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Doctor Who: Brave Soldier

By Owain Glyn


Wilfred Mott is a grandfather and a proud one at that. His pride is well-founded too. Wilf is Donna Noble’s grandfather. She has saved many planets and has had it all erased from her mind – now she’s a Pringle-scoffing, X-factor watching temp from Chiswick. If she ever knows that she saved Agatha Christie, met Ghandi and is worshipped as the Ginger Goddess... but back to Wilf. He’s a patriot, a family man who’s had his heart broken. He lost a wife and found another love who died trapping the Mandragora. What he doesn’t know is that he, many years ago, also saved the Earth.

It was in 1945 when he stumbled upon a “German spy machine” and destroyed it – and averted the alien Hedfug invading and destroying the Allied forces as planned by Adolf Hitler. Hitler resolved to kill himself when they lost the war but instead stumbled upon a time ship – a TARDIS piloted by a evil renegade Time Lord – but that’s a story for another time...

But Wilf never got the opportunity to claim his serendipitous victory of World War II but he will soon enough prove himself a hero – we hope.


Roll on Christmas – Wilf’s back!!