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Staggering Stories Card Game

Hello and welcome to the Staggering Stories Card Game! Here you can find the rules to the internationally obscure game and sets of cards with which to play.

The card sets are provided as PDF files that can be read by the Adobe Reader (aka Adobe Acrobat Reader), which you can download freely from Adobe.

Have fun - and remember, it's only a game - for now..!


Staggering Stories Card Game Rules V1.0
How do you play this legendary game?
First Series of Cards
A preview pack of 18 cards. Not enough to play a real game with yet but a disturbing look at things to come!
The Buccaneer Chronicles Set #1
An exclusive set of 9 cards that celebrates the wacky world of The Buccaneer Chronicles. Gotta kill'em all!
Bizarre Event Cards Set #1
An exclusive set of 9 cards that will confuse, amuse and disgust you!