only to hear the first inklings of what was to become the theme for the Buccaneer Chronicles, "The Judder Man", as well as a Doctor Who theme backing that was a midi file taken off the net. Oh yeah, listen out for my hilariously terrible attempt at a Dalek...