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K'Retalra Mission 5: Rescue

Reports plucked from SubSpace By Keith Dunn

Restarc forever undefeated


“This bridge is too small I keep hitting my head. My chair squeaks when it moves.”

K’Rontep slumped in the command chair, His chin resting on his fist mumbling to himself.

He had just finished touring his new command and although it had many improvements and innovations they still weren’t good enough.

He squeaked his chair around to face K’Ratalra “Tactical status.”

K’Ratalra looked down at the readout display, “instruments show green across the board, cloaking device is ready in all modes of flight. Targeting drones are prepared and weapons systems are primed.”

“Helm set a course to the first test zone. Proceed when ready.”


Tactical combat log
Of the I.K.V.ghop ta’volDeh
123rd day in the year of Khless 1001

This is the first log entry of the new K’mpec class bird of prey; we are currently on course to the test zone, mission, shakedown cruise to Federation specifications.

They were in a shift change, spending the time in the mess with K’Rontep muttering about, “they’re not being enough space to swing a Romulan”.

The alert klaxon exploded in to the shift change din. As one the command crew bolted for the door.


“1st OFFICER STATUS!!” K’Rontep roared as they hit the bridge running.

Dorff, standing by the command chair, turned to face him, “We are cloaked, priority message from command: ‘councillor Korgh has been abducted’. It is assumed that he was taken against his will. The assault team that snatched the councillor has rendezvoused with the imperial class star destroyer grey dagger. We are currently at maximum cruising speed to the designated co-ordinates. Our orders are to liberate or terminate councillor Korgh.”

K’Rontep turned to K’Ratalra, “Tactical report.”

“So far three ships have acknowledged and are in range to respond, a vor’cha and two K’Tingar’s. Combined they may just have the fire power to bring down the star destroyer.”



Captain Layland rose from the illuminated dais as the giant holographic head of the emperor faded from view. He strolled from the raised holographic chamber back to the main bridge.

The commander walked up to him, “The scope reports negative on any form of pursuit. Detention reports that the prisoner is being some what uncooperative but they foresee no problems.”

“Prisoner? Guest, surely?”

“Guest then.”

This came from a man who had just entered the bridge. He was dressed in what was a business suit in many cultures; he had a confident, smug smile on his face.

“Councillor Korgh is here as a guest at his Imperial majesties pleasure.”

Looking around the bridge he off-handily addressed the captain “Has there been any response yet?”

At a sign from the captain the commander responded, “The assault team engaged a number of system defence craft but since then nothing.”

“That’s disappointing!” He paused as if listening to some thing “Though I think we should see a few developments soon”.

“We will defeat them,” the commander bragged.

“Yes I’m sure you will. Because this mission is very important to your Emperor and my associates. You will keep me appraised of the situation won’t you.”?

And with that he turned and walked over to the massive viewing windows that looked out in to deep space.

“Civilian advisers. I hate civilian advisers”. The captain spat through clenched teeth “But that one’s worse than most”

“Why is that sir?”.

“When I talk to him I can’t help but think there’s some one looking over my shoulder “.

His voice dropped to a thoughtful murmur “And then there’s the whispering when he’s around”,

“Sorry sir?”

At that point a Lt walked up and spoke in a subdued tone, “Scope reports that four enemy vessels have just entered range”.

“Battle alert, Prime the turbo batters”

A voice against all decorum floated across the bridge “Don’t forget the augmented shields, there’s a good captain.”


Tactical log of the I.K.V. ghop ta’voDleh

We have detected the Grey Dagger proceeding at the equivalent of full impulse out of the system. We are preparing to intercept.



“Comm have the Vor’cha cut across the x-axis to draw their fire, the two K’tingas are to target shield projectors on the bridge tower, Helm manoeuvre Molar’s lament, at my command. . . .Execute.”

All the Klingon vessels pealed off to attack the various targets.

