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K'Retalra: I.K.V.ghop ta'voDleh Command Crew

Intelligence gathered by Keith Dunn

Captain: K'Rontep
K'Rontep is a big barrel chested man not given to fat, muscular but not muscle bound. His bone ridge rises above his red-brown wire like hair as like the knuckles of a clasped hand.
He is given to depth of emotion both joy and anger and lives life to the Klingon full.
A Quote: "we fly to Cardassia were its my sworn intent to face them on the battle field, bare my broad buttocks and say 'see I honour you most highly'"
The inspiration.. Brian Blessed, mostly from Blackadder the First
1st Officer: Dorff
A small thin man almost the direct opposite if K'Rontep, and as such manages to counterpoint him. Dorff's own ridge is small and subdued telling of some form of human ancestry.
Engineer: K'Talviss
Like all engineers the universe over he is interest in technology. He is quite happy to dismantle something to see how it works.
Tactical: K'Retalra
K'Retalra had a passion for flight in all its forms but his life path has taken him away from this, though he does take every opportunity to get in the helm position. He doesn't go in for the elaborate facial hair of usual Klingons and supports a small moustache and goatee his brow ridges are more like smooth platelets.
Science: Vel'Tara
Vel'Tara graduated from the military science academy with full honours. Trained in elements of computer warfare and data analysis. She is from a powerful house, tall and aristocratic. She has sharp large brow ridges, long silky black hair worn up in complicated brides and knots.
Helm: Alra'Kon
Alra'kon is only in her second tour of duty is proving to be an excellent pilot. She is young with brown almost wire-like hair and uniforms with long flowing skirts.
The Security Team
(there is not a lot of detail for these because they are red-shirts)
  • Trunkun
  • Klovis
  • Koluck'Marm
  • Var'Tass
  • Lurkshore