Xena: The Warrior Princess

Xena: Warrior Princess - The Stories



In a time of anicient gods,
warlords and kings,
a land in turmoil cried out for a hero.

She was Xena,
a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle.

The Power!

The Passion!

The Danger!

Her courage will change the world.


We are very proud to present Karen Dunn's much admired Xippy winning Xena stories! Live the good clean fun of Xena and Gabrielle living the good life amongst those alive in those lively days two thousand years ago. Battle on Xena!


Bardic Theories
By Karen Dunn
Gabrielle's outlandish theories on the way of the world play havoc with Xena's day.
Prelude to a Hangover
By Karen Dunn
The gals discover the joys of getting totally wrecked. Xena is forced to suffer in silence to keep Gabrielle safe.
Literal Thinking
By Karen Dunn
Gabrielle ticks off the God of War once too often.
Letting Rip
By Karen Dunn
Just a little piece of nonsense..