Star Trek

Star Trek

Tales from the franchise

Poems and stories (serious and otherwise) from the Science Fiction series with the greatest screen time (or, by one definition, the longest running).

Let's Get Serious!

Deep Space Nine: Reflections

Written by Karen Dunn

When an unknown craft stalls just outside of the wormhole, Kira, Odo and O'Brien head out to offer assistance. But a simple rescue mission ends in tragedy leaving Dax to cope with her grief and guilt...

Funny ha-ha?

The Secret Log of Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Translated and transcribed from the original coded French by Tim Munro.

For too long, the world has been deceived. Through the series Star Trek - The Next Generation, we have all been led to believe that life in the 24th Century will be one long round of adventure in a disciplined and civilized Universe. However, we are now in possession of documents which shoot to pieces the cosy image of life aboard the USS Enterprise. These documents, transported from the 24th Century, cast new light on the crew's relationships and day-to-day life...

Dot's Poetry Corner

There's a sense of humour
A sense of doom, or
A sense of awe, sense of...

The sense of a word
A sense of absurd
Like trying to do all this rhyming!

Yes, it's Star Trek, Jim, but not as we know it!