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K'Retalra Mission 1: Evidence

Reports plucked from SubSpace By Keith Dunn

Klingon mission report: Mission 1701

He marched on to the bridge glorying in the old remembered sights and sounds. The way the mist hung in the patches of harsh light, the harsh red /yellow glow of the control interfaces. He walked around the support girders to stand in the open area between the command chair and the viewscreen and looked down in to the chair.

“Lt Comdr. K’Ratalra vesti Reshtarc reporting” The chair slowly span round revealing Captain K’Rontep.

The Captain was large for a Klingon, not fat but barrel-chested, muscular not muscle bound, Large boned. His crest which looked like two clasped hands, thrust up through an explosion of wire like red / brown hair, added another 2 inches to his height.

He passed over a PADD with his services record on “Here is the list of my Honour and my life. I pledge it to the Empire, this ship and to you”.

The Captain scanned through the pages making noncommittal noises when he finally spoke the voice was at odds with his frame soft and silky, ”I accept in to my hands your life and your honour, Station.”

K’Ratalra gazed around the bridge quickly identifying the various duty stations, ”I will take my station now.”

The Klingon slowly and lazily turned, “Who are you to try and take my station from me?”

He was younger then K’Ratalra and probably faster. This had to be finished quickly, ”I am the one who is going to take this station!“

On the last word he performed an open palmed smash to the head causing his opponent to stagger back against the console, baring his neck, but now was not the time for a killing blow. Instead a full knuckled blow was delivered to the stomach doubling his opponent over. K’Ratalra raised his knee producing a satisfying crunch from his nose. Finally K’Ratalra grabbed the collar and base of his tunic and threw him through the opening bridge doors.

K’Ratalra turned back to the Captain and handed over an optical chip, “Orders from command my liege”

This time the voice matched the frame, “1ST OFFICER”, the voice boomed, ”Make ready, we leave in 15 lirt’k” and left the bridge.


Personal log 69th day in the year of Kahless 1000

I have just finished my first of many work shifts as tactical commander aboard the I.K.V. ghop ta,’voDleH (Empires hand). The mission is to assassinate a shapeshifter masquerading as an obsidian order Gul. We are currently on course to the area of Siglon 12.

The Captain, K’Ratalra and 1st officer Dorff were posed over a tactical display .On it was the intelligence data of the Siglon 12 base. They were trying to create a workable plan enabling them to get in and get out

“I have a plan to get in. Getting in will be easy, its getting out I have trouble with.“

“Well tactical“ The Captains silky voce rumbled, ”How do we get in?”

“Through cunning and guile”

The silky voice was glum and pouting, “I like not this plan.“

“Its my intention“ said K’Ratalra “To drop a star ship on them.“

“This plan has merit!“ the Captain boomed, “Helm increase speed to warp 8. We head for the Cardassians where it’s my sworn intent to face them on the viewscreen, expose my broad buttocks and say, ‘see, I honour you most highly!’“


Tactical combat log of ghopta,’voDleH 70th day in the year of Kahless 1000

The first part of the plan has been put in to operation. We have disabled a Cardassian cargo vessel using science officer Veltera suggestion using multi flux gamma radiation to collapse the warp field. We boarded and dispatched the crew (with much shouting and challenging from the Captain. They fought well for Cardassians). Their remains were placed in the life pods to be used later.

Explosive charges, Telemetry probes, Assault shuttle, assault squad and a holo filter were fitted. The plan is to send the Cargo ship directly at Siglon 12 base and send out SOS signals when in system, and then detonate the bridge. The ship would go out of control forcing the system defence boat and ground based disrupters to destroy it.

Under the cover of the explosion the probes would be deployed and the shuttle would go in to freefall to the planet surface. When we are below the sensor range I will activate the shuttle controls and manage a controlled powered decent.


The stars were tumbling crazily past the open portal. Explosions rocked the shuttle. K’Ratalra sat at the conn position checking the readiness of the shuttle and telemetry probes. In the ops position was the Captain. K’Rontep was speaking to the tactical team “I shall grrrind every last sifter beneath my feet “.

The Captain was making crushing motions with his hands “Let blood, blood, blood be your motto”

K’Ratalra leaned forward “My lord the mission”

“Yes yes I know we have to be cautious.” The captain had a look of distaste” Men today prudence will have to be our watch word.”

He made a dismissive gesture with his hands” Tomorrow we cover the land with rivers of blood. Tactical action.”

“The cargo ships shields are failing. Stand by for explosive decompression”.

There was a defining roar and the shuttle, which was already floating near the ceiling of the shuttlebay, was sucked out in to open space. The assault shuttle spun out of control though the internal grav units kept the occupants stable.

