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Mr. Dalek Invades Trumptonshire

Exterminating the corpse of Tony Gallichan

Mr Dalek crosses the void beyond the mind into a whole new universe in the Staggering Stories Christmas Staff Party 2006.

Trumpton Clock EXTERMINATED!

Listen to the narrated story!

You can listen to the Narrated Mr. Dalek Invades Trumptonshire as an MP3 (17,512 KB) or an Ogg Vorbis (11,948 KB).


Mr Dalek's Karaoke!!

Hello boys and girls. Mr Dalek now has his own song, but, alas, the only person on the site who sang it was Tony... can you do better? Of course you can... Below are the lyrics and a link to the music for the song... please feel free to record yourselves singing for Mr Dalek - we'll put the best ones up here...

Mr Dalek's Song as MP3 (910 KB) or as Ogg Vorbis (643 KB).


Mr Dalek's Song - the lyrics

Mrs. Dingle Windy Miller

Oh Mr Dalek glides to and fro,
Just as a good Dalek should,
He has no time for the other toys,
who always gatecrash his 'hood,

He exterminates them as much as he can,
Just as a good Dalek ought.
Structures and people,
nothing survives,
not even Captain Snort,

Oh Mr Dalek glides to and fro,
just as a good Dalek should....

Pippin Fort Mickey Murphey
Mr Dalek in Camberwick Green's Music Box