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K'Retalra Stories

Reports plucked from SubSpace By Keith Dunn

Battling missions from the Klingon version of the Triangle. These are the stories written by very person that dragged us into this!

Mission 1
All is not well on the Cadassian planet of Siglon 12. K'Ratalra joins the crew of the I.K.V. ghop ta'voDleh to investigate what is going on and attempt to stop it.
Mission 2
The architect of the Khitomer massacre has been identified and the Klingon people call for Justice. But for K'Ratalra, blood calls for blood.
Mission 3
First Strike
The Eternity War hots up and the I.K.V. ghop Ta'voDleh is among the first to draw blood.
Mission 4
On a colony world now in enemy space, there is an agent with important information. It is up to K'Ratalra to get him out. But the actions of the I.K.V. ghop ta'voDleh must be anything but futile.
Mission 5
A Klingon councillor has been taken and the I.K.V. ghop ta'voDleh is one of the only ships in the area. K'Ratalra mounts a desperate rescue attempt. But is it just what the enemy wants?
Mission 6
The New Order goes on the offensive.
Mission 7
A new enemy appears on the map of battle and for the crew of the ghop ta'voDleh it's the ultimate price...
Mission 8
The crew is gone and K'Rontep has to make sure their souls get to Sto-Vo-Korh.