Disruptors, Phasers, quantum and photon torpedo’s flared wildly against the star destroyers shields.

K’Ratalra looked up from his instruments, “They have modified their shields.”

“WHAT!!” roared K’Rontep, “All ships, all weapons target those shield generators”.

While the ships scrabbled to obey K’Ronteps orders, K’Ratalra did a full sensor sweep on the destroyer’s shields.

“Reading show that there are secondary and axruilary shield generators along the length of the star destroyer”.

K’Rontep smashed his fists down on his arm rests cracking the panel, “By the seven sacred hairy balls of Nytelleop, is there nothing we can do?”

“There are density flux variations near the engine exhaust. Pinpoint that area and we will punch a short term window.”

“How large?”

“Assault shuttle is prepped and ready”.

“1st OFFICER! ! You have the con. Assault team to the shuttle. We will take the fight to these dung beetles personally”.


Tactical log

The assault shuttle has breached the star destroyer’s shields. We have activated the grappling tractors and the shuttle is now attached to the back of the bridge tower.

Personal note

Something is wrong. There have been tactical errors on the part of the Grey Dagger. They are far enough away from the gravity well of the planet to use the hyper-drive. Why haven’t they launched T.I.E.’s against us? I suspect a trap, but the form is unknown. My first C.O. said forewarned is forearmed.


“Captain I think we’ve played with our charges long enough”.

With contained anger and contempt, Layland turned to his 1st officer “Mr Gates says we are to leave. Prime engines”.


The M.S.E. droid trundled down the secluded corridor, chirping to itself contentedly, taking a short cut to deliver its message. With a squeak it ran in to a leather clad spiked boot. It began to rapidly speed backwards squalling widely. A hand snatched out and picked it up and turned it over. The four small wheels in each corner of the small box-like droid spun crazily with electronic panic.

K’Ratalra regarded it thoughtfully and then crammed it into the waste disposal chute. The panicked squawking ended with the sound of grinding metal and delicate circuits. He then slapped his comm badge, “The area is secured”.

Red, orange and gold lights illuminated the corridor as the assault group coalesced out of nothing, lead by K’Rontep.

“Security squad defence positions. Tactical, the plan of action?”

“We head for the cells and go for an old fashioned jail break. For that we need to move around more freely.”


The storm trooper patrol marched down the corridor stopping every few minuets to post guard. Ceiling panels were quietly pulled back and a group of Klingons dropped on to the remnants of the squad.

There was a muffled exclamation, and one trouper managed to get his gun free. The shot was forced up in to the ceiling. The troupers weren’t expecting or used to unarmed combat. Fists slapped helmets. Armed hands were blocked and twisted, producing grizzled popping sounds, helmets were grabbed and wrenched with the sound of cracking bones. Naked aggression channelled in to textbook violence

end of part two


Tactical log

Var’Tass returned with the security detachment and five sets of storm trooper armour. This is enough for the security to disguise them selves (with various amounts of credibility) and for me and the captain to act as prisoners. K’Rontep as usual protested that there was more direct methods. But was ‘talked’ round by the prospect of the fight once we got inside the cellblock.

Val’Tara has patched her Tricorder in to the computer network and has located where councillor Korgh’s cell is and a map leading us there.


Part three

The two Klingon’s were marched through the corridors hand on their heads (the despondent look on K’Ronteps face was not all fake). They were surrounded by storm troops one carried a large tool bag /satchel. They drew the occasional curious looks from other naval personnel. There was however a few worrying moments when they had to pause for a turbo lift

After they filled inside Klovis leaned across to Var’tass “Where did you get this armour.”


“I don’t know what he’s been eating but this helmet stinks”.

Before she could reply the lift doors opened to the detention area and they had to file out.

He was dressed in imperial navy grey with the standard superior sneer on his face, “Where are you taking these things?”

“Prisoner transfer from cell T.H.X.1138”, replied Klovis even though the guard had addressed Var’tass.

