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Doctor Who: A Tale of Three Entities

Whispered by Tony Gallichan

This is a very old story from 1991 before all was revealed about Guinan and back when the Cartmel masterplan was only known by a few people, (smug grin).

It was originally published in the fanzine Private Lives under the very appropriate heading of Fanboy Fiction.

Set just after Q Who

They met in Ten Foreward. Both of them old, both nearly of thesame age. One had been there for a long time, the other had just popped in for, " a little light tea and conversation."

"I wondered when you might show." said one.

"Yes. I rather thought that you would." said the other. Drinks were served. One had synthehol, the other, after blushing at the offer of cocoa, indulged in a pot of Earl Gray.


Ten Foreword is on a ship whose crew is varied. They all sleep, work, relax at different times. Ten Foreward is normally very busy. Tonight Ten Foreword is empty. Tonight is Halloween.


The woman spoke first." So now you know it all." The other took a sip of his tea and framed his reply carefully.

"Maybe, maybe not. It's so hard to tell nowadays." He sighed the sigh of the doomed." I wish that I didn't. So much. Too much. Every thought having to be compared with what I was, what I am, what I will be. Who I was. Each action has to be weighed up against it's equal and opposite reaction.

"No, sometimes I wish that I didn't know."

The woman took his hand. A nice gesture he thought. But how do you comfort the unconsolable?

"I Mean, I was quite happy with the way I was. The life I led."

He caught the woman's eye." Alright. I was happy except when THEY interfered." He nodded his head towards the ceiling. Then he looked down at the table. He took a deep breath, Froze for second and then tilted his head, as if he was a dog who had heard an ultra?sonic whistle. Then., looking the woman in the eve, he continued.

"Now I've got all this responsibility. I didn't ask for it. Sort of. Now that I know these things, I know that I'm the only one that can take them on. It is, if you like, in my blood." He smiled, as if at some private joke. The woman joined him. Then she asked another question,

" So why come here to see me, if as you say, you know it all? I mean, I'm used to being an agony aunt, but I didn't think that you'd need me."

"Ah, " he said. His voice smug." I'd like to say that it's a social call, but..."

And with that, his cup, saucer, indeed all the signs of his presence vanished off the table and he was making his way towards the shadows from where he had stepped.he disappeared. The was an almighty flash. The woman turned, her whole body tense, ready for attack.


"Ah, my dear witch. How awfully nice to see you." his voice became nauseatingly sweet, " and I do mean AWFUL . You and 1 have unfinished business, Witch."

"Weren't the Borg more than enough? "

"Not quite." the entity's voice became mocking. His English became that bit more Shakespearian." I thought that I should teach you a lesson. One that will make you fear me, respect me."

Q's whole attitude was one of childish spite.

The woman turned and stared him out.

"Not today, thank you, Q."

"You DARE!!" and then flung out his hands, bolts of brilliant lightning hurtling towards the woman. They enveloped her, pulled at her, tried their best to hurt her, pull her down, drag her to her knees.

They failed.

She just stood there, silent and still. A smile appeared on her face.

Q stopped his attack." I can see that you have grown, stronger."

"Not stronger, " the woman smoothed an imaginary crease off her gown, " wiser "

"Still, " the entity began to stalk, warily towards her, " you should not have been able to stop my attack."

"Alone perhaps not."

"There are more of you? "

And SOMETHING stepped out of the shadows Q's face went pale.

"YOU!!" he whispered.

"Yes, ME! What's the matter? Suprised to see me?" And I thought that you were omnipotent." He sighed, " Well, I could be wrong." The other's voice was full of disgust and anger. But after a second he recovered himself.

"I know you of old. You are not to interfere." said Q warily.

"You only know that of my race. Our race. You should, however expect more of me.."

The woman was slightly puzzled at this, " You know each other, then? "

Q looked sidelong at her, " Yes. We met in the Race."

The other looked at Q.

"You mean that enlightened little dash towards the prize? Hmmm, you met what I was, NOT what I am now. Look at me. creature." his voice became hard, " Look beyond the surface. Look deep inside. Look back to the beginning." Q flinched, and the other saw that flinch,

"See something, do you? You should. You should see something from the past. Your past."

The woman started to back away. She hadn't seen the other quite this angry in the old days, the time before time, even when he was furious and when he was furious it was not wise to hang around. He could, and would, she reasoned, do anything. He had obviously found out EVERYTHING. This was not as it had been planned. Too much of the latest personality remained for his ancient self to control.

The Hero,

The Judge.

The knight.

The High King

The Man.


That man was now talking non-stop.

"I know you. I know you of old. You are an emotion seeker.A leach. I know you, the where of you, the why of you, the how of you. I do not like what you are. What you have become. You anger me. Disgust me. When I think back, to the beginning, I feel that we made large mistake. As we did with all our power. And, it seems, we still do." His voice was sad and old. His face as old and there was a trace of ....was it self disgust?

"I am tired. I am also tied. Bound. Begone." He waved a hand at Q and, with a flash, Q vanished.

The other stepped towards the shadows. He looked towards the woman.

"I hope that we don't meet again. You will have little trouble with him when he returns. He has a lesson to learn. Enjoy it " he spat those last words out. The woman moved towards him.

"NO!" he said, holding up a hand. She stopped.

"I am going " he continued.

He stepped into the shadows, his last words echoing along with the noise of his departure,


And Ten Foreward lit up and was full of people.

When the creator speaks, he must be obeyed.