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The Triangle: The Buccaneer's Klingon Application Form

As smuggled out by Tony Gallichan


Imperial Klingon Employment Agency

Position Applied For: Vorlon Liason Officer


Name Age D.O.B. Place of Birth
Lord Macfadyan 2602 Next Tuesday Gallifrey


Address The Ship
Nationality Delete as Applicable:
Imperial/Romulan Fusion/Human Fusion/Other (Please Specify) yes



Name & Address of Academy From Date / To Date Qualifications
Prydonian, Mount Cadon tl01056984 tl01057006 too many to mention


Employment History

Please start with most recent and explain any gaps

Name/Address From Date / To Date Title & Duties Reason for leaving
    saviour of the universe  


Interests & Hobbies

Music, reading, Sot'm Olympic commentating, Beans


Any Other Information that May Support your Application

I'm a Time Lord!!! What more do you need?



Mrs. Edna B. Thribb,
Cricklewood, London, Earth. (1967)


I certify that the above information is true and correct
If found otherwise I understand that I may be either disciplined, summarily dismissed or executed

Buccaneer's Signature



For office use only

Employment History Checked Tick box Employ? Tick box
Medical Examination Tick box Uniform Issued? Tick box
Referees Tick box Initial Assignment:



Executive Officer