The Cre'at Club

Sid the Ping Pong Ball Meets the Phantom Photocopier

Sshhtanged from the mind of Karen Dunn

Sid was a ping pong ball. A normal, everyday ping pong ball. He didn't dribble or know of any Bibbles that dribbled, and couldn't Sshhtang across the void if his life depended on it.

One day, Sid was sitting, in a non-Bibbleous way, on the table in the corner of a storeroom.

"Life" thought he, "what is the meaning of life?"

He looked across the room (which didn't look anything like a void - so if he had wanted to sshhtang across it, he wouldn't have been able to - so he settled at looking at it - which is pretty amazing anyway because ping pong balls do not have eyes) and saw a battered, old photocopying machine.

"Gosh" thought he again, "I wonder if that battered, old photocopying machine knows the meaning of life?"

He rolled off the table - you'll notice that he didn't sshhtang across the table, he just rolled - then he bounced across to the machine.

"Hello" said Sid the ping pong ball.

This is also amazing as ping pong balls do not have mouths, which is why they don't dribble like Bibbles as they don't sshhtang across the void.

The photocopying machine stared at him through it's paper dispenser. Photocopiers don't sshhtang across the void either - they're just not built for it.

But this was no ordinary photocopier. It was, in fact, Jack D'skies - man of a million faeces - who was dressed as a battered, old photocopier in an attempt to nab that arch-villan, The Phantom Photocopier - a man so criminal of mind that he thinks nothing of dribbling on Bibbles as they dribble and sshhtang backwards across the void without a licence.

"Be gone, foul ping pong ball!" hissed he, "for I am Jack D'skies and I am waiting to nab the Phantom Photocopier."

Suddenly, when no-one was expecting it, and totally without the need of a cue card, the door flew open and a dribbling figure, dressed from head to toe in clothes, sshhtanged into the room. The Phantom Photocopier had arrived! He sshhtanged forward and jumped up and down on Sid, laughing hysterically. Then he sshhtanged backwards across the void without a licence and was never seen again.

"Bugger" said Jack.