The Cre'at Club

Staggering Stories Podcast: The Drinking Game, Fourth Edition

As upchucking from the mind of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal's Fourth Cousin, Johnathan Huddle, with excerpts of 3rd edition by Patrick Lickman

NOTE: This fourth edition of the Podcast Drinking Game is for, roughly, podcasts 90 onwards.


For those of you who have been driven to drink by our podcast - you now have the perfect excuse to get sloshed once more.

To play this innocent little game you will need:

  • A large amount of whichever particular alcoholic drink you prefer.
  • Friends to play the game with.
  • An mp3 Player, possibly connected to speakers.
  • A Staggering Stories Podcast, from roughly episode 90 onward.

Once you have gathered the above items, the game can commence. Start that podcast and be ready for the flying carrots.



  • 1 drink for every team member who isn't there.
  • 1 drink every time someone mentions Shatner.
  • 1 drink every time Adam makes a smug innuendo; and an extra drink if it's about Grunhilda Knobknacker.
  • 1 drink every time Crumbly says 'I mean' or 'As I say' or 'As you say' etc etc.
  • 2 drinks if someone makes fun of Jean's accent; and another if it's Fake Keith, and another if Fake Keith makes fun of Fake crumbly, and one more if she makes fun of real Keith.
  • 1 drink every time Jean says she doesn't like Matt Smith.
  • 1 drink for every email Rhys Parton sends.
  • 3 drinks for every time that Real Keith completely fails to say the word Sycorax, and says 'Ziggerax' instead.
  • 3 drinks every time Fake Keith Screws up American accents.
  • 6 shots every time Rhys Parton sends email about Stargate.
  • 2 shots of tequila every time someone mentions the Head of Pertwee.
  • 1 drink every time someone mentions one of Cardboard Amy's garments.
  • 1 drink every time someone mentions the New Tron.
  • 5 shots of the strongest Tequila every time JD Sends an email.
  • 1 drink every time someone either mentions (shake fists) Gallichan, or Barrowmen.

Follow these rules whilst listening to any Staggering Stories' Podcast and see how you feel in the morning.