The guard glared at Klovis “I wasn’t notified? I’ll have to check. . .Wait a minute there isn’t such a cell!”

At that point K’Rontep’s knife thudded in to his neck. All hell broke loose as the security team took down the remaining guard and monitors. “Science, check the data base find out which cell Korgh is in, Tactical with me”.

Val’Tara ripped off her helmet and started scanning the interface “I’ve got it! 23/arc”.

Pausing only to pick up a Bat’lelh’s from the tool bag K’Rontep and K’Ratalra ran down the appropriate corridor.

The door snapped open revealing a frozen tabloid of prison guard’s, torturer and Korgh. Korgh was strapped to a vertical table that was leaning over another table. Which was full of spikes and protuberances. Sparks leaped across the surface of this table. Each time this happened Korgh flinched and stifled a scream.

“SCUM! ! Dung beetles! You shall die for this!”

The moment was shattered. K’Rontep and K’Ratalra leaped in to the cell. The cries and clashes of metal continued for a few moments and then K’Rontep help Korgh down while K’Ratalra watched intently for any untoward moves. “Signal the shuttle, we have who we came for. Its time to leave”.

“No not yet” replied K’Rontep “we need a hyper-space capable shuttle. We are currently travelling through hyper-space the assault shuttle doesn’t have jump engines”

“WHAT! ! Why not? Tactical fresh engines.”


Tactical log

The security team has split in two. Half went back to the assault shuttle with councillor Korgh. The rest are making there way down to the hanger deck. We have jammed the turbo lift in place, burned through the floor and are using grav-chutes to descend through the infrastructure.

A small object bounced into the hectic hanger deck. It flared orange then gleamed white and expanded with a rumble of an explosion. K’rontep, K’Ratalra and the rest of the security team rushed in firing disrupters at anything that moved.

Somewhere some one hit the alarm. As more Storm trooper’s poured in to the hanger deck the Klingon’s fought their way to a Lambda class shuttle, by using disrupters, sharp edged steel and professional violence.

K’Ratalra took the helm position with Lerkshore in the co-pilot’s position “Almost like old times”, she said with a savage grin.

K’Rontep took the rear guns his voice booming with joy’s laughter every time he hit someone.

“Shields up brace yourselves. Lerkshore fire forward weapons to disrupt internal shields around the hanger entrance”.


The three winged shape shot out of the hanger bay followed by the blossoming flames of an explosion. The ship looped round then ran along the hull of the star destroyer.

“Lerkshore see if you can pull the co-ordinates of Portadia”.

The shuttle sped along the hull of the star destroyer evading the turbo-lasers and staying inside its shields, Protected from the destructive energies of hyperspace. While the assault shuttle detached from the bridge tower and looped back to meet them. There was a brief flare of blue white light from the underside of the assault shuttle as it activated the grappling tractor and locked on to the tri-wing shape of the Lambda class shuttle. The combined ships keeled over in an almost paint scraping somersault and headed towards the engine section. Close to the engine section the two ships hovered then detached while the assault shuttle proceeded alone.

The shuttle hit the area of space covered by the star destroyers shields, Which reacted with the shuttles own shields sending out waves of multi-coloured light in to the blackness of space. The Lambda fired all weapons at the shuttle. Its shields overloaded and the shuttle exploded causing the Grey Daggers shields to glare a green/yellow revealing a shrinking hole in them, as the shields were reinforced. The Lambda soared through the hole and off in to hyperspace.

End of part three


Tactical log

All personal were beamed off the Assault shuttle and that was detonated to disrupt the Grey Daggers shields, allowing us to escape. The rest of the journey to the Portadia system was uneventful. There we sent out a signal to the I.K.V. ghop ta’voDleh.

