Audio: Music For Other People

Music done for other production houses.

The Doctor Who Crossover Adventures


A Time Lord In Prince Henry's Court: Introduction
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A short bit from the very start of this adventure, put here to serve as a teaser for you all. And if you think I'm ripping off my own work here, well...there might just be a reason for that.........your going to have to wait and see, aren't you? LOL. The theme is arranged by Vandark
A Time Lord In Prince Henry's Court: Second Teaser
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Here's another teaser for the play. This one is music for a scene in the first episode that didn't really work...I like it, but it's a bit much. With thanks to Gilbert and Sullivan.
A Time Lord In Prince Henry's Court: 1-2
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Another track from Aaron's play, this from the second scene, and yes, thats a nod or two to other people...hey, thats me for ya, lol.


The Cat Who Walked Through Time


Doctor Who (Opening Theme Test)
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An early test version of the Doctor Who theme for the charity cd. The final version of this, the closing theme and a full length version will appear here also. Details of how to order either the fanzine, with contributions from Kate Orman and Jon Blum amongst others, and the audio cd, will be posted here shortly.
Doctor Who (Closing Theme Test)
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The test version of the closing theme. Again, its gonna be updated.


The Schrodinger Effect


The Schrodinger Effect Opening Theme
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A possible version of the Doctor Who theme for Chris Hoyles' fan dvd, The Schrodinger Effect. It combines the Doctor Who theme with the theme I came up with for the film. The main melody has a hint to the past...listen closely, lol. Oh, this was done in one night and I had a stinking cold, so my head was more foggy then usual, lol.Hence the odd glitch and the fact it's only a possible version...
The Schrodinger Effect Teaser
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Done for a Doctor Who film to be released in 2003 as an anniversary present. This track is for one of the DVD extras - a computer generated fly through of the TARDIS. Its the first draft, so to speak, but only needs the slightest tweak for the finished product. I put some special sounds in to give a better effect. It includes references to the film's theme as well as a certain Ron Grainer classic...

Imagine flying through the Vortex, the Police Box spinning towards you, flying straight in, through to the console room, Go through the Time Column into the butterfly room. Amidst the wonder, a dark shadow falls over you - a Gallifreyan Flutterwing. Into the engine room, all pumping pistons and valves. Closer to the main drive - and the engines re - engage. Then through to the corridors, drifting gently through them, room by room, discovering new wonders and new eccentricities, until, finally, going back out, into the Vortex as the Ship spins away from you.


The Schrodinger Effect Closing Theme Test Version
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After 6 years I suddenly find myself on a very tight deadline to produce some music for the fan film The Schrodinger Effect. Both the previous pieces should be used on the dvd extras - the Flythrough/Teaser piece will be slightly rejigged and put up here at some stage soon. This piece was a test version of a possible closing theme which, and I agree here, doesn;t work with the end credits as they are. So, back to the drawing board.And yes, I have used the style of 'middle eight' as such, that I first used way back when for the test version of the openign theme, also on this just seemed right to, lol. You should be able to tell its just a rough version but feel free to play 'Spot Deadly Dudley'... Again with thanks to Danny and Ian Stewart as well as Peter O'Rourke for some rather nice new Delian radiophonics...
The Schrodinger Effect Closing Theme
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Ok, this is the final version of the closing theme to Chris Hoyle's Schrodinger Effect. But with slightly added TARDIS. With thanks, as always, to Danny and Ian Stewart and Peter O' Rouke.

You may wish to mix in the Original 2005 Mr Dalek Music to get that authenic DVD finished product...


Dam Audio


Dam Audio Audition Piece (Instrumental)
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What is says on the tin. I'm not entirely happy with it but it did the job.
Dam Audio (Finished Scene)
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The audition scene I was sent with the finished track dubbed on. Dam Audios can be found at




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I was asked to do this for a film by someone on the net. As a result it's a piece done to a short deadline, for a film I haven't seen and have no idea what happens. So I was working in the dark. The mp3 is slightly low quality, but it serves.