Audio: The Buccaneer Chronicles Music

Here's the music from the trailers as well as some other pieces. You might enjoy them...

The Judder Man
MP3 (1,084 KB)
This is the theme to The Buccaneer Chronicles.
The Judder Man (3 1/2 Inch)
MP3 (518 KB)
Just a small thing, this was a re edit of the Judder Man done for the ending of The Tale of Prince Peladon which was performed at The Big Pink Fluffy Bouquet Variety show. This was the music the Dunn and I left the stage to.
The Judder Man (12 Inch)
MP3 (2,326 KB)
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Ok, heres a test mix that I did simply ages ago. It's just me mucking around, really. You should start to see the progression of the piece now. Sometime soon I'll do the final, FINAL mix of the bloody thing, lol
The Judder Man (14 Inch)
MP3 (2,451 KB)
This is the 14" mix of the The Buccaneer Chronicles Main Theme.
MP3 (2,272 KB)
A moody piece from the Ghostwalker Trailer.
MP3 (1,512 KB)
The music from the trailer.. Based on Macfadyan's Folly, a recuring theme throughout the trailers for Season One. I can hear the little people calling even as I write this. [Recommendations for a good, er, Institution welcome!]
Beware the Judder Man Instrumental
MP3 (3,791 KB)
The music from the song - so be thankful - no vocals!!
The Iytean Menace
MP3 (1,659 KB)
Step back to the Victorian era (allegedly) and don't step in the horse doo doo.
City of Gold
MP3 (1,538 KB)
Simple enough. It had to give the impression of a South American forest, have a Spanish feel for some of the characters, oh, and have a scraping noise cos Keith wanted that. Something to do with Doctor Who and the Silurians, apparently.
All hail Oofarfoo!
Keeping the Peace
MP3 (1,612 KB)
Not so much the music for the trailer as a musical trailer in its own right. I've been too clever by 7/8s, lol. OK. I can't go into too much detail without spoiling plot points and arcs etc however, I can say that if you know your Doctor Who incidentals and also some of the music in the Staggering Stories audio section then you might, just might, be able to work out what's going on in Series one of the Bucky Crons. With different themes and instruments for characters, we are starting to head into Peter and the Wolf territory, LOL
This features a reworking of Peter Howell's Two Doctors' Sontaran theme amongst other things... I do hope you enjoy this one... because I'm dead chuffed with it!!!
Silent Night
MP3 (2,428 KB)
From the Christmas Staff Party, slightly amended but still done in an enormous rush. It features a new soundfont which is rather yummy. It's not quite what I wanted, but it will do.
Sotus Attacks!
MP3 (3,493 KB)
Yet another VERY old piece - one of the first we did and one for which I shall forever wear a smile. Why a smile? Well, the story involves Mr. A. J. Purcell screaming, yes SCREAMING in frustration! I was shocked, I can tell you. You see, he wanted this to finish with a clip from Mars The Bringer Of War - and could he get the bit he wanted? Could he f**k!
This piece was done not for the site but for the actual rpg. Its a bit different to what I usually do and yes, its a bit creaky in places - hey, its THAT old. I'll let you guess just what the title implies as it refers to an event in Series One of the Bucky Chrons.
Romana's Theme
MP3 (587 KB)
Taken from Full Circle and Logopolis, quite deliberately I hasten to add, this is the backing to the forthcoming "Vampire Mutations" trailer. Not very long but then, neithers the scene it was done for...
Intro to "Dancing With Crystal Reflections"
MP3 (1,268 KB)
Inspired by "Edo" from the Midge Ure album "The Gift". This is the piece that started the whole long, drawn out bloody thing in the first place.
State of Trailer Decay
MP3 (836 KB)
Ok, ok. I admit it. I simply adore the 18th season of Dr. Who. And the music from that year was something else. So, as we are doing a sequel to "State of Decay" I thought, why the hell not.
Macfadyan's Folly
MP3 (3,665 KB)
The first original piece I did and I love it. Alright, it has a small hint of Ultravox's "Man of two worlds" from the album "Lament" but its quite deliberate and makes sense in the story. I'm going back to this to beef it up a little but I really love it. It was done for the first trailer we did... and the least I say about that, the better!!. We'll pop it in here eventually. Maybe. Perhaps.
Outro to "Dancing with Crystal Reflections"
MP3 (934 KB)
Yup. I know. It's basically the Buffy/Angel love theme. But its what Keith wanted. So there.
Cre'at and Co.
MP3 (522 KB)
Heh. Heh heh. Bwa hah hah hah
Go on. Guess.
MP3 (1,664 KB)
This is another old piece - and it shows. There's a couple of problems with the sound (a couple of very obvious "pops"). It started out as a theme for Blanche, but halfway through I was appalled to find that I'd actually done the theme to... Bagpuss! So, for a laugh we popped some appropriate lines to it... A silly piece of fluff.
Duel of the Eternals
MP3 (5,821 KB)

I want it to be known that this mp3 was done as a joke. Let me explain...

Waaaay back when we first mooted the idea of doing trailers for The Buccaneer Chronicles, Keith used the John Williams "Duel Of The Fates" music video - the music with loads of sound clips from the film. Keith kept on saying about this, especially after the disaster of the first trailer I attempted, part of which you'll find here somewhere.


As a form of revenge, and for a laugh, Adam and I thought we would put together a Duel of The Fates style trailer for him. We got the music, recorded a couple of extra lines, based on lines from the film, raided the archives for a few pertinant lines and just chucked it together.

So the sound quality is, in places, atrocious. It doesn't help that the mp3 compression has again done funny things to the sound. It was put together in a huge rush, no real sound editing or noise reduction was done and we used very old versions of some of the lines. Keith's lines about the life of a fourth dimension traveller have a hiss and a nasty bass hum to them.. The volume levels are a little wonky also.

So, enjoy it for what it is. A silly piece of nonsense, done in a rush and very sad in concept, lol.

Oh, and the music is by some guy called John Williams. Not bad, I suppose. he might have a future as a triangle player for the Portsmouth Synphoniam.

(Tony grins evilly and waits for the law suit to fall on the door mat....)

Danse with Saidhe
MP3 (2,590 KB)
Another very, very old piece. Done for a scene in Dancing with Crystal Reflections. The start, I will admit is a little shaky. But it soon takes off...
Season Two Test Piece
MP3 (1,545 KB)
Another oldish piece. Again based on Edo - the original running theme for season one, I wanted to include a sample from Queen on it. That didn't work out too well, but heres the music bit. A little old now, but its ok. We might pop the Queen one up at some stage.