Personal log>

My concerns over this mission grow. Why wasn’t the detention cell monitored or alarmed. Why didn’t they react until we hit the hanger deck? It’s my opinion that this whole thing was staged for us to get Korgh back. At the moment I can’t call Korgh out (even if I’m right )with out serious repercussions for every one abroad ship. I need hard evidence, I have made my thoughts known to the captain. Both he and I will send all ower log entries to command.


Part four

The door to the sparklingly clean and bright medi- bay slid open. Two Klingons strolled in looking uncomfortable and out of place in the starfleet standard bay. K’Ratalra looked up at the ceiling “Computer activate the E.M.H.”.

The air simmered as if from a heat haze and a rather small bald human stood there in starfleet black and grey. “Please state the nature of the medical emergence. . . Klingons !”

“Check your mission files!”.

“Ahr... this should prove to be an intellectually stimulating existence”.

The irony in the voice was lost on the Klingons .

“You will perform a full medical on councillor Korgh. Make sure that all your findings correspond to those on record”.

The Doctor turned to the councillor and indicated the bed, “If you could just get up on to the bio-bed”.

“I don’t take orders from Federation Light bulbs”.

“I must insist,” K’ratalra replied with a gesture that ended with his hand on his disrupter, “we don’t know what damage has been done to you by the Imperials”.

Korgh muttered some thing under his breath and sat on the bed.


Later in K’Ronteps office /cabin.

“His left second clavicle’s broken in two places, minor tearing of his subclavian and infiour vena cava. His lymph system has been mildly disrupted and for some reason the squamous and epidermal tissue covering the left deltoid, both major pectorials and left traeziopus have been exposed to an inter phasic field. But I can tell you he is not a changeling”.

The Doctor finished giving his report. Looking expectantly from K’Rontep to K’Ratalra. K’Rontep looked up at K’Ratalra “What did he say?” he looked across at the Doctor “What did you say ?”.

“He said” replied K’Ratalra leaning back against the wall and folding his arms “ that he had been tortured but that it is councillor Korgh”

K’Rontep leaned forward and operated a control on the desk “Helm how long before we reach starbase Olympus”.

“Two hours”

K’Rontep considered “I will notify internal security and command”.

“Erm... have you finished with me ?”.

“YES! ! !”

K’Rontep glared as the Doctor faded from site then up at K’Ratalra “Do we have holo-emiters all over this ship?”.


“ ‘Sigh’ I miss my old ship”.



About two weeks later...

Councillor Korgh walked in to his chambers. He had just finished the last debriefings. The Romulan message pod was waiting for him on his desk. It was a family heirloom, clamed at the battle of Clamlarn. It was covered in fine scroll work. Centuries old when his grandfather clamed it, it was more a work of art than a functioning item. He picked it up and opened it. The artisan had modified it so that it could be opened from the inside. The artisan was a loose end that would have to be terminated. Shame, he did good work.

He opened his tunic to revel his naked chest, slowly fading into view like a shadow out of darkness were two blue /grey / dead looking lumps of flesh. One on his chest another attached to his left shoulder and neck. The signal red /yellow eye in each lump flicked open at the same time. The thing on his chest detached long filament like legs that looked too weak to hold its weight and scuttled over to the message pod which snapped shut containing it.

The voice of the second one echoed in his head “You will present this message pod to Gowron as an example of your loyalty and honour”.

Korgh forced words out through gritted teeth, “What are you?. Why are you doing this?”.

“The Imperial Emperor Palpatain wants your race destroyed”.

“I will not allow that!”

“I know. I am a servant of the Drakhh. Their masters, the beings you call the shadows, see a resource in the Klingon race. It is our honour to procure that resource for them. You have done well the next seven standard hours are yours. you will however be monitored, any attempted at self termination will be blocked.”

Korgh collapsed on his bunk. His mind a whirl. It will not end this way, he will overcome this demon. He will not let this happen to his empire. . .



Given that war is hell, lots of people were hurt, maimed and even killed (especially by K’Rontep)during the making of this story. But as it’s only a piece of fiction the only real casualties were my bruised synapses.