K’Ratalra checked the rear monitor to see the probes and escape pods fly away from the cargo ship just as the engines disappeared in the first flowers of a pre-programmed warp core breach explosion.


Tactical combat log ghop ta,’DleH supplemental

The tactical squad has been split in to teams. Team 2 consists of engineer K’Talvas and 3tactical security members Trunkun, Klovis, Kluckmar. There assignment to disrupt or destroy the planetary shields. Team 1 consists of Captain K’Rontep, myself Science officer Vel’Tara and tactical security member Var’Tass. The assignment to take out the sifter.

K’Rontep jogged down the corridor, his face liquid lavender, blood from a deep gouged cut in his forehead. Vel’Tara had had a vivid purple bruise maturing on her cheek; Var'Tass had one arm inside her tunic. Finally came K’Ratalra limping badly (His father used to say that if you could walk a way from a crashed shuttle it was called a landing.)

They reached a re-enforced door with a palm activated panel “Tactical,“ boomed K’Rontep ”Bring over our tame Cardie I have a job for him”

K'Rontep limped forward, the captain looked curious “Well where is he?”

“He was proving to be difficult.“


“No” K’Ratalra passed over a small lump of red and gray flesh. ”And if we need a retina scan!”

He passed over 2-rounded soft object.

The Captain barked a short caustic laugh and pressed the disembodied hand against the panel. The door whooshed open and the team one swarmed in. It was a small antechamber with what looked like 4 clerks and 2 guards over by a set of double doors. There was an animated explosion of activity. The guards run forward phases at the ready, the clerks all but leapt over the desks. Somewhere an alert sounded. The battle was joined. It was short and bloody. K’Rontep kicked open the double doors. In side were to more Cardassians another clerk and a Gul. The Gul stood up “What is the meaning of this .Who are you.”

K’Rontep’s voice echoed around the room “I am Captain K’Rontep son of Kar’noS and you are scum.”

K’Rontep pinned the Gul against the wall; K’Ratalra held the clerk in a neck lock, Vel’Tara took control of the computer and Var’Tass held the door. Vel’Tara inserted 2-isolinear rod “Commencing invasive programme”

Suddenly the Gul grabbed the Bat’leth and smashed his forehead against K’Rontep’s. The Captain staggered back. The Gul seemed to gather himself, take on a golden sheen and leap for the ceiling.

K’Ratalra performed the fastest draw in his life; the shot missed the changeling but exploded in the vent above it shunting the shifter in to the ceiling. By this time all the disrupters were out to take aim. Bolt upon bolt of green ball like destructive energy rained down upon the shapeshifter as its body blurred, distorted and warped trying to find a shape that would save it. There was a distant rumble as team 2 took out the planetary shield system. The lights dimmed briefly causing the changeling to glow with incandescence, rings of fire before it produced a rendering scream then crumbling in to a fine black powder. ”Qa’plar!”

K’Rontep turned and pointed at Vel’Tara ”Time until programmes completion.”

”It is done”

K’Rontep hit his communicator” ghop ta,’DleH jol ylchu’”


Tactical log of the ghop ta,’DleH supplemental

The Captains signal activated the telemetry probes dotted around in orbit at maximum distance. The probes were programmed to react like a task force trading orders and broadcasting telemetry data of various birds of pray. Due to the heavy radiation from the exploded warp core of the cargo ship only an interrogative sensor scan would be able to identify these ships as sensor shadows. Each probe communicated with its neighbour and the ghop ta,’DleH relaying the transporter co-ordinates so there was no need to waste time for a transporter lock.

K’Rontep hit the bridge running “1ST OFFICER STATUS”

”We have de-cloaked. 4 of the probes have been destroyed. We have 3 system defence boats in the immediate area”

“Tactical,” K’Rontep bellowed, “target the lead boat full power. Action”


Tactical log of the ghop ta,’DleH 71st day in the year of Kahless 1000

We are currently on course for the I.K.V.Hegh qaD to report a successful mission. In the final action we destroyed 2 system defence boats and damaged at least one Galor class cruiser, which had entered the system. We also have two isolinear rods with the Obsidian Order’s files on the changelings.

“1ST OFFICER” K’Rontep’s voice boomed out” Issue all the crew with one flagon of Roman ale each and take some Ghargh out of stasis my personal stock enough for the entire bridge crew, to night we feast”

Dorff started thumping a console with a steady rhythm soon the entire bridge crew was singing Vengeance flies at morning.

No Cardassians were hurt during the making of this story. Though one Changeling has gone on to full employment as a path grittier.